A Fish 3D (2011)

Director: Park Hong Min
Casts: Lee Jang Hoon, Kim Sun Bin, and Choi So Eun
Genre: Mystery
Running Time: 98 minutes

A professor hears the news from a detective that his wife is going to be a shaman in Kasa Island. So, he decided to drop everything and go there to take her back. Throughout his journey, weird things happen around him. At the end, he realized that he’s dead while his wife is doing shaman rituals to get rid of his dead body of its soul. Meanwhile, two men are sea fishing. They have a ridiculous conversation and found a talking fish.


I’m going to be really honest. I am seriously disappointed about this film. The storyline is messed up as the plots jump from one point to another. You have the detective who is so annoying that he’s everywhere even though the professor tries to get rid of him. You see shaman rituals calling out the spirits that even though it’s interesting but it’s still mad. Suddenly, you have the two fishermen spirits who came within the professor’s stories which makes me wonder: ‘What has got to do with the professor?’ What’s even more scary and awkward is the talking fish which I assumed is the professor’s spirit or something. Even though I tried to understand the film metaphorically, it’s still left me confused and makes me have a lot of questions to ask.

All I could say is the very same sentence: Very disappointed with this film even though the 3D technology in it is fine. The problem is the mixed up plots which leaves us a lot of questions and confusions. My mind was seriously messed up. I feel the same way as the professor. I had gone mad because I was confused. I took the 3D glasses and sighed heavily after watching this film.

Rating: 3/10

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