A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 12 Review

Episode Recap

The boys decide to give up smoking. They place their cigarette packs and lighters down on a table at Jung Rok’s cafe and Tae San slowly drags everything into a plastic bag as the others try not to cry. They suffer for not smoking and they insult at each other while figuring out what to eat for lunch. Then, they feel frustrated. Each of them do something else to get rid of their addiction. Tae San works out while Yoon eats junk food. Jung Rok goes hot with Min Sook and Do Jin raises plants but ends up making weed.

At the end of the last episode, Yi Soo meets Colin at the elevator lobby. She instantly recognizes him and scolds him for going clubbing instead of studying. He brushes of her nagging with a smirk. They walk to the same apartment. She gives him glances as he rings the doorbell. Do Jin opens the door and his eyes are on Yi Soo until he sees Colin who announces that he is Eun Hee’s son. Upon that news, the guys are in shock.
Jung Rok suggests that they should let Colin in while Yi Soo observes the whole conversation. Do Jin invites Colin in and then accompanies Yi Soo back towards the elevator. He apologizes for the interruption and promises that he will make up for this. He doesn’t get off the elevator when they are on the ground floor and assures that he will call her soon. The doors shut and Yi Soo frowns in disappointment. Do Jin opens the elevator door which brightens up Yi Soo’s face. He expresses that he is happy that she is wearing the pink heels. He closes the elevator and heads back to his apartment leaving Yi Soo hurt.

Colin is interrogated by the four gentlemen. He was born in 1995. He met Me Ahri on the place from Japan to Korea and he declares that he is on vacation, not running away from home. Yoon goes jealous when Colin is being friendly with Me Ahri. He points out that Colin should be at school. Jung Rok questions why Colin came to meet them. Colin replies that he’s run out of money and he needs a place to stay. Do Jin announces that they should help him since he is Eun Hee’s son. He suggests that Colin should stay at the residence hotel but Colin turns down the offer. He looks at Tae San and says that Eun Hee talked a lot about him. Tae San immediately stands up and welcomes Colin with open arms while Jung Rok is in disappointment. Tae San laughs that he is Eun Hee’s first love. Yoon looks uncomfortably as the two leaves and Jung Rok still in frustration after hearing the words from Colin. Meanwhile, Yi Soo waits outside the apartment building.

She calls Me Ahri out to discuss about Eun Hee. Me Ahri thinks Eun Hee as the scriptwriter of Ghost and sighs over So Ji Sub. Yi Soo urges Me Ahri to think harder until she remembers that Eun Hee is their first love. Me Ahri explains that the four men met Kim Eun Hee at a meeting and they all fell for her, but one day she suddenly left for the States without warning. Se Ra informs Yi Soo that she is going to order something to eat. Yi Soo asks if Se Ra heard anything about Tae San’s first love. Se Ra goes stiff. Yi Soo just asks her because all four men fell for the same woman. Se Ra scoffs at Yi Soo’s answer and Me Ahri believes that Eun Hee is really beautiful.

Yi Soo’s phone rings and her face become moody when she sees that her mother is calling her. Se Ra tells her to pick up the call but Yi Soo replies that it’s her mother. She says good night to Me Ahri and goes to her room. Se Ra casually wonder what is Tae San doing. Me Ahri gives an answer but Se Ra ignores and walks to her room. Me Ahri picks up Yi Soo’s phone and sees a message from her mother that they need to talk.
Me Ahri goes home and finds Tae San giving Colin a tour of the house. Colin calls Me Ahri “noona” and converses with her in a formal tone. She is angry because of that. Colin gives a smirk before heading to his room. Tae San asks Me Ahri how Se Ra is doing but Me Ahri avoid answering to and goes to her room.

Se Ra practices at the driving range. One of her juniors, who is beside her, begins to question how much Se Ra gets paid for sleeping with company presidents to obtain all her CFs. They start to fight and her junior smashes her head against Se Ra’s eye. She is about to punch her but is stopped by Min Sook to stop the fight. Min Sook accompanies Se Ra to the eye doctor. Min Sook pities her a bit. Se Ra thanks Min Sook for the help. Min Sook’s phone alarm rings and she tells Se Ra that it is time for her to take her herbal medicine.

While Min Sook is out, Jung Rok grabs some clothes and goes to the kitchen to get his herbal medicine packs. He notices that Min Sook hardly drank her packets and take some of hers. She comes home and catches him drinking the medicine. She sarcastically points out that he must take care of his body and he replies that he has to since they want to have a healthy baby. He offers her a medicine packet and Min Sook asks him to leave. He leaves and Min Sook begins to cry while the liquid of the medicine packet is spilled on the floor.

Yi Soo stares at her phone to wait for Do Jin’s call. She slams the phone on her desk in frustration. Dong Hyub gives her a new ethics book and declares that he uses the money which he received from his boss. She reminds that he promised to think about what he wants to be when grows up. He jokingly says that he wants to be her boyfriend but Yi Soo points out that she already has one and he becomes moody. Then, he cheerfully says that he will think harder.

Later at night, Yi Soo couldn’t sleep. She keeps checking her phone for messages. Finally, Do Jin texts her that he is outside her house. She rushes out to meet him and he gently scolds her for not contacting him first. She gets offended until he extends his hand to go for a walk. They walk while holding hands. Yi Soo admits that she is curious to know about Kim Eun Hee. He gives his honest reply. He tells her that he can’t forget his first love but he doesn’t think about her every day. Yi Soo becomes silent while Do Jin says the good times he had with Yi Soo and he will always remember her even if she is not by her side in 20 years.

She smiles and he jokes about her jealousy. Yi Soo admits that she can’t beat his first love since he still has memories with Eun Hee. However, she happens to be the only woman in his present, so there’s no point in getting too jealous. He responds that she could be in his future as well and she guarantees that she’ll be in the first minute of his future at the very least. He hides his smile and lets her know that Eun Hee picks Tae San and she talked a lot about him. Yi Soo nods and she knew it since Tae San attracts a lot of women. Do Jin glares at her and she laughs awkwardly.

She kisses on his cheek for that mistake. Then, he strokes her hair as she lies down on her bed. She tells him to leave but he can’t leave until he wants to. Yi Soo murmurs that her hair will fall out if he keeps touching her hair. Do Jin lays down on her bed and puts his arm around her. They face each other and he pats her gently. He will leave when she falls asleep. He comments that someone’s heart is beating wildly and she shyly admits that it might be her heart. She asks him to like her until she stops liking him. He assures that he will do that. He wonders why women have doubts and she responds that men will like a person one day and dislike her tomorrow. He assures her that he’ll love her for at least a month and holds her until she falls asleep. Before he leaves, he takes a ball of yarn from Yi Soo’s red dress with him.

Me Ahri finds Colin relaxing as if he owns the place. She keeps asking him to not to meet with the four gentlemen but he doesn’t want to. She gives him a disgusting look. Yoon calls Me Ahri to pass the phone to Colin. Colin is informed that Yoon is coming over to speak with him. They go into a room to talk and Yoon pressures Colin with questions about his personal life. Colin remarks that he will meet him when he wants too. Yoon backs down and tells Colin to get his contact info from Me Ahri.

Yoon comes out and declares that the traffic is bad and wonders if Me Ahri needs a ride to work. She immediately goes with Yoon and he drives her to Jung Rok’s café. In the car, Yoon asks if she thought about her goals in life and she confesses that she’s learned how to hurt someone with just words. He attempts to give another lecture but she cuts him off by saying that he is old and less handsome that Do Jin. He pulls the car over and he gets a childish goodbye from her.

Tae San meet Se Ra outside her house. She announces that she wants to break up if he insists on marriage. He tries to negotiate with her by saying that he will earn money and make sure that her golf career will not be ruined by the marriage. He gives her one last chance to take back what she had just said but she still wants to break up with him. Se Ra says that she has been working hard to be a well-known golf player since young. She doesn’t want to retire early because of the marriage. Tae San assures that if he leaves tonight, he will never come back again. She slips her sunglasses and steps out of the car. He drives off without looking back.

Do Jin dances happily while getting ready in the morning. Yoon wonders why he is so happy and Do Jin responds that he’s going to Chungcheon, a town far away from Seoul, for work. He wants to spend the night with Yi Soo. He arrives at Yi Soo’s house and Yi Soo happily greets Betty. Yi Soo asks about where they’re going and Do Jin replies that they are going on a vacation. She asks Betty to stop but Do Jin asks Betty to keep going. In the end, Do Jin meets his client and takes Yi Soo out for a walk in a fiel d of flowers. He tells her about the project which he is working on.

She smiles at his enthusiasm and wonders why he’s still single if he’s so perfect. He admits he had big failures but he had big successes. She admits that she should have gone out with him a long time ago. He wraps his arm around her and they continue to walk through the field. They had a meal at the hotel and Do Jin asks what kind of house she wants in the future so that he can see what her personality is. Yi Soo pauses for a minute and she answers sadly that she wants a house that nobody abandons. She wants a house that people will always come back no matter what. He notices that she is sad but quickly responds that her house will have to be on an expensive piece of land then. After they finish dinner, he suggests going to a hotel room to have some good time but she rejects the offer because she is wearing boring lingerie.

Sad Do Jin makes her drive all the way back to Seoul as a “punishment” for messing up his awesome plans for the night. She drives home as he falls asleep in the passenger seat. When they arrive in front of her house, she gently gets out of the car and looks at Do Jin’s sleeping face through the window. Yi Soo watches him with a tender expression. She is surprised when the car window begins to slide down. Do Jin opens his eyes and they look at each other’s eyes. Then, he proposes that she should live with him in this life. He promises that he will make her happy.

Point of View

Do Jin, you do really making a fast move by asking Yi Soo to stay at your place. However, I like the fact that you don’t give her diamonds and glamorous things which girls will like. It is a sweet proposal. I like how the relationship begins to develop smoothly. I am impressed that Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul work together really well in making the couple in this drama lovely. It is lovely to see the lovebirds together. The reason why I like Do Jin is because although he, sometimes, can be a bit cheesy in the conversation with Yi Soo, he sure has a lot of feelings for her. I mean look at Do Jin assuring Yi Soo that he wants to keep this relationship going even though he admits that Eun Hee used to be his first love. However, something bad will happen. You know what I mean? Although I want that to happen, but let’s just leave them to be together for some time before the storm comes.

The fight between Tae San and Se Ra about the marriage is interesting. Se Ra cares about her career while Tae San just wants to get married quickly since he is the only son in the family. Yes, he is 41 years old and he deserves to get married. I want them to get married but Se Ra needs to look things straight. She can’t go on enjoying herself forever until she is old. She must have responsibilities in life especially when it comes to marriage. I mean they have been together for so long and I think they should get married, shouldn’t they? Then again, if I was in her shoes, I would think twice before going into marriage. Looks to me like once they get married, Se Ra worries that she might lose him. Well, true to that considering the fact that I heard that some people get themselves divorced after a short term marriage. It will be interesting to see how they understand each other in both relationship and their soon-to-be in marriage. Even though they argue, at least they honestly say their point of views, right? Hopefully, things will work out.

As for Jung Rok and Min Sook, their feelings between each other are not really that close yet. One solution to this problem: they need to have a heart-to-heart conversation so that their marriage stays strong. I’m sure many marriage couples feel the same too. Jung Rok still goes out with younter women while Min Sook can’t reveal a lot of her sensitive feelings. Although she is hurt, she still wants Jung Rok to be with her as she still believes in Jung Rok that he will change. Somehow. Like her, I still believe that Jung Rok could try harder to care for Min Sook and not dating other younger women. As for the medicine incident, Min Sook tries to hold her tears after Jung Rok left. She didn’t even drink the medicine. I am guessing that she doesn’t want to have a child. Like Se Ra, I think she is scared on the next stage of their marriage.

The NGs are hilarious. It shows their brighter sides of them while they are filming. I am looking forward to all the four couples’ stories on the upcoming episodes of this drama. I think their stories are going to get more interesting, right?

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