A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 13 Review

Episode Recap

The boys take turns getting comforted by others, with alcohol, after being dumped. They ask the same question: “Wanna go on a blind date?” Do Jin is left out because the guys are watching the football match. Tae San not only has been dumped but he is asked to go to the army. A few weeks later, the guys come to see Tae San off at the train station but embarrassed Tae San pushes them to leave. At the train station, other couples are hugging and crying while Tae San is the only one who doesn’t have a girlfriend. Three guys wipe away their crocodile tears. They inform him that they will use his bed, student ID, and watch. Tae San’s temper erupts and he curses until his friends pull him into a bear hug.

Yi Soo rejects Do Jin’s “proposal” and points out that he is the one who didn’t want to marry because he has no confidence in loving that only person. He admits he has lack of confidence in that but he will try to love her only. She melts at his replies but coolly asks him to leave. She walks towards her house and she hears Do Jin shouting her to sleep well. After going inside, Yi Soo squeals for joy and cheerfully tells Se Ra that Do Jin wants to be in a more serious relationship. Se Ra hardly smiles and tells Yi Soo that she broke up with Tae San. Yi Soo immediately points out that leaving someone for his or her sake isn’t right.

Yi Soo gives a “good luck” text messages to her students who are taking the final exams. She sends the rules of taking exams. Yi Soo’s colleague hands over Dong Hyub’s answer sheet which consists of random answers. Yi Soo looks through it and sees the writing on the back of the paper. In the writing, he mentioned the dates and names from the last page of the ethics book which she gave him to transcribe. She smiles as she knows that he read the book.

Jung Rok’s bartender realizes that Min Sook is at the bar and he sends an emergency text to Jung Rok. Then, Min Sook snaps her fingers and asks him to come over. She comments that he, as the boss, is quite young and orders two more bottles of drinks since she likes his services. Meanwhile, Jung Rok receives the message. He immediately panics and attempts to escape. He runs into Yoon and his female colleague. He urges them to go somewhere else but the woman politely declines his offer because she wants to be alone with Yoon today. Both Yoon and his female colleague leaves and Jung Rok grumbles that Me Ahri is so much better than that woman. He immediately calls Me Ahri and informs her who is Yoon with.

Me Ahri rushes to where Yoon and his female colleague are drinking and sits herself down at a table next to them. She calls over the waiter and orders a bottle of soju which she gulps it down. Yoon, with his worried face, looks on. Drunken Me Ahri approaches to the table and confronts to the woman. Then, she closes her eyes and fell onto Yoon’s arm. Yoon carries her into his car and anxiously wait for her to sober. Later, Me Ahri patience wears out and she wakes up to ask Yoon to take her home if he’s not doing anything to her.
Tae San arrives home the same time as Yoon and Me Ahri. Me Ahri’s widen and she quickly axplains that she messed Yoon’s dinner with another woman and she made him drive her home. Tae San tells her to go inside. Yoon heads back home to see his wife (Do Jin) who is waiting for him.

Tae San has a word with Me Ahri in the living room. He starts to scold her for acting immature. He tells her not to that ever again. She pleads him to let her do what she wants. He coldly reminds her that she and Yoon are seventeen years apart. He adds about Yoon’s past marriage which is the reason why he can’t approve Me Ahri for chasing after Yoon. She replies that she doesn’t care about Yoon’s past. Tae San points out that Yoon can live without her. Both he and Yoon are in a more serious situation than love. Yoon cares about friendship more than her. She might be happy but what about Yoon. Finally, he points out that he can give everything to Yoon, but not her. She cries as Tae San walks into his room. The entire conversation is heard by Colin.

Do Jin cuts red pieces of yarn, which is from Yi Soo’s dress, at his desk. Yoon comes back home. Do Jin tells him that Tae San texts him that he is going to create a baseball team to join the league. Yoon sighs that Do Jin and Jung Rok are officially the roster for the Blue Cats and Do Jin feigns annoyance. Do Jin gives a creepy smile as he realizes another reason to see Yi Soo.

The next morning, Jung Rok and Do Jin complain to Tae San who strangely has a bunch of icy-hot patches stuck to his right arm. Tae San ignore their complaints and demands them to just play since there are not enough players in the Blue Cats for the fame this weekend. He adds that they should give some donation now that they are on the team. Jung Rok and Do Jin go shopping to buy some matching baseball jackets. Jung Rok boasts about how Do Jin immediately gave into Tae San. Do Jin responds that he at least helps a friend. Jung Rok points out that he is just doing a fake show of friendship and Do Jin defends himself. Do Jin holds up a blue jacket and a yellow jacket to ask Jung Rok’s opinion on which one is better. Jung Rok gives him the green jacket because yellow doesn’t suit him. Do Jin gives him a glare but takes the green jacket anyway.

Se Ra has tea with the caddy, which refuses to join her team, at Jung Rok’s café. He turns down again and he points out that she is a bad player because she has no focus and she is only good at getting media attention. He is interrupted by Me Ahri who apologizes for her behaviour the last time he met with Se Ra at Jung Rok’s bar. She urges the caddy to accept Se Ra’s request but he walks out claiming that Me Ahri should not be involved in this conversation.

Se Ra comes back home and finds Do Jin outside. She lets him inside where they find Yi Soo zapping her leg hairs casually in the living room. Yi Soo immediately pretends that the device is a hairdryer and rushes into her room. Do Jin follows her in later. In Yi Soo’s room, Do Jin reaches for Yi Soo’s hand and gives it a quick kiss as an apology for coming without letting her know. Then, he kisses her hand and he gets a kiss from her on his lips. They embrace and he informs her that he’s been scouted by the Blue Cats. She laughs that he probably doesn’t know how many stiches are on a baseball. He locks his arm around her even tighter. He begins to bring her towards the bed but she pushes him aside when her phone rings. He sighs and she assures him that they will go out for dinner after she takes this call. He waits her in the living room but he gets the sad news. Yi Soo lies that her fellow employees want to have a meeting. Thus, Yi Soo says to have dinner some other time.

Yi Soo walks into a café and sits at a table with two sour-faced men. They bring out the subject about the mother but she immediately corrects them that she has no mother. She points out that her mother only spent 12 years with her which is nothing compared to their 24 years with her. I’m guessing these guys are the step-brothers. After they leave, she sinks to the ground and cries. Do Jin comes to her and wipe away her tears. He assures her that she doesn’t need to tell him if she doesn’t want to. He requests that she needs to tell him whenever she needs help. She gives a smile and suggests that they should go for a meal which Do Jin agrees to it.

Tae San gets a haircut and sits at Jung Rok’s bar as he recalls the memories with Se Ra. He asks Jung Rok is he likes being married and wonders how he could be the first one to settle down. Jung Rok boasts that he is good looking and Tae San points out he feels sorry for Min Sook. Jung Rok ignores and suggests to Tae San to meet someone else as the world is full of women. Tae San snaps back that there is only one person for him. He walks out and goes to the baseball field to practice batting. Se Ra watches Tae San from afar but can’t bring herself to approach him when he sits on the bench to rest. Later at night, after overhearing Me Ahri ordering Colin to go to his room so she could take a shower, he decides that Colin should go back to Japan. At lunch on the next afternoon, he relays his decision with other men. Yoon agrees to it while Jung Rok points out that shouldn’t treat Eun Hee’s son like that.

Me Ahri meets with Min Sook and begins to lie that Jung Rok has become a changed man lately. Min Sook sees her obvious act and kindly “fires” Me Ahri from her job as a spy. Colin calls Me Ahri to ask where the hairdryer and she replies that she doesn’t know. She hangs up and Min Sook wonders if she is dating someone but Me Ahri says that Colin is the son of the four gentlemen’s first love. Min Sook shows up at Jung Rok’s café. She demands him to prove that Colin’s not his son and Jung Rok stammers that she needs to believe him.

Later, Jung Rok begs his friends to send Colin back to Japan. They call Colin over to Do Jin’s apartment to ask him to give them Eun Hee’s number. He refuses to tell them and he claims that he is going back to Japan tomorrow. Do Jin drags Colin to the residence hotel to stay for the night. Before Do Jin leaves, Co Lin asks him if he remember his mother and did he love her. Do Jin points out that he doesn’t talk about his personal life with little boys who are born in 1995. He leaves after he informs Colin that he will take him to the airport tomorrow.

In his room, Colin looks over the photos of the four gentlemen. He mentions that Me Ahri would be his aunt if Tae San is the father. He adds that she may be the future stepmother if Yoon is the father. He looks at Jung Rok as his father and put to one side. Finally, he looks at a picture of Do Jin and he comments that if Do Jin is the father, both of them would be happy.

At Do Jin’s apartment, Yoon comments on Do Jin’s art project over the past week. Do Jin declares that he is planning to propose to Yi Soo. Yoon is taken aback at how serious Do Jin is. He sincerely comments that he wants to be his girlfriend in the next life.

Do Jin and Yi Soo go out to dinner and she reminds him that he always leave his office. He responds that things would be easier if they lived together. They heard a scream “Jung Yong Hwa” that cuts into their conversation. They see the leader of CN Blue walks into the restaurant. She immediately recognizes him and gives Yong Hwa a hearty wave. Yong Hwa notices and walks over to them with a huge grin on his face. He compliments her by saying that she looks exactly the same and Yi Soo blushes. She introduces Yong Hwa by saying that she was his sixth grade homeroom teach. She boasts about his hard working efforts and is proud that he is doing well in his career. She brags that she sings his songs all the time until Do Jin sings out Big Bang’s “Blue”. The other two give his a disbelief look and Do Jin pretends that he doesn’t know.

Do Jin gets straight to the point and urges Yong Hwa to go back to his table as the people feel lonely without him. Young Hwa comments that Yi Soo is way to god for Do Jin and leaves after saying that he will contact her. Yi Soo smiles while Do Jin’s is still jealous. He throws a tantrum at Yi Soo and asks her not to speak to Yong Hwa on the phone since she never answered Do Jin’s calls. He walks out fuming but she runs in front of him to block his way. She declares that she doesn’t want to live with him yet. She wants to start developing a deep relationship with him first. He asks how and she teases him for not knowing. He replies that she is the first woman who wanted a serious relationship. He begins to move closer to her and warns him not to do anything embarrassing. He ignores her and steals a kiss, leaving her flustered. He wonders if there are anything heart beating when people are in a deep relationship. She wraps her arms around him and sighs as he has to learn a lot about dating innocently. He assures her that he learns quickly.

Se Ra receives a call from someone who can’t lene her money to pay off her debts. She understands and hangs up dejectedly. She contacts the car company to try to sell her car but nobody is interested to buy her car. She goes to Min Sook and begs her to lend her some money. She knows that Min Sook will not help, but at least she tries. Min Sook comments that Se Ra has got strong pride, which Se Ra admits she has, to ask for money. Se Ra says that it is okay for Min Sook to not help. Then, Min Sook announces that she will let her money if she can continue to criticize Se Ra. Se Ra hands her car key as collateral.

Do Jin finds that Colin and his belongings missing from the residence hotel. Four gentlemen discuss about Colin’s disappearance. Jung Rok remarks that Colin must have run away to avoid being sent back to Japan. Me Ahri tells the oppa that Colin asked her where people go to perform and get money from strangers. She told him to go to Hong Dae. The guys rushes out of the cape and go to Hong Dae to look for Colin. Meanwhile, Colin set up his own free concert neat the playground and begins singing with his guitar. Later, a large group of people surround him and the guys follow his voice. They weave their way through the crowd and watch as Colin receives money from the audiences. They approach him and scold him for running away. Colin announces that he heard that one of the four guys is his father.

Point of View

Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship is so complicated. Look on the bright side. Tae San did reason Me Ahri about why she should not be with Yoon including the fact that he pointed out about Yoon’s past marriage and his age especially. However, it is up to Yoon’s decision. Not Tae San’s decision. It’s Yoon’s happiness that counts. Me Ahri seriously needs to grow up if she wants to be with Yoon. She even wants to marry him. Again, she needs to grow up so she can proof herself that she is a strong independent woman that Yoon will definitely admired. For Yoon, he is the middle person between Tae San and Me Ahri. If he goes with Me Ahri, then he will lose Tae San as his best friend. If he goes for Tae San, he will lose Me Ahri. Even though he thinks it is the right thing to do, but I am sure he still has feelings for her. I am sure that Yoon’s friends including Tae San will support him to be with Me Ahri. My curiousity has been going on like a rollercoaster.
I am glad that Min Sook helps Se Ra out. It shows that there’s a soft side of hers within her cold personality. Previously, they used to have conversation battles. Look at them now. They are slowly becoming friends who help each other out. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let’s forget about the past and arrogant pride and be friends.

Do Jin, I love your cute jealousy when Yi Soo talked with Yong Hwa. As usual, I like Jang Dong Gun, one of my favourite male actors, even more because of his crazy expressions. I see him as a whole package. He acted in action films before and I get to see his crazy sides. Love him a lot. I wonder what he is going to do with the red yarn. It is definitely going to be a surprise for Yi Soo. However, right after something bad happens. Colin already announced that one of the four gentlemen is the father and I have the feeling that the father is going to be Do Jin. Oh no, this isn’t happening. This climax is going to a good heartbreaking one. For that, you’ll have to wait for what I’m going to say about episode 14.

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