A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 15 Review

Episode Recap

In the opening, Tae San explains about the men in Korea. That is no matter how “normal” they are in reality, they become nothing more than dogs when they put on their army uniforms after discharge. Four gentlemen arrive at a reunion for their union and they fool around. A younger officer blows the whistle continuously to get their attention but he is being ignored. The four gentlemen start to tease him based on his status. He realizes that their labels on their helmets have been changed from their unit number to phrases to reflect how serious they take the reunion. Few months later, Tae San and Do Jin inform the other two that they are going to meet a very important client. The young officer walks into the café and Yoon begins to bully him while others smirk in amusement. He cries out for his mother who turns out to be the client whom they going to meet. Do Jin and Tae San immediately ask the other two to shut up. Heartbroken young officer is comforted by Do Jin and Tae San.

Do Jin sits alone in a café while looking out the window. He thinks back when Yi Soo sighed over Yojng Hwa’s handsome looks after a dinner date. Do Jin got jealous and Yi Soo laughed that he needs to treat her better if he wants to keep her. She asked him to share some smoothie with her and he quickly fed her some of it. Later, they noticed a young man, who is sitting at a nearby bench, singing by himself while they laughed because of his tone-deafness. In the car, Do Jin asked how Yi Soo would rate the guy’s singing and she replied that she would not cast him. After the conversation, they decided to go to the cinema.

Do Jin smiles sadly while thinking about it but he is interrupted by Eun Hee who just arrived at the café. He informs her that they need to meet with Yoon at his office because “that kid” is over thre. Eun Hee corrects “that kid” as Colin. She points out that she understands that English names are foreign to him. She had hoped that Do Jin can give a Korean name to Colin when she came to see him eight years ago. He stares in confusion and she is upset that he has forgotten about it. Do Jin asks her what really happened and she replies that she didn’t say that Colin was his son. She told him before that he needed to meet someone when she came to visit him years ago.

Do Jin did ask to meet “someone” the following day but he didn’t show up at their meeting place. She adds that young Colin ate five waffles for three hours while waiting for him. Do Jin is frustrated over his guilt. He blames of his absence because of his first outbreak on his short-term memory loss. She sighs and comments that is why she didn’t want to appear in front of him for all these years. She ‘honestly’ says that she didn’t want to trouble him. He tells her that she shouldn’t have run away in the first place. However, she replies that she couldn’t trust him back in their younger days.

They run into Yi Soo outside of Yoon’s office. Eun Hee says that it’s nice to meet her and wondered what kind of person Yi Soo is and whether she regrets meeting her like this. Yi Soo coolly replies that she had never thought they would be greeting each other so casually. She has nothing to say but she manages to correct Do Jin’s introduction of her: she is someone he dumped, not someone he lost. She tells Do Jin that she will make new friends and walks away. She waits at the hallway but Do Jin goes with Eun Hee into Yoon’s office.

Yoon hands over the DNA results to Do Jin and announces that Colin is his biological son. He adds that Colin had asked whether Do Jin was rich and Eun Hee laughs nervously. She excuses herself to have a word with Colin. She promises Yoon that she will treat him a drink when the next time she comes to Korea. After she leaves, Yoon asks what Do Jin will do about his son. Do Jin compares his current feelings to someone who rides the bike for the first time. He points out that he saw Yi Soo in the hallway and requests Yoon to listen to her when she comes to visit Yoon.

Yi Soo informs Se Ra that she met Eun Hee today. Se Ra suggests that she should have pulled all of Eun Hee’s hair earlier. Yi Soo sighs that nothing would have changed anyway. Se Ra advices that Yi Soo should have the power and make a statement that this man is hers. However, Yi Soo disagrees as she admits that she lost after seeing Eun Hee for the first time. She adds that she doesn’t know what to say. The only thought in her mind was that she was envious of Eun Hee for knowing Do Jin in his twenties. On the other hand, Se Ra sighs as she worried about Tae San’s future. Se Ra asks if Eun Hee was really pretty and Yi Soo gives a nod. She comments that Eun Hee was like someone who come out from a drawing.

Me Ahri visits Yi Soo and wonders if she’s sick. She asks Yi Soo about Eun Hee. Yi Soo admits that this is the first time she lost to an older woman. Me Ahri reassures her that she’ll help Yi Soo to get revenge on Eun Hee and Yi Soo laughs weakly.

Jung Rok is surprised to hear from Yoon that Colin is Do Jin’s son. Tae San joins them and suggest that they should buy some clothes for Colin since they are officially his uncles but Jung Rok hesitates. Yoon orders him to stop acting immature. Jung Rok boasts that he is going to be anawesome uncle regardless of maturity. Colin walks into a colourful café and sees three uncles waving at him while sitting on plushy rocking chairs. Colin is embarrassed and hesitates to sit down. They hand him gifts to welcome him into their lives as Do Jin’s son. Colin’s eyes are wide open as he get an unexpected warm greetings from them. Each of them introduces themselves to Colin.

Yi Soo notices that Dong Hyub is absent again and finds him at his part-time job place. She asks him to apologize for hitting Sung Jae and forcing him to transcribe the ethics book. In return, he needs to get an apology for being slapped by Sung Jae’s mother. Unfortunately, Dong Hyub cares about money more than ethics. She frowns and replies that he needs to at least graduate from high school but she goes silent when Dong Hyub explains that he is earning money so that he can go to school.

Unexpectedly, Eun Hee calls Yi Soo to meet up at a café. Eun Hee asks honestly whether Yi Soo and Do Jin broke up. She also asks whether Yi Soo loves him. Yi Soo answers that she dones’t know why does she have to explain her love life to Eun Hee. Eun Hee explains about her previous relationship with Do Jin. She gets up to leave and Yi Soo lets her know that Do Jin really love her in the past. Eun Hee smiles and replies that this is good news for Colin.

Yoon pulls Do Jin out of the bed and brings him to the table where the food is cooked by him. He hands Do Jin some stew and rice but Do Jin doesn’t feel like eating. Yoon tries to cheer him up bu saying that there is plenty of time to turn his life around but Do Jin doesn’t hear a single word from him. Jung Rok, Yoon, and Tae San discusses about Do Jin’s situation. Jung Rok feels sorry for Yi Soo. Tae San admits that he doesn’t know what to say to Do Jin while the other two agree. Jung Rok suggests that they all should come up with a plan to put Yi Soo and Do Jin together. He orders Tae San to bring Yi Soo to his café later. He orders Yoon to bring Do Jin to the same place. Yoon asks why they must meet at the café and Jung Rok claims that this is the place where Yi Soo and Do Jin’s romance sparks. His employee called him the other day and said that the couple were making out in front of the café. She asked whether if she should report them.

Tae San invites Yi Soo out for tea but they are in an awkward atmosphere. She instantly finds out that Do Jin will also be coming to the café soon. She thanks Tae San because she really misses him. Do Jin shows up at the café with Yoon who pretends that it is a coincidence. However, Tae San pulls Yoon outside to let the two lovers talk. The plan fails because Yi Soo immediately stands up before Do Jin tries to say something to her. She claims that she has an important thing that she needs to settle. She runs and leaving sad Do Jin at the table.

Later, Yi Soo and Dong Hyub are outside Sung Jae’s house. Yi Soo begs Sung Jae’s mother to come out so they can talk about the slapping incident. Min Sook arrives home and finds Yi Soo hanging around at her neighbour’s residence. She approaches her when Sung Jae’s mother coldly ignores her over the intercom. Min Sook becomes the heroine and calls Sung Jae’s mother out who later becomes afraid of her. Yi Soo apologizes on behalf of Dong Hyub and hints him that he should apologizes to him but he holds onto his pride. Min Sook immediately hit his head and calls him as his nephew.

He quickly bows and the woman accepts the apology. Yi Soo reminds the woman that she should also drop the lawsuit. Min Sook suggests that she should contact her lawyer for additional help. Finally, the woman decides that she’ll drop the lawsuit and apologizes to Dong Hyub for slapping him. Then, she walks back into her house. Yi Soo thanks Min Sook for her help and comments that she must have known Sung Jae’s mother really well. Min Sook points out that rich people only know each other through money, not relationships. She looks at Dong Hyub that the rich people rule this dirty world. So, if he wants to become rich, he needs to study. She asks him to go home and asks Yi Soo for a chat.

Min Sook asks if Yi Soo is okay since she heard about Do Jin and Colin. She honestly replies that she’s not alright. She asks herself whether she will be happy with a man who has a child whom she didn’t give birth to. Sht thinks about that sometimes. Min Sook comments that is in the middle where she can’t move forward or backward. To her, she believes that Yi Soo is walking towards the path which leads to Do Jin. Yi Soo looks up to her and wonders how well Min Sook understands what she’s thinking. Later, while waiting for the bus, Yi Soo hears the song, which was sung by the tone-deag man, through the radio. At the same time, Do Jin also listens to the same song. The song brings him back the happy moments with Yi Soo. In his room, he starts to let tears fall down along his face.

Me Ahri visits Yoon and gives him a bracelet. He sees her wearing the white version of the braclet and decline the gift. He reminds her that he needs to protect his friendship with Tae San. She blurts out that she’s not asking him to take off his weeding band or for him to buy her a ring. She shouts out that it is a present for him. She angrily throws the bracelet to the bin. Yoon asks her not to speak to him informally since he is 17 years older than her. She walks out and he sighs while looking at his wedding ring. At the ‘noraebang’, she sings her heart out until Tae San shows up. He yells at her for drinking again and she cries out loud. He calls Yoon and begins to shout at him because he blames him that Me Ahri refuse to go to college and drinks every day because of him. In panic, she rushes to her brother and finds that he is just pretending. He warns her to mind her own actions.

Yi Soo calls Do Jin out. She shouts at him for breaking the promises that he made while they were dating. She goes serious and request that they separate among each other based on her rules. He needs to come out whenever she calls him and needs to keep the promise that he’ll love her for a month. She will break up with him when she wants to. He quietly agrees to whatever Yi Soo wants.

For a few weeks, she calls him out to the bookstore, cinema, and restaurant but they keep a certain distance from each other on each date. At the cinema, a man knocks into Yi Soo and Do Jin catches her. She asks him to let her go as she says that she’s okay. He lets her go. Do Jin goes back to the times when he hurt Yi Soo, like when he coldly ignores Yi Soo at the restaurant, to apologize for his immature actions.
Me Ahri drives Se Ra’s car to Jung Rok’s café where Se Ra sees when she’s outside. She storms over to Min Sook’s building and scolds her on why Tae San has her car. Min Sook coolly states that Tae San has the collateral because he took care of Se Ra’s financial issues. She goes angry after hearing that. Min Sook replies that she has no reason to pick Se Ra’s pride over Tae San’s including the face that Tae San is Jung Rok’s friend. She leaves Se Ra being angry on the street.

Eun Hee announces to Do Jin that she’s going back to Japan tonight but Colin wants to stay in Seoul. Do Jin replies that Colin should stay if he wants to. He tells her that he will come up with a Korean name for Colin. He apologizes for making her take care of Colin alone for many years and sincerely wishes her happiness.
The next day, Yi Soo calls Do Jin out to eat with her. She receives a phone call from her mother who wants to see her and starts to excuse herself. He asks who called her but she ignores him. Do Jin grabs Yi Soo’s wrist to keep her from leaving. She talks back that she needs to see her mother. She comments that her mother is the woman who gave up for her own biological child to care for other children. She sarcastically asks whether Do Jin wants to meet her mother to learn some skills to be a bad parent. He grips her wrist tighter which she gives an angry stare at him.

Point of View

Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship is still complicated. Me Ahri is still whining and crying like a kid. This thing between the both of them is going absolutely nowhere. If Tae San would send Me Ahri back to America, wouldn’t that be that interesting? The intense climax should be in place between those two. I think the writers need to spice things up in the plot storyline on Yoon and Me Ahri couple.

Let’s see I love and hate Eun Hee. So, Eun Hee used to have sort of friendship with the four gentlemen but loves Do Jin when she was younger. I find that she had a hard time when she was young. However, in present, she is putting Do Jin at the tight spot. She starts saying that Do Jin did not show up on the day he supposed to meet Colin. But, why doesn’t she just tell him the truth that she has his child in her stomach 8 years ago? I know that it’ll be shocking if she were to say that time period but wouldn’t it be more shocking if she drags the time until now that she tells him. Also, she should have listen to Do Jin’s reason about why he didn’t show up. Instead, she just jumps into conclusion by saying that Do Jin doesn’t want to see her and Colin. If I was Eun Hee, yes, I will be upset if Do Jin doesn’t show up but I want to hear his reason before I start throwing stones at him. Thank goodness that she’s going back to Japan so that I won’t criticize continuously on her pressuring Do Jin.

I’m anticipating Do Jin’s story behind his amnesia. How did he get it including his first amnesia attack during the time he was supposed to meet Colin? I’m sure the writers will come up his Do Jin’s side since we know that he has memory loss and records everything with his pen since the beginning of this drama.

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