A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 17 Review

Episode Recap

The boys share their memories of watching South Korea moving up to the second round of the 2012 World Cup. Do Jin admires Park Ji Sung’s ability to play in the England’s Premier League. Nowadays, Park Ji Sung is Do Jin’s hero. Jung Rok arrives at Tae San’s apartment with a cake that’s decorated by a Tae Kwon V (a Korean animated character) figure. He honestly admits that Tae Kwon V is the hero to save the world. Do Jin points out that saving the world was every boy’s destiny. Each of them argues about their favourite heroes. Yoon praises Superman, Do Jin supports Batman, and Tae San boasts about Spiderman. All of them argue about who is the best superhero is. In Do Jin’s voiceover, he says that these four men, who can’t even save the world or protect their own woman, debate continuously into the night. They are just normal men who survive in the world. He wonders where the boys who wanted to save the world went.

Yi Soo pleads Do Jin to come back to her. She doesn’t care that he is Colin’s father. Do Jin shakes his head and firmly assures her that he doesn’t want to ruin her. She replies that she’ll leave him in the next life but she won’t in this life. She presents him a pair of shoes and requests that he wears them when he comes back to her. Meanwhile, Tae San thinks back about Me Ahri’s speech to Jung Ah while Yoon stands outside of Tae San’s house. Yoon attempts to press the doorbell but decides not to and leaves with his shoulders slumped. On the other hand, Do Jin looks over Yi Soo’s gift for a long time before wearing them.
Se Ra and Yi Soo talks about how much they’ve changed because of love. Se Ra admits that she wants to get married to Tae San. Yi Soo congratulates her and asks Se Ra to treat Tae San better. She replies that she will.

The next morning, Do Jin and Yoon have coffee at a café. Do Jin announces that he received glass slippers. Yoon gives him a puzzled look and Do Jin decides that he will hold onto Yi Soo as he hopes to spend his entire life to make her happy. Yoon wishes him good luck while Do Jin reminds him that Yoon needs luck if he wants to be with Me Ahri. Yoon sighs that the mountain (Tae San) blocks their way but Do Jin states that they do not need permission to climb that mountain.

Yi Soo receives an invitation from a bear-suit guy to Do Jin’s and Tae San’s final presentation for the Qualze Resort. The bear also hands her a balloon before he leaves. Yi Soo knew that Do Jin is the one who gives her. She rushes back home to dress up for the party with the Se Ra’s help. Se Ra asks Yi Soo to stay until midnight and admires Yi Soo’s curves in her dress. Yi Soo if it’s okay for her to borrow the dress even when Se Ra can’t make it for the party because of her practice for the upcoming tournament. Se Ra points out that winning the championships is more important at the moment. She needs to win and then get married.

Me Ahri begs Tae San to let her come to the party but Tae San states that it’s not a place for kids. She keeps whining until she gets a text message about unpaid bills from her credit card company. Tae San takes the phone from her, sighs, and orders her to sit down. He hands her flight tickets back to the US while scolding her for not being able to pay her bills. She whines again and Tae San cuts in by saying that he saw her at Jung Ah’s memorial site. Se Ra immediately apologizes but he shakes his head. He ignores her and goes back to his room.

Yi Soo enters to the party while Do Jin made a speech about the resort. He spots her and pauses for a while after they look at each other. He quickly finishes his speech to look for Yi Soo but he ends up conversing with his investors. He gives her a wave and Yi Soo goes over to the buffet table. Jung Rok and Min Sook congratulate her for accepting Do Jin. Min Sook gives Yi Soo two glasses of champagne and requests her to look for Do Jin. Yi Soo wanders around the room to find Do Jin who is also looking for her with two champagne glasses. He walks to her and scolds her for looking pretty as he almost messed up his own speech because of her. While talking, Yi Soo notices that Do Jin is not wearing the shoes which she gave him. She asks him why he isn’t wearing her gift but she is shocked to hear his answer: he doesn’t remember what happened a few days ago. He asks if she had said anything important while she stares at him. Also, Do Jin is the one who sent an invitation to her. The company president talks to Do Jin and Do Jin informs Yi Soo that he’ll talk to Yi Soo soon.

Meanwhile, Min Sook spots Jung Rok talking with a young and pretty woman from afar. The woman leaves and Min Sook marches up to Jung Rok to demand to know who that woman is. Jung Rok replies that he told the woman where the parking lot was. Min Sook doesn’t believe him and follow the woman to ask what she talked about with Jung Rok. She confirms Jung Rok’s answer was true and Min Sook stands shocked at her suspicious self.

Do Jin shows off his drumming skills but Yi Soo leaves as the song plays because she was hurt that Do Jin forgot about her gift. Once the performance ends, Do Jin steps out wearing the shoes which is given by Yi Soo. He finds that Yi Soo is missing. Yi Soo throws a temper tantrum in her room while packing her luggage. She cries over Do Jin’s “memory loss” and thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore. She gets a call from Do Jin but ignores it.

Yoon waits for Me Ahri at a neighbourhood garden. She approaches him slowly and announces that Tae San is sending her back to the US. She asks him one last time whether she is the one to be with Yoon and whether he can win against Tae San. He coldly orders her to go back home while she pleads him to hold onto her. He also asks her to stop speaking informally to him. Me Ahri talks to him informally and yells that she loves him. She voices out that he is her destiny and pleads him to hold onto her. Yoon is moved by her confession but stands his ground. He tells her that there is no other man in the world that cares about her more than Tae San. Thus, he supports Tae San decision’s which is best for her. He urges her to study hard and begins to walk away. Me Ahri says that she can’t promise that she will forget him and if they cannot be together, he should forget about her. She says goodbye and leaves while Yoon holds his tears. He leaves the garden and let the tears flow when he is back in his room.

Yi Soo drinks alone in a hotel room and replays the video of the four gentlemen at the café with her stepbrothers. She calls Do Jin a liar when he declares that he is the oppa who loves her. She downs another gulp of soju. Meanwhile, Do Jin shows up at Se Ra’s house to look for Yi Soo. Se Ra makes a quick call to Yi Soo and tells Do Jin that she’s in Chooncheon.

Do Jin immediately drives to the hotel where Yi Soo stays and spot her car which is badly parked at the car park. He enters the hotel but he is refused by the employee when he asks for Yi Soo’s room number. He shows the yearbook photo of Yi Soo to show how she looks but the employee didn’t respond. He waits at hotel lobby throughout the whole night for Yi Soo to check out. Drunken Yi Soo makes her way to the reception and hands over the key. A young man helps her put the luggage into her car and drives her to the next location. Do Jin follows them in full speed. Do Jin finds out that the man is a hired driver and leaves her after dropping Yi Soo at the field where she and Do Jin had a date.

Me Ahri calls Yi Soo and asks how a person know when a relationship is over. Yi Soo sadly answers that it’s over when you can’t see that person even when you want to. Both of them hang up and Yi Soo screams out. Do Jin stands beside her and comments that she says bad things about him when he’s in front of her. She lets out a surprise shout and awkwardly falls to the ground. He holds out his hand to help her back up and introduces himself as Kim Do Jin: a man with a 19 year old son, a history of girls, and a tendency to make women cry. He asks whether she will still date him. Yi Soo narrows her eyes and says that she is not going to do a stupid thing like dating ever again. She walks away but she notices that he’s wearing the shoes. He answers that the memory loss speech at the party was a joke. She scolds him for doing a stupid act and not revealing his feelings clearly. He embraces her and promises that he will show his feelings clearly from now on. She cries into his shoulders while he holds his nose because of the drunken smell. She whines that she drank so much because of him. Also, she cries that the shoes look really good on him.

Sad Min Sook leaves from an appointment at the OB-GYN. She got an unexpected surprise visit from Jung Rok. He asks what the doctor said and she replies that there’s still hope for a baby. He wraps his arms around her. He reasons that they would have a child if she hadn’t kicked him out so often. He asks her to let him stay at home even if she still hates him. She replies that she doesn’t hate him anymore and he says that he’s not afraid of her anymore. She shoots him a glare and he gives an awkward laugh. They stand and she tells him that he should be at least being afraid of her or else she has nothing to keep him by her side. Jung Rok allows her to hold onto to him including his heart. He hugs her and she slowly enjoys his embrace.

Tae San and Se Ra have a meal together. Se Ra declares that she sold her house to pay off her debts. She reassures him that she is doing this to protect her pride and he unhappily accepts her decision. She asks him to support her. He smiles and holds her hand.

Do Jin carries Yi Soo into her room. She lies on her bed while asks him to lie down next to her. She pats him to sleep. She tugs at his arm and they lie on the bed while facing each other. He holds onto Yi Soo until she wakes up from a horrible hangover. She gasps to see Do Jin sleeping next to her. She pretends to move away while sleeping. She turns her back to him and Do Jin immediately pulls her into another hub. He apologizes for pretending not to love her when he really did, for acting like he could break up with her when he actually couldn’t, and making her cry. He vows that instead of saying “I’m sorry”, he will say “I love you” to her from now on. He leaves after saying that he loves Yi Soo. She scolds herself for drinking too much which is seen by Do Jin. He lets out a little laugh and leaves. Yi Soo is frustrated over her embarrassment.

Me Ahri orders Jung Rok to deliver a bag of extra clothes to Tae San ho has gone on a business trip to
Chooncheon. He reluctantly does so and meets Tae San at his hotel room. He asks Tae San why he can’t accept Yoon since he is better than other men. Tae San agrees and upset that he has to disapprove to Yoon as a man. Tae San asks Jung Rok and Do Jin to support Yoon because he’s fallen in love. Jung Rok sighs and apologizes that he can’t be much of a help to comfort him in a tough situation.

Do Jin drops by at Colin’s room to tell him that he and Yi Soo will be dating from now on. Colin calls Jin a new type of father in Japanese but Do Jin wonders if he is swearing at him. Colin asks if he is allowed to swear and Do Jin gives him a glare. Colin congratulates him and apologizes for his immature actions. He begins to tear up and Do Jin states that Colin will not be responsible for any negative events in the future. Colin says that he can leave any time so that Do Jin’s life will be easier. Do Jin walks to him and pats Colin on the shoulder.

The next morning, Yi Soo and Do Jin walking along the streets in their precious shoes while holding hands. Do Jin asks how Yi Soo can be so seductive in the early morning. Yi Soo points out that she can be even more alluring at night. He holds her close to him and claims that he won’e let her go until late at night.

On the other hand, Me Ahri and Tae San speak on the phone. She says that she’s sorry for upsetting him and she hopes that they’ll be able to see each other while smiling. He holds his tears and asks her to stay healthy. She sends Yi Soo a text that she’s leaving and wants her to tell Yoon that she is dating a nice boyfriend two months from today. She goes to the airport and sadly looks around for Yoon but being disappointed because he didn’t show up. She begins to walk towards the gate until someone grabs her wrist. She is surprised to see that Yoon is grabbing her wrist. Yoon drags her out towards his car and she looks at him in disbelief. She says that Tae San will be furious but she goes silent when Yoon pulls her into a tight embrace.

Point of View

Finally! After 17 episodes of a complicated love and personalities, Yoon decides to confess his love for Me Ahri. He should have done that earlier. On the other hand, I think it’s good for her that she needs to go back to the US so she can grow up and mature. That way she will understand what to do with her life instead of going crazy over Yoon. Also, to be honest, I can’t stand her crying and whining so she deserves the punishment by Tae San. Serves her right for not being responsible with her life such as not paying her credit card bill. Tae San will not trust her on how she handles her life independently. Me Ahri, who asks you to keep crying and whining while you think the whole world revolves around you? I am so happy that Yoon decides to start a relationship with Me Ahri. Now, the big challenge: he has to go against Tae San who is really going to be angry about this. Some interesting dramatic scenarios will happen, I believe.

Do Jin’s prank is not funny at all even though he think it is. Yi Soo got upset because of that. However, I do enjoy Yi Soo crazy, drunk, and angry moments. Anyway, at least Do Jin goes back to Yi Soo and they live happily ever after. If I were Yi Soo, I would be so angry that Do Jin does that prank but relieved that Do Jin is back with me. I think the relationship between Jung Rok and Min Sook needs to shine more at the last few episodes. Yes, there are some great moments from this couple. However, I want to see even more from them. Their relationship should have a development by then and a little bit of conflict which I hope to see it as soon as possible.

Ah, the father and son relationship. I’m glad that Colin supports his father’s relationship with Yi Soo who is his homeroom teacher. One thing I like about this character is that he has a cute, sensitive and passionate side of his. At least he is not showing his cool and arrogant personality. I hope to see more of this loving family moments but I don’t think that is going to happen since the last few episodes going to focus on other couples which I want to see: Yoon and Me Ahri, Jung Rok and Min Sook. Keep going, I am very anxious to see what’s next.

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