A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 18 Review

Episode Recap

Four gentlemen go around the city in Yoon’s car which is them bumped by a young man in his twenties. Do Jin states the kid’s car probably belongs to his father and the others smirks in agreement before they place their hands around their necks. They pretend to be in pain as they step out of the car. The young man asks if anybody get hurt. He pulls out a business card to make a phone call but pauses when the four gentlemen pull out their mobile phones. Yoon calls the Supreme Court of Justice, Tae San talks with the police chief, Jung Rok chats with Min Sook, and Do Jin asks for someone from the national forensic team. Do Jin’s action makes the other three in shock. The young man dials the insurance company and admits that he cause the car accident. The four men are embarrassed and quickly retreat back to Yoon’s car.

Yoon stops Me Ahri from leaving to the US. Me Ahri tells Yoon that Tae San will be furious but Yoon pulls her into an embrace and admits that he loves her. He apologizes for telling her so late but promises that she can trust him to be with her from now on. She cries and Yoon hugs her again. Meanwhile, Min Sook picks up Jung Rok’s car which she finds that it is covered in dirt and realizes that those marks are from the entrance to a specific hotel parking range. She imagines Jung Rok driving into the hotel and dating with a pretty young woman. She begins to get angry.

Yoon and Me Ahri shows up at Tae San’s house and Tae San looks at them in disbelief. Yoon says that he’s sorry but he thought it he let her go, he’d lose her forever. Tae San asks how Yoon could do this to him. Me Ahri cries and Yoon pleads to Tae San to say those harsh words to him instead of Me Ahri. Yoon confesses that it is the end of him if she left him and he regrets for not revealing his feelings for her. He vows that he’ll treat Me Ahri well for the rest of his life. He asks Tae San for his forgiveness. She whines that he forgives her but Tae San shakes his head. Tae San announces that he lost both of them and he kicks Me Ahri out of the house as he is no longer her brother anymore.

Jung Rok sits across from Do Jin and Yi Soo. Do Jin lovingly rubs lotion on her hands. Three of them discuss whether Yoon went after Me Ahri and Do Jin bets that he did. Yi Soo asks why he thinkgs so and he replies that he is the guy that lost someone and found her again. He knows the feeling of losing someone. Jung Rok feels the goosebump all over his skin and tells Do Jin to stop being so lovey dovey. Do Jin asks whether Jung Rok done anything romantic for Min Sook. Yi Soo laughs and Jung tries not to be nauseous.

Yoon meets with Yi Soo. Yi Soo agrees to let Me Ahri stay over at her place for a while. She assures him that Tae San will understand and forgive him. She also thanks him for helping her with her stepbrothers. He looks up at her in surprise and she laughs that she’s grateful for their help but they left without paying the damages of the café. She jokingly asks if she should receive more money from Tae Soon. Yoon gives an awkward laugh.

Se Ra goes over to comfort Tae San after Me Ahri tells her that he kicked her out now that she and Yoon are officially together. She finds him alone in the dark living room and tells him everything will be okay. She hugs him tightly while Tae San silently cries into her shoulder.

Jung Rok arrives home and gets another scolding from Min Sook who accuses him for going to a motel with a pretty young woman. He insists that he was helping Me Ahri to bring the clothes to Tae San when he was on a business trip but Min Sook doesn’t believe what he says. She calls Me Ahri to confirm Jung Rok’s story and is stunned to realize that Jung Rok is telling the truth. Her tears fall down along her face and in shock about her actions. Jung Rok ignores Min Sook’s words about the divorce and hugs her before he goes to the bathroom.

Do Jin spends some quality time with Colin. He asks Colin about his school life. Colin says Kim Dong Hyub as a good friend and admits that he is not a very good student. Do Jin immediately suggest that Colin should make other friends. Colin asks if Jung Rok was good at studying and Do Jin quickly changes the subject. He asks what at the best parts of the day are for Colin. Colin replies that he likes the minute before lunch and the minute before break time begins. Do Jin asks if he liked the minute before meeting his biological father but only receives a half-smile in response. Colin tells his father that he wants to go to sleep and Do Jin leaves after turning off the lights.

Yoon comes home and sits on the couch. Yoon recalls the time when a young boy in Me Ahri’s elementary school hurt her forehead. Tae San got angry and went over to the boy’s house to demand compensation for her injury. Do Jin responds that he was there when Tae San was angry. Yoon sighs towards Tae San’s past actions over small things. Yoon wonders if Tae San will ever forgive him. Do Jin admits that he doesn’t know how to help him. Yoon says that Do Jin and Jung Rok should support Tae San no matter what. He goes to his room. He looks at his wedding ring before slowly removing it and placing it into its box.

Tae San comes to the office and Do Jin comments that he didn’t get enough sleep. He informs Tae San that Yoon requested him to be on Tae San’s side. Tae San gives him the look but Do Jin continues to tease him by asking him whether he should kick Yoon out and Yi Soo should kick Me Ahri out. They go for the team meeting. Do Jin notices a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on Tae San’s desk. Tae San is in daze while an employee gives a presentation but he offer some advice on further improvements on the project. Do Jin is impressed with Tae San’s work ethics and offers to treat him for lunch today. Tae San rejects as he already has plans to have a lunch date with someone else. Jealous Do Jin pouts in response.

Yoon and Tae San silently eat their meals during lunch. Tae San notices that Yoon has taken off his wedding ring. He slams down his utensils and complains about his disapproval on Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship. Yoon assures him that he will support Me Ahri as she is also his dream. Thus, both of them will support each other. Tae San blinks away tears at Yoon’s words and storms out of the restaurant.

Yi Soo and Do Jin look for an apartment. Do Jin smiles when the real estate agent thinks that both of them are looking for a place as a married couple. Yi Soo corrects the agent that she is looking for the apartment for herself and Yi Soo since they decided to live together again. The agent urges the two to look around the apartment further and give them some time alone. Yi Soo laughs that they are at the age as a remarried couple and Do Jin narrows his eyes. She replies that she just meant they were past the age of first-time newlyweds. Do Jin thinks that he needs to pretend to be humble sometimes. He believes that this apartment is the best because it’s the closest to his home. He gives her a back hug. They quickly separate when the real estate enters and Yi Soo declares that she will take the apartment. Suddenly, a large bug crawls across the room and Yi Soo whacks it with a newspaper. The two men stare at her. Then, she acts as a weak girl by squealing and jumping away. Do Jin gives her a big thumbs and saying that Yi Soo ‘oppa’ is the best.

Next week, Do Jin and Yi Soo paint the apartment while fooling around and acting cutesy at each other. They lay down on the ground to rest after painting one all. Do Jin boasts that they finish quickly because of him. He says that he almost hurt his back because of piggybacking her. She whacks him in response and claims that she is committing sexual harrassmeng because he feels uncomfortable with her physical actions. They give each other kisses on the lipr before lying back down to discuss about Tae San and Me Ahri.

Yi Soo believes that Me Ahri is very brave while Do Jin also says that Yi Soo is brave too. He promises to build a beautiful house with a lot of windows where nobody will ever leave. She smiles upon his touching words and then asks him about Do Jin’s parents and childhood memories. Do Jin answers that his parents live in Toronto and he grew up in a pleasant household. He got along well with his parents. Yi Soo states that Do Jin’s confidence comes from his loving family. She is also confident but she tries hard to be like that. Do Jin is naturally confident. She shares her own childhood memories and her voice slowly fades away. He looks at Yi Soo and holds her hand. He tells her that her happiness makes him stronger and she giggles. They stare into each other’s eyes before Do Jin kisses her deeply. After they break apart, he asks if he can try to keep his promise to make her happy again. She replies that she trust and he assures her that he’ll keep his words until he dies. They kiss again.

Tae San and Se Ra drink at his apartment. Se Ra tells him that Me Ahri is doing find. She asks whether he spoke to Yoon and Tae San replies that he did. They just said what they both wanted to say. Se Ra sighs in relief that Me Ahri is with her soulmate. Tae San responds that he’ll be disappointed even when Me Ahri is in her 30s. He changes the subject to her move-in date and tells her that he’ll send Jung Rok to help them move on his behalf. She embraces him in gratitude.

Do Jin and Jung Rok arrive at the girls’ new apartment where Se Ra and Me Ahri are unpacking their belongings. Yi Soo comes out with a flowery dress Do Jin says that this is how she wear in dresses. Se Ra sends Jung Rok to pop the bubble wraps while Yi Soo and Do Jin organize the items in Yi Soo’s room. Do Jin tries to have a glimpse under Yi Soo’s dress but she firmly scolds him. He pouts and wonders why she wears the dress and catches bugs. Yi Soo screams out that there’s a bug and Do Jin jumps back in fear. She giggles and then forces him to put all the books in her shelf.

Later, the girls get their nails done at the manicure shop. Se Ra notices that Yi Soo is smiling to herself and gives her a glare before Me Ahri asks when they’ll eat since she’s hungry. Se Ra asks Me Ahri to be at least upset because her brother hasn’t eaten all day. Yi Soo jumps in and asks Me Ahri whether she’s spoken to Yoon lately. Me Ahri replies that they have talk on the phone but hasn’t seen him face-to-face yet. Se Ra asks the manicurist when they can leave.

Tae San hit the baseballs alone for hours. Do Jin and Jung Rok show up to offer him some icy-hot patches and invite him to go for a sauna. They tell him that Me Ahri is doing find and the move-in went smoothly. They make a heart with their arms and assure Tae San that they’re always on his side. Tae San laughs and ask them to leave because they are distracting him. Then, they visit Yoon who is pitching baseballs. They give the same speech about that they’re always on his side with another heart but Yoon rejects them as he know that they did the same thing for Tae San. They leave while Yoon continues to do some pitching.

Yoon and Me Ahri go out on a date. Me Ahri looks away from Yoon. He asks her why she’s acting so shy and she replies that she is too nervous. He sighs that he wants to see her face. He carries the bag which was made by her. She smiles while he gives her a warm smile. He holds her hand and take her to lunch.

Later at night, Jung Rok explains to Min Sook why he didn’t pick up the call while he get himself ready to go to bed. He comes out of the bathroom and becomes quite when he sees her face. She confesses that she can’t trust him anymore. She adds that everybody tells her that she has everything but, for her, she feels she doesn’t. Jung Rok was everything to her but she can’t believe his words. Min Sook looks at her wedding ring and explains that the ring keeps the husband and wife close because the vein in the left ring finger runs directly to the heart. She declares that she wants to take off the wedding room. She admits that she is suspicious about every phone call he makes and every woman who has eyes on him. Jung Rok vows that he’ll never take off the ring but she announces that she wants a divorce, for real. She takes off the ring and cries. Jung Rok sinks to the floor in shock and his tears well up in his eyes while looking at Min Sook.

Do Jin invites Yi Soo’s colleague out for dinner and be the perfect gentleman and Yi Soo’s boyfriend. The ladies admire his looks and manners until one of the teachers boast about his husband’s handsome looks. Her husband looks like Jang Dong Gun. Do Jin compliments the woman’s beauty which makes her so happy. She turns to Yi Soo and tells her that she had met the perfect guy. They have some more wine. Yi Soo thanks Do Jin with a smile.

After dinner, Yi Soo and Do Jin sit in Betty. She thanks him again. They silently stare at each other until Yi Soo asks that they should listen to some songs from the radio. However, they listen to each radio channel some sensual songs come on. Then, they start to laugh when they hear Big Bang’s “Don’t Go Home” from the radio. Yi Soo says that the songs on the radio reflect the person’s feelings. They start to become serious when Do Jin asks if he can make this night unforgettable since he doesn’t want to let her go.

Point of View

Yes! A dramatic moment between Jung Rok and Min Sook. Good job on giving more attention to this couple. Min Sook decides to divorce for real because she doesn’t know whether to continue with the marriage and her doubts about being pregnant at her age. I was surprised that Min Sook announces for divorce for real. It’s heartbreaking to see the calm and confident Min Sook to cry and confess her insecurity. It’s right for her to be suspicious about Jung Rok. I’m proud for her that she is going serious about the marriage. That will mentally slap Jung Rok so that he can realize how much he has hurt Min Sook because of his actions and lies. I believe Jung Rok’s sensitive and caring side for Min Sook will develop. I hope whatever sweet things he does for her is just to show that he truly loves her instead of wanting fame and riches from her. I’m sure Jung Rok will do something so that Min Sook knows that Jung Rok truly, from the bottom of his heart, loves and cares for her.

Well, there are no complaints about Se Ra and Tae San as their love is growing continuously. On the bright note, Se Ra has become a sensitive and caring woman instead of being selfish. She made great efforts to be with Tae San and comfort him no matter what happens. Good for her that she cares for others more than herself. Se Ra and Me Ahri have become friends which is great. Se Ra can be nasty when she say a few words but she is a great friend whom you can rely on.

Another heartbreaking scenario which I have seen is the fight between Tae San and Yoon which I truly understand why they are doing it. Good thing they have their loving partners by their side to support them. I’m sure they will have a heart-to-heart conversation and Tae San to approve Yoon and Me Ahri love. That way everyone is happy and the brotherhood lives on.

Again, my favourite couple: Yi Soo and Do Jin. What I like about them is because they always talk about life and relationship together. They talk about their pasts and future together. It’s so sweet to see them cuddling each other on the floor while having serious conversations. It’s great to side both of them with different personalities. Yi Soo is confident and serious about their future relationship while Do Jin is the boastful and sometimes not taking Yi Soo’s words seriously. Don’t forget. Yi Soo wants to live in a house with Do Jin where no one will leave. Throughout this drama, we see that both of them struggle in their lives. Do Jin has a mental illness and had a hard time when his business failed three times while Yi Soo develops with her confidence in her life despite her personal problems like the relationship with her mother. To sum everything up, both of them are perfect for each other and they understand each other. So, Do Jin, you know what to do. Propose to her and live in a wonderful house. Yi Soo, accepts his proposal and live with him. Then, you guys can have a happy marriage and live happily ever after. Two more episodes to go and I am excited about these.

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