A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 20 (Final) Review

Episode Recap

This episode starts off with the four men meet up for the very first time during high school Jung Rok calls Yoon out because he wants to ‘borrow’ Yoon’s brand new sneakers while Tae San wants to challenge the new school’s best fighter. Since there’s no best fighter available, Do Jin steps in claims that he’s the best fighter. At the park, they fight against each other until they lie down on the ground. In the end, they become best friends for life. Similar to this situation, the boy (whose mother hit Dong Yup’s head) calls the three boys up to the rooftop to thank them for saving him from the bullies. He tells them that he wants to be friends with them. When they almost want to give an answer, they hear a teacher’s voice and hide immediately. So, they also become friends.

The club’s waiter brings in the four young men to the women’s room but the four gentlemen came and take over their places. They enter the room and introduce themselves to their ladies. The ladies decide to leave to go and dance on the dance floor. The three of them blame on Jung Rok for ruining their advantage because he had minimized their intense by suggesting a song to the women. The men follow the women to the dance floor and keep an eye on them from the second floor. Each of them takes his lady out from the dance floor except for Jung Rok. Jung Rok places the earphones to her ears and the two of them dance to ‘Marcarena’.
The next day, Do Jin and Tae San celebrate as they got a contract with a big client.

Do Jin meets with Jung Rok and asks where Yoon is. He is informed that Yoon and Me Ahri have gone down to see her parents to ask for their permission. Me Ahri’s parents object their marriage until she lied that she was pregnant with Yoon’s child.

Tae San helps Se Ra to pack her things for her upcoming golf tournament. He asks her to take care of herself and not push herself during the games. Se Ra replies that she plans to that and she announces that she will marry him after she becomes a successful golfer.

Colin and Dong Yup are hired and the girls admire them. Me Ahri walks in and asks Colin to sing a congratulatory song at her wedding. Colin admits that he used to like her so he can’t sing at her wedding but Me Ahri insists that he should do it. Meanwhile, Yoon goes to visit his deceased wife and leaves his wedding ring with her. He apologizes to her for leaving her and wants to spend the rest of his life with Me Ahri. The two of them finalize the little details for their wedding. Each of them making promises to each other. Me Ahri still can’t believe that her dream has become a reality. She wants to get married quickly before her family members change their minds.

Later in the evening, at the wedding, Me Ahri and Yoon pledge their love and lives to one another. Colin sings a congratulatory song for the newlyweds. The wedding is over as their friends including Tae San congratulate them for their marriage. After the wedding, Me Ahri beautifies herself to spend her first evening as Mrs Choi but she walks out and finds that Yoon is spending his evening with his friends talking and eating. Me Ahri goes back inside and wait for his friends to leave. Sadly, she comes back out and finds them sleeping in the living room.

The next morning, Do Jin and Tae San drives over for the Blue Cats’ baseball game while Tae San complains about Yoon who is on a honeymoon with Me Ahri. Tae San decides to ask the employers to be one of the pitchers but Do Jin insists that he can pitch. When they arrive at the baseball field, Yi Soo is being interviewed by a local TV station. The interviewer asks Yi Soo if she has a boyfriend. Yi Soo hesitates but Do Jin frowns and raises his hand to remind her that he is her boyfriend. Yi Soo calmly answers that she does have a boyfriend who always gets jealous but she loves him.

After the interview, Yi Soo prepares to take the umpire’s oath while Do Jin comments on her speech since she is supporting Blue Cats. He points out that he is part of the team. Yi Soo stares at him as she finds out that Do Jin will be pitching for the Blue Cats. So, she has no faith in him because of his lack of baseball playing skills. Like her point of view, Do Jin throws one horrible pitch after another. She and Tae San look on at disbelief. While the Blue Cats struggle, Jung Rok discovers that Min Sook shows up to watch the game. She looks sleek in chic black while her personal assistant holds an umbrella to shade her from the blazing sun.

Tae San talks to Do Jin and Jung Rok joins in to tell them to pretend that they are having a serious conversation. Tae San freaks out and insists that they are in a serious conversation right now. Later, they resume back to play the game but Do Jin throws a pitch that starts the fight. The opposing team goes after Do Jin who wants to start a fight while Tae San convinces them that Do Jin’s not a talented pitcher. Yi Soo stands dumbfounded while Jung Rok throws hearts at Min Sook.

Later, Yi Soo scolds him for being a bad pitcher. She teaches him how to play baseball better. Yi Soo hands Do Jin a toy bat to practice. Do Jin asks her if she loves baseball more than him and she quickly changes the subject.

At home, Do Jin puts the finishing touches on his yarn-house design and looks at it in satisfaction. Do Jin begins his operation proposal. She meets Yi Soo for a drink and asks her to marry her as he hands him a gift to her. She opens the bos and finds a lollipop bouquet. However, she rejects his proposal. They meet again and he proposes again. He gives her a smaller box which Yi Soo finds a tiara. Again, she rejects his proposal as she mockingly thanks Do Jin unni for this honour. When they meet the third time, she expects another proposal. As expected, he asks her again. He apologizes for not conveying his true intentions properly and leaves her with his last present. Yi Soo returns home and finds that third present is a wedding dress. She quickly dresses herself up with these presents and realizes that Do Jin is really proposing to her and he’s serious about getting married. Then, she sends him a picture text of her in a dress but Do Jin didn’t reply to her.

At Tae San’s house, friends welcome Yoon and Me Ahri back from their honeymoon. Tae San prepares all the food to increase man’s virility. Do Jin and Jung Rok look on in amusement and disgust while Tae San keeps giving Yoon some food. While they try to get the nice one, Tae San slap their hands. When Yoon is about to eat, he receives a phone call and he can’t see who is calling him. Tae San arrange to visit an eye doctor the next day as others joke around that he can’t possibly be suffering from an old age. The next time they meet is at Tae San’s house to welcome Yoon and Mae Ri back from their honeymoon. Unexpectedly, Yoon is diagnosed with minimal eye sight due to his ‘old age’. Both of men are shock especially since Yoon just married to Me Ahri who is barely 25 years old. Tae San cheers Yoon up by reminding him that the doctor said that his condition was treatable. Tae San tells Yoon not to tell Me Ahri about his condition.

Min Sook tells Jung Rok that they are having a ‘tentative divorcing’ relationship. With that, they will cherish each other and never take each other for granted. Min Sook tells Jung Rok that she’s given up on the idea of having her orn biological children because of her pre-menopausal symptoms. Instead, she decides to make the best and asks Jung Rok how he feels to become a father of 10 children. She hands him a folder of sponsor children and tells him that they’ll start with 10 but who knows how many children they’ll eventually end up raising. Jung Rok tells Min Sook that she’s definitely too good for him and he starts to look over the children’s profiles.

Do Jin is still doing the operation proposal by acting to keep distance away from her. When Yi Soo calls him, he tells her that he’s in a meeting. He hangs up and discuss with his colleague. He tells them to help him with his mission.

While they are planning out the operation proposal, Tae San is shocked as Se Ra collapsed at the Incheon airport while talking to him on the phone as she returns from her international golf tournament. She is taken to the hospital and Tae San asks the doctor about her conditions. The doctor informs her that she’s healthy but she collapsed due to exhaustion while being pregnant. Tae San is overjoyed to hear the news and holds onto Se Ra’s hand. She smiles and agrees to anything that Se Ra requests. She wants to have a wedding after the baby is born since she doesn’t want to have a rushed wedding. She refuses to wear a maternity wedding dress.

The moment of truth. The main couple is at the red-yarn-pulling lane. He excuses himself after Yi Soo tells him that she can’t tell whether he’s serious or not about marrying her. He plays the sound file over the café’s sound system that replays the moments that he proposed to her. Do Jin disappears. Their friends come out and dance and sing in a musical style. At the conclusion, Do Jin emerges from the crowd with a bouquet of flowers and his red yarn-house design. He bend his knee and propose to her one last time. Yi Soo accepts his proposal and they hug and kiss as their friends look on. Dong Yup asks Colin what happened to his first love which Colin’s answer that he lost his first love to his father’s friend. Dong Yup looks at him and comments that he lost his first love to his friend’s father. Colin looks at him in surprised.

The four couple gather together to have their anniversary pictures. Later, Do Jin and Yi Soo lie awake on their bed while looking at each other. Yi Soo tells Do Jin that she woke up in fright again because she was surprised to find him next to her. Do Jin agrees that it seems like a dream that she’s with him. The final episode ends with the two lovebirds looking at each other and enjoying the fact that they are going to spend their rest of their lives together and forever.

Point of View

This is by far my favourite romantic comedy drama of all time in the year 2012. The ending is great with everyone smiling for the camera and they live happily ever after. The whole storyline goes smoothly until the very end with no rush. Even though, the guys like Do Jin say something cheesy but it makes us feel so sweet of them to say something that makes our heart beat. I’m happy that they’re all together as one big happy family and friends. My favourite part of this episode is the musical proposal to Yi Soo which makes her cry into tears. I’m so happy that Do Jin and Yi Soo are starting their lives together as a married couple and Colin does support them.

Overall, I started to like this drama since the very beginning of this episode: great casts, smooth storyline, and solid directing. Throughout the whole few weeks of the Olympics, I was jumping up and down as to hopes on watching the final two episodes. However, it was worth my wait as these final two episodes are amazing and these ended well in this drama.

Each couple gives us laughs and loves. This drama lets audiences explore about relationships, marriages, and family. We see the age gap between the two couples: Yoon and Me Ahri, and Jung Rok and Min Sook. We also see Min Sook having a hard time of having a child. In addition to that, Yi Soo and Me Ahri questions about finding the right person in their lives. Thus, I love the late 30s and early 40s people’s love stories which excites me to watch the next episode in this drama.

This drama gave us great laughs and memories in love and friendship that is important in our lives. Even though we have ups and downs, we still have family and friends whom we can rely on. Like I said before in my previous review, wouldn’t it be great to see the next upcoming series of this drama? The Colin’s version? That would be interesting. I hope the production team will do the next one because I’m already in love with this one. It great to see the same casts on the ‘hope’ to be next upcoming drama.

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