A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 5 Review

Episode Recap

The guys have a serious discussion: who is the best member in Girls’ Generation. Do Jin votes for Tae Yeon, Tae San vouches for Yuri, and Jung Rok claims that Tiffany beats them all. Yoon sighs and shakes his head because of their immaturity. Suddenly, Jung Rok spots Soo Young outside of the café and the guys crane their necks to get a better view. When Tae San turns to ask Yoon a question, they find his spot empty because he’s currently asking for her autograph. He goes fanboying while the guys squirms in embarrassment.

Se Ra realizes that Tae San is Yi Soo’s 20 second man at the baseball field. She suggests that Do Jin, Yi Soo, Tae San, and herself should have dinner together. When they arrive at the restaurant, Se Ra asks that Yi Soo sit next to Tae San. Yi Soo compliments Tae San’s great baseball skills and Tae San replies that it all thanks to Se Ra’s cheers that he is able to do well at the game. Se Ra, being sneaky, brings up the topic about Yi Soo’s secret crush. Thankfully, Do Jin jumps into the conversation by saying Yi Soo has dated other men, including the guy whom he saw at her house the other day. When Do Jin mentions the guy, he looks at Se Ra with a cold stare. He suggests that Yi Soo should try dating him instead of meeting other men. He excuses himself and insists that he will pay for dinner

Yi Soo leaves the dinner with him and begins to complain about how Do Jin made her look like a player. He responds that he does so to keep the Yi Soo’s love a secret. However, he says that her feelings are still transparent that Tae San didn’t notice that she likes him. Later, Yi Soo sits at home trying to get her thoughts together when Se Ra asks how she feels about Do Jin’s confession. Yi Soo avoids answering which causes Se Ra to say that she must be so lucky to have her crush beside her and reject an awesome guy like Do Jin.

Do Jin thinks back to when he saw Tae San’s high school picture in Yi Soo’s journal. He mutters that she is still childish with those things. He picks up the Valentine’s Day card. Then, he notices that the handwriting is slightly different between the card and Yi Soo’s post-its. He grabs a magnifying glass to study the words and ends up going to Tae San’s apartment to figure out the situation. But when he enters the house, he sees Yoon who stammers that he had left something. Do Jin asks to talk to Me Ahri in her bedroom, which makes Yoon feel uncomfortable.

Do Jin forces Me Ahri to write the words. Then, he realizes that Yi Soo is not the one who write the card. He asks Me Ahri on what Yi Soo has said about him including what kind of tone (serious or aegyo) did she used. Me Ahri rolls her eyes and leaves. Before that, Do Jin requests to see her high school yearbook. He promises to pay her with a high school picture of Yoon, but Me Ahri pulls out her phone and proudly shows off Yoon’s face. Do Jin decides to said that he will give the password to the apartment where he and Yoon are living in. Thus, she passes the yearbook to him immediately.

The next morning, Se Ra asks Yi Soo why Tae San has three numbers on his shirt. Yi Soo happily explains that both numbers are two of Tae San’s favourite players since he was a kid. Se Ra cuts her off and murmurs who is Tae San’s girlfriend. Se Ra takes her frustration at the driving range while she recalls how Yi Soo talks about Tae San. She quits practice early. She stomps into Do Jin’s office and states that she’s caught in a very annoying love triangle. Do Jin points out that she is also the one who create a love triangle as she has a ‘friend’ who slept over at her place. Do Jin suggests that Se Ra should treat Tae San better and not being so bad towards Yi Soo.

A co-worker joins Yi Soo at lunch and somehow pulls her into going on a hiking trip. During their conversation, Yi Soo asks if the woman remembers Me Ahri. The co-worker replies back that she knew that Me Ahri is a girl from the rich family. This information gives Yi Soo a surprise.

Me Ahri is admiring a red dress outside a store when Jung Rok’s wife, Min Sook, drops by. The two go shopping and Min Sook gives Me Ahri some crucial advice about getting men’s attention for love.
Do Jin finds out that a client injured one of the office employees with a glass cup. Do Jin visits the client and throw a glass cup at the wall. Then, he rips up the contract and calls him a bully that other architects will refuse to work with. He returns to the office and scolds the employee that they did not tell him earlier. He assures that his employees are more important than the delayed payment. Do Jin lets everyone leave early. On the other hand, he talks to Yoon about the construction payments form the client while being stressed out. Since Yoon can’t do anything about it, Do Jin ends the call and cringes over the lost payment.

Tae San grumbles that he still needs to get additional measurements for Se Ra’s kitchen. Do Jin offers to help Tae San out by going over to the house to get the measurements for him. He walks there happily and pours on the charm until Yi Soo opens the door. He admits that he will be glad to see Yi Soo’s after shower look but Yi Soo feels the creepiness on Do Jin’s thoughts. She goes back to working on her computer until there’s the blue screen at the monitor. He offers to fix it and reboots the computer. He opens Internet Explorer and restores the previous websites, which gives him access to her Cyworld. He snoops around until his eyes pop out because he sees pictures of Yi Soo in a bikini.

He stands up and tilts his eyes down, trying to look down the swimsuit. Yi Soo walks in at that moment and he panics by pouring coffee on her computer. He explains that he thought she is having black coffee so he spills it at the screen so she can’t see it. But, his attempt is a failure. She is more upset about her computer more than the bikini photos which are uploaded. Do Jin starts to blame her for his ‘eye popping’ reactions. He leaves after complimenting her pretty neckline. She admires herself at the mirror until she covers herself up with her shirt when Do Jin comes back to say his last comment. Her shirt ends up showing off her stomach, which makes him even more attracted to her. He confesses that he does not know how to leave but he forces himself to leave the house. He smiles to himself as he goes computer shopping and runs into Jung Rok whose laptop froze because of his adult content collections.

Me Ahri pays Yoon a visit to match the fabric to his skin tone but is interrupted by his young, hot colleague who asks Yoon some law-related questions. After she leaves, Me Ahri asks Yoon to close his eyes. Yoon thought that he will get a kiss on a cheek from her. She tells him that she’ll be much closer to him because of her new job at Jung Rok’s café.

Se Ra takes a walk with Tae San and he remarks that they are truly a unique couple. She asks him whether he wanted to break up with her for real. He assures her that if he wanted to be with someone special, he would have left her a long time ago. She acknowledges his honesty and asks him to come over tonight. Se Ra lets him know that Yi Soo has gone out for a hiking trip with her co-workers.

Unfortunately, Yi Soo’s hiking trip is cancelled at the last minute. She, then, becomes happy when she receive a red dress from Me Ahri. She puts herself in a red dress and happily admires her beauty in front of the mirror until Tae San arrives with a bottle of wine. She quickly finds out that Se Ra and Tae San are spending the night together at the house. Thus, she makes an excuse that she is on her way out because she has a party to attend to and she will be staying over at her friend’s house. Later, Tae San suggests that he and Se Ra go out for the night because previously he feels awkward with Yi Soo. Then, Se Ra gets angry because she feels that Yi Soo is more important than her. He decides to leave before getting into another fight.

Meanwhile, Yi Soo arrives Me Ahri’s house because she has nowhere else to go. Unexpectedly, Tae San comes back to the house. He asks why she’s not at the party and she quickly lies that she and Me Ahri decided to go to the party together. Me Ahri , has no choice, but to go with Yi Soo to the ‘party’.

The two go to a club and Yi Soo finds herself alone as the youngsters go off dancing. Deciding to go home, she’s looking for Me Ahri when the mysterious guy (let’s call him Anonymous) approaches. She tells him that she knows that he is flirting with her but she is not interested in him. Then, she gracefully leaves him behind at the bar. She goes outside, which is when she realizes that Anonymous is the hitchhiker she picked up on the side of the road. She sees him leave the club and threatens to call his parents. He smiles and leaves her behind before she nags at him. Yi Soo ends up calling Do Jin. She requests to get a ride from him instead of a new laptop to avoid getting herself embarrass in public. Then, he decides to pick her up. In the mean time, her phone dies.

Yoon emerges from a restaurant with his colleague. They get a designated driver to get them home in her car. She asks who Me Ahri is. He replies that Me Ahri is the girl he knew since she was born. He recalls back the good memories when she look cute with dresses and high heels. This makes colleague a little bit jealous.
Do Jin arrives at the club and sees Yi Soo conversing with someone in the car in front of him. She happily converses with the person until Do Jin is fuming with jealousy. He purposely bangs the car in front. Yi Soo looks up and sees angry Do Jin staring right at her.

Point of View

I love Do Jin on almost every single episodes so far especially this one. He keeps Yi Soo’s crush a secret, tells Se Ra off about dating with other men behind Tae San’s back, protecting his staffs from being bullied by the clients, and the list just goes on until he becomes so jealous with Yi Soo’s sweet conversation with the driver that he purposely bangs the car in front of him. I found it quite hilarious when he saw Yi Soo’s sexy photos in her laptop that makes him go ‘Oooo….lalala….’. When Yi Soo brings the coffee over to him, he panics and throws Yi Soo’s coffee to the computer screen. That is one of my favourite scenes in this episode. A good point is that although he is a cool man, but he does have the funny which I adore. Every time when Do Jin shows his charm, I am smiling all the way. Do Jin, keep going with your admirable charms that I will definitely fall for it. Keep getting Yi Soo to accept you love in many ways that make the audiences smile. Jang Dong Gun, you are already in my ‘Favourite Korean Actors List’.

Do Jin did a good job in telling Se Ra off about what she did behind Tae San’s back and being mean to Yi Soo is wrong. If no one tells her straight, I don’t think she’ll change her attitude. I do know that women will have the hard time getting the same man’s attention. I just wish that Se Ra can just wake up and love Tae San more rather than dating other men. Also, she shouldn’t bully Yi Soo. If she doesn’t work things out, she’ll end up losing both Tae San and Yi Soo. They might be a couple but who knows. However, if that were to happen, what will happen to Do Jin. All I’m saying is that Se Ra needs to maintain both relationship and friendship with her the people whom she’s close with.

To me, Meah Ri is like a kid within a group of 30s to 40s friends. However, even though she looks young, she still tries to blend in with the group. Also, she tries to get Yoon’s attention for her love. Still, the relationship between Yoon and Meah Ri is still good as Yoon, obviously, secretly likes her since she was a baby. As usual, even though Jung Rok’s wife, Min Sook keeps ‘attacking’ Jung Rok. She has the reason to do so. It’s because she just want the love from him. Jung Rok, instead of getting yourself into trouble and asks for your friends’ help, just stop dating other women and be with Min Sook, will you? You know the mysterious guy who met Yi Soo at the bar? I just wish that he just says his name and feature him more in the upcoming episodes. I mean just to spice things up in this drama. For example, maybe a relationship with Yi Soo which makes Do Jin jealous. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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