A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 9 Review

Episode Recap

Jung Rok joins Tae San and Yoon in front of a locker room mirror and stars to pull out a lot of skin care products. Tae San and Yoon start to mock him for his girly tendencies but Jung Rok doesn’t care what they say. Do Jin enters but he is holding something behind his back when he sees Yoon and Tae San making fun of Jung Rok. The guys see him Do Jin acting strange and want to know what he is hiding. It turns out that he is holding a pink eye brow shaper. Lol. Jung Rok tries to take the tool away from Do Jin while the other two guys try some of the skin care products.

Yi Soo interrupts Do Jin and Tae San’s conversation. Tae San lets her know that they are here to finish Se Ra’s kitchen as a one year anniversary present. He adds that Do Jin will finish up the project. Yi Soo nods and congratulates Tae San and Se Ra’s one-year anniversary since they started dating. She ignores Do Jin and walks into the house while Do Jin calls her out that it’s nice to see her too. Yi Soo reluctantly turns around and coolly greets Do Jin before heading inside.

After she leaves, Tae San wonders if Yi Soo heard them talking. Do Jin playfully remarks that after 40 years, they are going to go for the same girl. Tae San reminds him that both of them used to fell in love with Eun Hee the last time during their college days. Do Jin immediately changes the subject about what Tae San is going to do with Yi Soo. Tae San says that if he were 20 years old, he will meet both women without thinking. If he were 30, then he would think a little bit before going out with them. Now that they are 40, he is going to stay with Se Ra by her side because she stands by him even though she probably wavers in her feelings from time to time.

After Tae San leaves, Do Jin asks the construction workers to leave and heads inside the house. Yi Soo asks how long the project is going to finish. Do Jin responds that it will take a least a week. Yi Soo sighs and goes to the room to change. She comes out in a proper outfit so she can help Do Jin out. She asks him if what she needs to do and Do Jin asks her to sing since she has a good voice. She ends up holds lot of nails in her hands while Do Jin tries to find the right one. Do Jin takes the opportunity to trace her fingers of her hand while looking for it. Do Jin asks her to hold a piece of wood still so he can drill it in place. She grabs it. She gets a surprise as he puts his arms around her to drill the nails.

He continues to flirt. Yi Soo quickly laughs and asks brightly what she should do next. She helps him by a light fixture against the ceiling as Do Jin screws it in. She stares at him and admire his looks as he is serious in doing his work. He glances down and she looks away. She warns him not to give her a surprise kiss or anything strange. He smirks and tells her that she likes that kind of stuff. They finish working for the day and Do Jin whines for food. She replies that she’ll buy sandwiches since she can’t cook in the kitchen. While she goes to buy some sandwiches, Me Ahri stops by Do Jin’s apartment to drop off Yoon’s present. She laughs when she sees a flower apron and a set of dining set.

As Yi Soo buys sandwiches, she recalls about the conversation between Do Jin and Tae San earlier. She is hidden behind the truck. She came out immediately to avoid hearing Tae San’s answer about what he is going to do since he know that Yi Soo has a crush on him.

She returns home to find Do Jin sleeping on the couch. She sits and observes him until he opens his eyes. He asks her if she bought delicious sandwiches and she says yes. He then asks if she can’t just like him which causes Yi Soo to have a blank stare. She tries to stand up but he grabs her arm to keep her from leaving. He asks if she has on her new laptop but she lies that she didn’t. She gets up again but Do Jin still holds on to her which makes her end up lying down on the couch. He comments the way she lies down on his bed and she gives him a good smack but blocked from him. He smiles as he jokes that she likes violent skinship. He asks her to check the ‘Do Jin’s Private Files’ in her laptop. She quickly responds that she didn’t see anything but Do Jin smiles as he knows that Yi Soo did open her laptop. He asks to check it out. He takes the sandwiches and leaves which Yi Soo is surprised. He wonders whether he should stay over at her place since he feels that she doesn’t want to be alone in the house.

Do Jin murmurs that he really doesn’t want to leave as he drives home. Yi Soo looks over at the closet while thinking what to wear for class the next day. While doing that, her thoughts are disturbed by Do Jin’s voice. A bag falls out of the closet. She reaches down to see a red sweater dress that she used to wear during her first meeting with Do Jin. However, her mood changes when she sees her phone that her mother is calling. She ignores the call.

Yoon comes home to see flowers and Me Ahri’s present on his desk. He opens the card which reads ‘I’m sorry for ruining your birthday. I know it’s late but Happy Birthday, Oppa’.

Min Sook comes out of the bathroom after a shower to see Jung Rok with a rose in his mouth as he lounges on the bed. He sets up a hot steamy romance atmosphere for her. She invites her over to the table to drink wine but she ignores him and climbs into bed. Jung Rok’s eyes sparkle and he comments that she moves fast. He climbs into bed with her. She tells him to put his arm around her so that she can use it as a pillow. She also asks him to pat her gently until she falls asleep. He awkwardly follows her commands and she sighs. Min Sook tells him that all she wants are warm things from him. Jung Rok sees her sensitive side and continues to pat her until she sleeps.

Me Ahri and Colin step into a restaurant. They see that Yoon and his evil colleague are having lunch at another table. Me Ahri marches up to the table behind the two lawyers. She tells Colin is going to sit at the chair which is closest to Yoon so Yoon can hear what she has to say. Colin wonders what the relationship is between her and Yoon. Me Ahri replies that they’re a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Colin informs her that she can observe Yoon better if she switches seats but she replies that she wants to be close to Yoon. Then, Yoon immediately excuses himself that he needs to go back to the office leaving Me Ahri watching him walking away.

Later, Colin speaks to his mother on the phone. He tells her that he enjoy his time in Korea and begs her to unfreeze his credit card. Tae San and Do Jin pass him by as they head out to lunch. He takes out the picture of his mom and the four guys.

Tae San watches Se Ra play golf on his phone during lunch. Do Jin urges him to cheer her on in person but Tae San doesn’t want to. While playing golf, Se Ra looks around for Tae San as she hopes that he comes to support her. Do Jin comes back to the office and commands his employees to stop what they are doing and do a special project. Then, he calls Jung Rok and Yoon to go to the golf course to save Tae San’s love life. While they are heading to the tournament by Betty, they see Tae San’s car passes them. Later, Se Ra looks around until she sees Tae San and his guys, who are holding the banners, cheering for her. After the tournament ends, Se Ra and Tae San hug.

They go to Jung Rok’s bar to celebrate Se Ra’s victory. Jung Rok and Yoon wonder why Yi Soo isn’t joining them. Se Ra tells them that she will call her to come over. Tae San follows Se Ra out to the hallway because he assures that Yi Soo, Se Ra, and himself will not be awkward when they meet up. She assures him that she is fine with it. After he goes back inside, Se Ra calls Yi Soo. She states that everyone except her want Yi Soo to come over to Jung Rok’s bar. She does this because she doesn’t want the relationship between her and Tae San to be ruined again. Yi Soo ignores Se Ra’s request and replies that she’ll go to the bar. Yi Soo looks at the shoes which is given by Do Jin and assures Se Ra that she will be there at the bar soon.
Later, Yi Soo walks into the bar. Do Jin realize that she’s wearing the special pink heels. His face lights up with hope that she is going to accept his love. Yi Soo sits down and comments about her skills at the tournament. Se Ra snipes that Yi Soo came fast after getting a call from her. Tae San jumps in and asks her if she wants to go home now but while glaring at Yi Soo, she insists that she stays and have drinks until she falls asleep.

Jung Rok comments about how Yi Soo wear so beautiful and wonders if something good happened today. Do Jin happily responds that she looks beautiful with the shoes (women wings). Jung Rok and Yoon continue to praise Yi Soo. Tae San cuts them off about how they flirt at the umpire. Jung Rok points out that this is how he talks. Yi Soo smiles and impressed with how Tae San defend her. Then, the hot water begins: she says a lot of girls like Tae San who is popular and she admits that she likes him before he’s with Se Ra. Everyone has the frozen expression after hearing what she has said while Do Jin looks at her in confusion. Yi Soo ignores him and continues what she has to say until she announces her insincere confession: she is dating Do Jin.

The boys start to congratulate Do Jin. He immediately excuses himself to the bathroom and requests Yi Soo to come with him. When they are in a separate area, he turns around her. He reminds her that she should have worn the shoes when she was sincerely ready to return his feelings for her. She wants to say sorry and explains the situation but he cuts her off to reject an apology from her. She begs him to understand the situation she has to deal with but he doesn’t want to understand. They leave the bar and he requests that they should not see each other again. He leaves while Yi Soo stands there in shock.

Yi Soo sits on the bathroom floor and she thinks about the sweet memories with Do Jin. The flashback bubbles start to shatter as she realizes that she hurt someone that she loves. Tears start to roll down her cheeks as she cries out ‘I like him. I like him.’ Se Ra pounds on the door to see what is wrong with her while Yi Soo continues to cry.

Min Sook walks around her art gallery when the sound system cuts off. She hears a familiar voice singing throughout the store. Jung Rok is at the security room singing while strumming his guitar. This makes Min Sook cry.

The next morning, Yi Soo waits outside Do Jin’s office. She goes to Do Jin when she sees him getting out of his car. He checks his phone and sees Yi Soo’s text but puts his phone back into his pocket. Yi Soo hesitates to talk to him but Do Jin gives her the cold shoulders and walks into the office. She spends the entire day waiting for him but ends up leaving late at night without seeing Do Jin. He watches her walk home from his office window.

Yi Soo comes home and Se Ra asks about the kitchen. Yi Soo explains that it’s a one-year anniversary present from Tae San. She gives her congrats to Se Ra. Before she heads into her room, Se Ra bluntly tells her that she knows that her ‘sincere love confession to Do Jin’ is made up. However, she realizes that she likes Do Jin because she heard her crying in the bathroom. Now, she believes that Yi Soo is a sincere friend who will not break the relationship between herself and Tae San. Yi Soo quickly informs Se Ra that she’s currently looking for another place to stay. Se Ra replies that Yi Soo should just stay since she will only get the deposit next month.

Yoon packs for the baseball game tomorrow. Do Jin asks if Yi Soo will be the umpire tomorrow. Yoon nods which makes Do Jin mumbles that he misses her but he doesn’t want to see her. Yoon sighs at Do Jin’s ‘love’ confusion. At the baseball field, Yi Soo cheerfully greets the other players. She stops at her tracks as she sees Do Jin practices to get ready to play. When Do Jin glances at her, she gives him a smile. She comments that he must have been very busy yesterday. He tells off that he was late because of someone whom he didn’t want to see. He adds that she is not important for him to set up appointments with her. He moves away from her and she looks after him while heaving a disappointed sigh.

Blue Cats team get pummeled by the other team and the score is soon 2 to 7. Cheerleader Me Ahri puts on another energizing performance to cheer for her oppas but Se Ra sighs at how she acts and wears. Me Ahri scolds Se Ra for not cheering for them and challenges to do so. Se Ra accepts the challenge and takes off her jacket and starts to chant “Im Tae San,” which makes the opposing team distracted and Tae San embarrassed. Thanks to the cheers from the pretty girls, Blue Cats win the baseball game. They decide to go to dinner to celebrate the win but Me Ahri nervously excuses herself that she has to meet up with her friends.
At the restaurant, Yi Soo tries to get Do Jin’s attention but he keeps avoiding her. When he reaches for a side dish, she places the food for him but he slam down his chopsticks. Yoon observes the entire exchange with a worried expression. Yi Soo texts if they can talk after dinner but Do Jin didn’t look at the messages. Then, she informs him that it looks like he received texts. The employee turns away to talk with other friends. Doo Jin asks her to come closer. She leans to the table and listen what he has to say. He goes closer to her and says: ‘If you are not going to sleep with me, don’t flirt with me.’

Point of View

I see that Yoon is trying to push away Me Ahri from him for good reasons but that makes me sad watching them break apart. Tae San is a wonderful supportive boyfriend who goes all the way to the golf course to support Se Ra. Add on with the rest of the guys who are holding banners and cheering which shows a lot of brotherhood support for Tae San. Se Ra, finally, knows that Tae San means a lot to him. She understands how hard Tae San cares for her. At least, Tae San decides to be with Se Ra and not with Yi Soo. Then, Do Jin can get the chance to be with Yi Soo. It is so adorable that even though both Tae San and Se Ra fight, they miss each other for so long until they decide that they should be together. I am so happy for the both of them.

Min Sook’s sensitive side is revealed. She just wants him warmth and comfort from him. I notice that Jung Rok feels bad of what he has done to her for the past few years. At least, she is honest about what she wants from him. Yes, Jung Rok is the funniest guy of all four guys but he did some wrongdoings by going out with younger women and leave Min Sook alone. I realize that even though Min Sook looks like a person with a nasty personality, but, in her heart, it seems like she is lonely and just want the love especially from Jung Rok. While Jung Rok wants a hot steamy romance, Min Sook wants a nice and steady romance. Jung Rok better give what Min Sook wants so that she can be happy that Jung Rok is always there for her. Jung Rok, you did a good job for putting on the sound system and play the song for Min Sook. That’s sweet. Keep giving love and focus your attention on Min Sook.

Yi Soo, I thought you are going to accept Do Jin’s love. Do Jin’s face reads that he is looking forward to have a relationship with her. But no, you have to wear the pink heels and play around Do Jin’s feelings. Thus, you make Do Jin’s heart break and you make him angry. Why don’t you just come without the pink heels so that Do Jin will not be in confusion? I know that you do not want to feel awkward towards Tae San and Se Ra. I know you don’t want to ruin their relationship. But, come on you have to know that if you walk in with the pink heels and have an insincere confession about loving Do Jin, it will definitely break his heart. Do Jin has feelings too, you know. Now that she realize that she loves him a lot and she admits her mistakes for breaking Do Jin’s heart, looks like she has to pursue her feelings for Do Jin. I hope Do Jin will know that she loves him accept her. The overall plot on the push and pull relationship between Yi Soo and Do Jin is brilliant.

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