A Werewolf Boy (2012)

Director: Jo Sung Hee
Casts: Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, and Yoo Yeon Seok
Genre: Romance, Fantasy and Drama
Running Time: 125 minutes

A family move to the country side as their teenage daughter Soon Hee (Park Bo Young) suffers from a lung ailment. While they get used to their new home and surroundings, the teenager finds a feral boy (‘werewolf boy’) named Cheol Soo (Song Joong Ki) hiding. The family takes him in and tries to tame him. He, lacking social skills eventually becomes attracted to the teenage daughter and the story unfolds.

This film explores the friendship and relationship between Soon Hee and Cheol Soo. It highlights their development from being strangers to friends. As the film progresses you see that their friendship and close sibling relationship remains even in their older years.

From exploring and being exposed to everyone Cheol Soo begins to open his heart slowly to others including Soon Hee who helps him along the way. There are those who treat him as a ‘person’ whilst others treated him as a ‘monster’. Soon Hee is always there for him even though she has to struggle with her illness. At first, she hates him due to his strange habits but she slowly accepts him and gets close to him by educating him on good behaviour. She also teaches him how to write hangul and teaches him about how to live an ordinary daily lifestyle. This allows us to see just how close the two really are.

Towards the climax, the baddies come into place which causes their relationship to be shaken. My heart was beating fast, my anxiety was high, and my tears flowed as they tried to break through the barriers placed in front of them. Soon Hee does what is good for Cheol Soo by letting him go even though it breaks both of their hearts. The ending was a special one and I cried again. I shall not give any spoilers but I can tell you that from the climax to the ending you will have great anxiety and be prepared to shed some tears.

This film is a mix of romance and friendship between a human and a ‘werewolf boy’. I was impressed with the way Song Joong Ki portrayed the feral boy without having to say a single word. His ability to express this with facial expressions and body movement is spot on. On the other hand, Bo Young is your typical strong girl next door who does well portraying both happiness and tears to the audience. The storyline is not too fast or slow, with a perfect flow and development of the relationship between the two main characters. This relationship lasts a long period of time even though the ‘werewolf boy’ is willing to wait for the person who truly cares for him. That’s one special storyline and the chemistry between the two characters can’t be missed.

Rating: 8/10

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