Antique Bakery (2008)

Director: Min Kyu Dong
Casts: Joo Ji Hoon, Yoo Ah In, Kim Jae Wook, and Choi Ji Ho
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Food, and Gay
Running Time: 109 minutes
Rating: 15

Jin Hyuk (Joo Ji Hoon), the charming and rich man, opens a cake shop where ladies will come. He hires Sun Woo (Kim Jae Wook), a talented patisserie who had a crush on Jin Hyuk back in high school. Then, Ki Bum (Yoo Ah In), an ex-boxing champion and Soo Young (Choi Ji Ho), an ex-bodyguard joins in. The four unique and handsome young men bring up the cake shop business in the neighbourhood. While being smiley and dandy, each of their hidden past is revealed.

Where does this film bring me to? A sweet and authentic cake shop with four handsome men that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. My mouth was watering when I look at every single piece of cake and pastries (I’m not joking.) Those sweet delights just catch my attention because of the cake design and delicious ingredients. Min Kyu Dong sure has brought up my appetite in craving for sweet treats.

The four men have different personalities. I believe girls would pick which guy should they go out on a date with. Jin Hyuk has a mix of personalities. He is happy with the customers and friends at the cake shop. However, he has the dark past which makes him so scared. Slowly, he starts to break the shell and overcome it with the support from his friends. On the other hand, Sun Woo (my favourite guy) is handsome that makes all the girls and guys fall on to their knees because of his charming looks. Even though he’s gay, but I wouldn’t mind him to be a close friend that I can talk to and hang out with. Ki Bum has a change of heart of doing what he likes since he quit boxing. The reason? You have to find out yourself. Finally, Soo Young is a sweet guy who tries to help but he, sometimes, can be a klutz.

For me, there are hits and misses in this film. What I like about this film is the mix of humour and imagination which brings up my palette. An example would be customers are in their happy imagination after eating delicious sweet treats. There was a lot of bromance which I like about it. Sure, I wasn’t cringing. I can say it’s a great bromance with laughter. The gay scenes are not overly done. It’s just perfect icing on top of the cake. However, I feel that there are some parts which are lacking. At the beginning of this film, I did enjoy it. Then, when it comes to the second part of this film, the story seems to be out of focus. Yes, all four guys in a shop and then complications come in their way. Yet, there is not impact from this film at all. I would say that the storyline is just stagnant.

Well, I have four handsome and charming gentlemen in the cake shop. I am served with delicious sweet treats that brings you to another world of happiness. Every guy has a weakness but they overcome them. I imagine myself having a heart-to-heart conversation with those gentlemen. However, the sweetness of desserts is not perfectly right. They could have put in a little bit more sugar to spark my palette.

Rating: 6/10

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