Arang and the Magistrate Episode 5 Review

Episode Recap

After Arang escapes and Joo Wal helping her out, Eun Oh wonders if he really doesn’t recognize his ex-fiancee. But, he lets it go. Dol Swe runs after his master and asks him where he goes and fusses over after Eun Oh says that he has something to do. He whines that they are supposed to leave town after the funeral. He accuses him for spending time with his darling. Eun Oh denies but Dol Swe realizes what’s going on. He’s upset because Eun Oh doesn’t tell him anything.

Joo Wal walks along while he’s confused about bumping into Arang whom he found that his ring glows after holding her hand.

Eun Oh goes back to the room where he told Arang to stay and she’s there, right where he left her. He yells that he told her not to come to the funeral but she says that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He looks for the clothes which she changed just now until he accidentally lift her skirt where he sees her bare legs. She screams and slaps him on the face. Then, both are stunned. She leaves a giant red handprint on his cheek to highlight his embarrassment. She apologizes and he lets go as if nothing happen before they break the awkward moment. He asks whether she’s really come back to find out the truth about her death. He asks for the hairpin but she replies that she left it in the underworld. He flares up in anger. She argues that it’s not that important but he disagrees as he says that it’s more important than an evil spirit like her. Upon hearing that, she is angry and shouts back at him that she came back as a human.

Eun Oh questions if she knows a person’s heart. She keeps on saying that she does but he’s not convinced. He mocks her for her beating heart at the sight of Joo Wal and criticizes how she is so quick to learn to be a person. She glares at him and comments that he’s a bastard to his mother. He gets up, trembles in fury, and tells her to shut up. She congratulates him on his quick wit and sharp tongue that knows how to pierce a heart. She asks whether his mother run away because of him. He angrily leaves. Arang’s eyes are in tears. Eun Oh runs into the woods to scream and throws his anger by hitting a tree.

As a child, he was taken away while his mother was not looking at him. Then, three years ago, she was gone after he told her that it would have been better if he never had a mother. At present, he slumps down to the ground in tears while he has a bloody hand because he hit the tree. Arang sits still throughout the night while sniffling back tears.

Joo Wal looks at the drawing of Arang in her guard’s uniform. Next, he takes out a black cloth from the cloth and looks at it.

Eun Oh sits on the mountain throughout the night till the next morning in the same position. He goes back home. He gets himself ready before opening the door. Arang is still sitting but she was dark circles under her eyes. She wonders if this happens when she is a human and don’t sleep. He laughs at her face.
They sit far apart and she says that she has gone too far yesterday. She suggests that both of them should apologize to each other and move on. He didn’t say sorry to her but she’s fine with it so she bury her anger in her heart. Then, he tells her that the hairpin belongs to his mother. He asks that they should join forces to find what happened to Seo Rim and his mother. She’s not convinced but he adds that the answer is in Arang’s memory. She asks if he helped her before because of his intentions. He honestly replies that he might be brave but he’s not warm-hearted. He warns her not to say that she knows how to read people. She storms off and wonders if she can trust him to keep his word.

Th Bang Trio is happy that the magistrate is going to leave. Arang walk passes them in the courtyard and asks who she is. Arang replies that she’s Arang. They ask who gave her the permission to be here. Arang sneers that it’s the magistrate and questions why does she need permission to go somewhere with her own feet. She bullies them and happily walks away.

Dol Swe is shocked to hear that Eun Oh decides to say longer. He whines that he wants to go home and demands to know why they’re staying. Dol Swe blurted out that because of that woman and whines that how that woman could be more important than him.

Like Dol Swe, the Bang Trio is unhappy to hear the news that Eun Oh will be staying longer. He adds that Arang will be staying and she’s his teacher’s daughter. Dol Swe figures out and realizes that the doctor is the nutjob in the mountains. He reminds Eun Oh that he’s been through a lot in finding him up there after a year. Eun Oh says that he did to learn martial arts. He already resented Arang but she’s the teacher’s daughter. He reluctantly says that Eun Oh can do what he wants.

Lord Choi is not happy to hear the news that the magistrate is staying. He sends his servant to find out what Eun Oh is trying to do.

Bang Wool walks around the street and passed Dol Swe who complains about his life. She decides to say some fortune to Dol Swe so she can earn a living. Dol Swe pours himself a drink and Bang Wool goes near him and says that she can sense his broken heart. She adds that a women is the problem. He nods and asks how she knows. She continues to say that he feels sad because of his master and having lady troubles. She points out that she’s had a similar experience. Dol Swe agrees what she had sad and wanting to know more. She asks for a small amount of money. She pretends to read her palm and says that it’s full moon so she has the full power. She tells him not to worry as that person doesn’t have long to live and will go to the afterlife. She laughs but he gets angry after thinking that his master will die. He shakes her in fury and she immediately escapes.

At night, it’s full moon which means troubles are coming.

Arang is in Seo Rim’s room thinking about Eun Oh’s suggestion. She tells herself that it’s not a bad deal since she was going to ask for his help. She looks in the mirror and asks Seo Rim who smiles back at her. She finds Eun Oh walking around the courtyard and agrees to his deal. He says that they have become a duo and gives her some peaches but she freaks out. He reminds her that she’s human and holds it out toe her. She closes her eyes and slowly take the peach from his hand. She touches it and finds that there are no scars. She’s is alive and is happy that she’s a person. Eun Oh smiles and wonders how he believed her when she didn’t believe it herself. She happily enjoys eating the peach. He bites his own peach and she asks how long has he been the mama’s boy since he always say about his mother. He shouts at her before she walks away, leaving him speechless.

Joo Wal visits the mysterious gisaeng. The door open by itself and she asks if he’s prepared. She is looking forward to see who he’s bringing this time. Before he leaves, he picks up a knife. Meanwhile, we see that Arang is asleep in her bed.

Eun Oh is still at the courtyard while thinking over Arang’s words. When he was young, he ran over to his mother who quietly sits in her room. She said it was the memorial day of her entire family’s death. She said that they all died together except her because of ‘him’. She swears that one day she’ll get her revenge and destroy him.

While the full moon shines in the night sky, the mysterious men jumps over the wall, passes the courtyard, and enters into Arang’s room. It’s Joo Wal. He takes out his knife. She turns in her sleep and talks about peaches. He hesitates to kill her. On the other hand, Eun Oh senses that something is not right. Joo Wal musters up his courage to stab her in the chest. She wakes up with one pained cry. Eun Oh turns. While she struggles, she looks at Joo Wal’s identity. Joo Wal pulls out the knife and waits until she’s unconscious. He puts a talisman on her neck which goes through her skin. Then, he carries her away.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor stops playing his gayageum as he senses something. He points out that it has finally begun. Hades sighs that he doesn’t know if they did a good thing or not and the Jade Emperor has the worried look on his face.

Eun Oh goes to Arang’s room but finds that it’s empty. He assumes that she goes somewhere. However, when he’s about to leave the room he sees a pool of blood in her bed. He rushes out and follow the trail of blood from her body being dragged away. But, the trail ends where Joo Wal leaves by riding his horse. Eun Oh stops in panic and screams for Arang.

Joo Wal rides into the woods while carrying Arang. He stops at a tree which is marked with the black cloth. He carries her body into a creepy house and places her at the altar. He takes off his mask and looks at Arang. He reaches out his hand to touch her face but he pulls away and leaves.

In the past, the mysterious gisaeng approached him as a child and places the ring on his finger. She told him that he’s known as Choi Joo Wal. She said that every full moon of the leap month, he has to bring a girl with a pure soul. He asked how and she replied that the ring will tell him.

At present, the gisaeng appeared and he bows to her. He says that it’s done. She lifts her veil. It’s Eun Oh’s mother. She looks up at the full moon with a smile and says that she has been waiting for a long time. She is excited to see his catch and asks if she really has the body of one who has already born. Joo Wal says yes. He takes her to the altar and Eun Oh’s mother is anticipating but she becomes angry because the altar is empty.

We find Arang running to the woods while she holds her chest and gasping for her life. Before Joo Wal and Eun Oh’s mother return, she woke up from the screaming pain. She flees in terror.

Eun Oh’s mother asks what happened and Joo Wal stutter that he left the body at the altar. He goes running after her while wondering how she’s alive.

Arang runs thorugh the woods, tumbling down the hills, and barely breathing. She reaches to a town.
Suddenly, a hand clasps over her mouth and grabs her. She screams and is frightened but it turns out that the person is Eun Oh. He tries to calm her down but she collapses to the ground. He asks what happened and she slowly said her story from being stabbed to running away. He carries her back to his room and lays her down. He looks at her bloodstained clothes and wonders what happened to her.

Eun Oh’s mother waits by the altar while looking at her ring until Joo Wal returns. He stammers that she’s
gone and she slaps him on the face. He swears that he killed her and left her body right there. She slaps him again and demands to know where her soul which she must have it tonight is. He swears that it’ll never happen again. She reminds him that she’s given him everything so that he can live like a person. In the end, she calls him a useless bastard and he falls to his knees. As a young boy, he was poor and hungry that he ate the animals’ food. He had no time and the children bullied him.

The next morning, Eun Oh wakes up and sits by Arang’s side. He checks on her wounds and finds that it had healed. He wonders what she really is.

Bang Wool sets up her own shop but she placed it where Dol Swe spent the night after drinking. He chases after her and asks what she said was true. A nearby shopkeeper throws water at him and he does a slow motion on shaking the water off. Bang Wool stares at him and gulps.

The Bang Trio brings the women’s clothes to Eun Oh. He asks about the mountain where Arang said she was taken last night and they say that it’s an abandoned mountain. It is rumoured to be filled with ghosts. Eun Oh leaves the clothes for Arang in the room and puts her shoes at the footsteps. When Dol Swe comes home, he stirs up because he thinks that his master slept with Arang. Eun Oh just say yes to stop arguing. Eun Oh asks Dol Swe to follow him.

They go up to the abandoned mountain. He follows Arang’s trail and searches for clues. Dol Swe asks about how long he’s going to be with Arang and he replied until the investigation is finished. Then, they stop when they see a mysterious house. They cautiously walk over while there’s a thick fog. Eun Oh opens the door and finds a strange altar. He sees the recent blood stain which shows where Arang was. Dol Swe begs him to leave this mountain as he knows that there are ghosts. Eun Oh corrects him that there are no ghosts. He wonders why someone wants to kill Arang when she doesn’t know anybody. Then, he sees something. He goes to the corner and picked up something behind the cabinet. It’s his mother’s hairpin.

Point of View

This pulls me into wondering what Eun Oh’s mother’s story is. Wonder how she became an evil witch who wants the young women souls so she can live forever and live young. The question is how Eun Oh is able to see ghosts. Is there a link to his mother? There are lots of things that we don’t even know about his mother and we’ll soon find out. I know that Eun Oh loves his mother a lot since he keeps asking Arang to join forces because he believes that his missing mother is linked to Arang’s death. Still, now that we all know that his mother is trying to eat Arang’s soul looks like Eun Oh has to let go of his dear mother and deal with it. Or should I say go against his mother in any way possible.

Okay, we find that Joo Wal used to be loser. Then, he becomes well-known but as a minion to Eun Oh’s mother. Then, it has something to do with the relation between the full moon and his master. Well, well, he’s been used even though he looks desperate for not going back as a loser.

So, Arang comes back as a human but she is healed immediately. There’s something about the Jade Emperor as he’s not telling the ‘truth’. He’s using Arang to uncover a big and unknown mystery. That makes me so anxious to what’s going on? There are two things that I’m curious: (1) How exactly did Seo Rim aka Arang died? and (2) How Eun Oh’s mother become a witch. Many mysteries but we are all curious and anxious.

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