Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

Joo Wal is still stunned at the missing corpse. Lord Choi cuts in and criticizes his failure. He says that the ‘wife’ must be hungry since she didn’t get her soul. He chuckles that she must be seriously angry because she’ll have to wait till the next leap month. He offers the word of wisdom. He points out that if the hunter fails to bring the prey, she’ll change to another one. He laughs and walks away. Later, he gets a painful headache. Joo Wal goes over to the isolate cottage and kneels outside. Eun Oh’s mother sits behind the red veil.

Eun Oh wonders why his mother’s hairpin is at the abandoned house. Dol Swe alerts him to come outside because he found something shocking. There they see a large trapdoor on the ground. They start to uncover what’s behind that door.

In heaven, Jade Emperor returns to playing gayageum. Hades is feeling smug and tells Jade Emperor that he seems to lose his touch. He assures him that the humans will fail so he better take care of that body of his. He better be ready for that.

Back at earth, the men struggle to lift the tap door while not noticing that the talismans sealed the entrance. Eun Oh lifts up the trap door with all his strength, breaks the talismans, and the door is opened. Then, a sense of disturbance is sent to his mother. At the same time, Jade Emperor decides to call for Mu Young.

After the door is opened, the men look into the deep hole. Dol Swe believes that there’s nothing but Eun Oh sports something strange at the very bottom of the hole. There are bones in there. He leaps into the hole and begins to dig through the rocks. He pulls out a bony hand which makes him continues to search everywhere in the hold until he uncovers a skull. He finds from one bone to another while telling to himself that it can’t be his mother. He continues to dig in that hole where he found a woman’s shoe, a bracelet, a ribcage, and other things which you can imagine from there.

Eun Oh’s mother bursts out from her house and tells Joo Wal to go to ‘that place’ immediately. Dol Swe rushes through the village to call the police officers to come to the crime scene. Joo Wal arrives and finds a crew of men excavating the pit, led by Eun Oh. Joo Wal wonders if Eun Oh is the one who stole Arang’s corpse and if he knows about his secret. Lots of bones are taken out from the big hole.

Arang finally wakes up. Her eyes see the dark silhouette hanging at the window which she finds it’s her new clothing. She wonders what happened to her until she says the word kill. If she was killed, she’s not supposed to wake up. Then, she realizes that she come back alive. She grabs a stick and contemplates it. She stabs it to her arm and wipes away the blood. She finds that her wounds are healed. She shouts to the sky about when she dies and come back alive again. She questions what he wants from her. She also wants to whether she’s really human or not.

Mu Young arrives to see Jade Emperor who remarks that it’s been 400 years since the last time there was a death that wasn’t “on the list” and sighs deeply. Mu Young blames for losing ‘that person’. Jade Emperor tells Mu Young that he has a lot of work to do since those bodies will soon come to light. It’s time to solve that ‘mystery’. Mu Young asks Jade Emperor if he was the one who freed Arang from the red rope. Jade Emperor just gives a little smile.

In the evening, Arang examines the room where she was killed and sees the blood stain on the bedding. She panics and turns away in distress.

Eun Oh orders all the personal items from the mass grave to be collected and examined. He can’t find anything that’s related to his mother and calms his thoughts. The Bang Trio are worry for what is happening at the moment. This horrific case will put Miryang at the center of attention and that means they’ll find their own interests in danger. They blame Eun Oh for bringing all this trouble.

Eun Oh drags Arang along because he need her to the abandoned mountain and to show her the hairpin he found there. He points out that Seo Rim died there. This might sparks up her memory and he impatiently pulls her to that destination. However, Arang is scared and refuses to go. He reminds her that if she dies, then she comes back to life. Arang says the only thing she remembered is when Seo Rim died. Right now, she can’t go. Until she wants to know, then she’ll go over there.

Joo Wal trembles before Eun Oh’s mother and reports about the grave. She asks if the magistrate saw everything that Joo Wal did. She orders him to kill Eun Oh and bring the body here to prevent it to be found as evidence. Then, she’ll decide what to do with the body later. Lord Choi mocks him and says that their connection will end soon. He calls him useless bastard. Lord Choi enters Eun Oh’s mother sanctuary and gets the painful punishment. He falls to the ground and pleas while Eun Oh’s mother coldly looks at him.
Arang runs to the meadows and talks aloud to Seo Rim. She asks why she had to die in such a terrible place. Then, she runs until she stops and vows to find the truth about Seo Rim’s death.

Arang goes back to the murder shack. She approaches to the altar where she was lied dead. She trembles in fear but forces herself to move forward. Then, she lies down on it at the same position that her corpse has been. She closes her eyes and waiting for something but there’s nothing. She yells to the Jade Emperor in frustration and gets up huffily but she trip and fall. The next thing is that she sees a flashback: a woman, who stood behind her, pulled out the pin from her hair.

Joo Wal gets his weapon ready to kill and magistrate. He goes over to Eun Oh’s house.

Eun Oh waits for Arang. He sighs and says that he’s wrong but Arang should come back now. Eun Oh heads out to look for her and Joo Wal follows. Eun Oh senses someone is following him but doesn’t see anybody because Joo Wal is hiding up in a tree. Joo Wal quietly sneaks behind Eun Oh and tells himself that he’s ready to strike but a voice calls out to Eun Oh.

Arang runs toward to Eun Oh which makes Joo Wal shocked to find that she’s alive since he killed her last time. Eun Oh grumbles at her for being late while trying to hide his relief. He points out that he wasn’t waiting or looking for her but he naturally is curious for the dog who hasn’t come home yet. He asks her to go home and sleep. She tells him that she remembered why the hairpin was with her and he seriously listen to her. She tells him that it was taken from a woman’s hair and shows the gesture. However, she doesn’t know what the woman looked like as she only see the backview. She couldn’t even tell him why she took the pin. He keeps asking what she remembers and she only remembers that the pin was taken out from someone’s hair. He says she should’ve taken him with her since she was so scared, and she says he wouldn’t have been any help. He would’ve just keep asking her lots of question.

On the way home, they run into Joo Wal who is now dressed in his nobleman’s clothing. He stares at Arang to make sure that it’s the same girl whom he killed. Arang cheerfully greets Joo Wal and remembers him from the wall incident. Eun Oh pulls her along, leaving Joo Wal confused. If Arang’s alive, this means Joo Wal has messed up the plan which means Eun Oh’s mother will not keep him for long.

Joo Wal goes to Eun Oh’s mother’s house and finds that Lord Choi’s shoes are still outside. She tells him that his father is ill and she dismisses him. Lord Choi is in a suffering state. She tells him she’s been thinking it over about who to save: him or Joo Wal. She adds that Joo Wal is all grown up and he can fill in his father’s shoes but there are still some things that Lord Choi must do for her. Lord Choi begs that he’ll do whatever she wants if she’ll cure his illness. Eun Oh’s mother smile and says that she’ll never do that again.

Joo Wal carries his sick father back to his room. He tells Joo Wal not to let his guard down or else he’ll have to face the same situation which he got through.

Arang sleeps in the morning while she sleeps talks.

Dol Swe cries in bed because of his master since he declared Eun Oh like a brother, a lover, and a friend. He vowed after saving him from starving so that he would protect this household even if he’s the son of a slave. Eun Oh gave him the side eye and Dol Swe corrects that Eun Oh’s half aristocratic so he’s not the same as him. At present, he gives Eun Oh the cold shoulders, pouting, and turns away. Eun Oh wants him to accompany him to the gravesite but gives up when Dol Swe doesn’t answer. When he leaves, Dol Swe immediately gets up and is ready to follow his master. Then, he stops ans starts to follow. Finally, he decides not to go and angrily goes back to bed.

The Bang Trio figures what to do with the magistrate. Hyung Bang suggests that they should bury. The other two stutter in fear but he says that this is what Lord Choi want. Ye Bang suggests they should asks Lord Choi and Lee Bang agrees. However, they find that Lord Choi is ill and is not taking any visitors. Lee Bang runs into Joo Wal at the gate. Joo Wal asks about the woman who is staying with the magistrate and he’s told that she’s Eun Oh’s teacher’s daughter.

Arang counts off the days and figures how much time left in the three moons. She calculates until she feels so irritated that the gods sent her back just before a full moon.

The Bang Trios worry that if they wait long, Eun Oh might cause even more trouble. So, they decide to follow Hyung Bang’s suggestion killing Eun Oh but they can’t wait till nighfall so they have to do it as soon as possible.

Arang interrupts and asks where Eun Oh is and then she asks Dol Swe. Although he can’t stand her, he still has to talk to her nicely. However, she doesn’t take him seriously. She hears that Eun Oh went off to the grave and angrily says that they’re supposed to go together which makes Dol Swe alarm. She asks whether he wants to go with her but he declines. So, she decides to go up alone. He vows to find a way to get rid of her.

Hyung Bang declares that this is their opportunity since the magistrate is alone. All they have to do is to shove in him and bury him in dirt.

Dol Swe finds Bang Wool in the market place. She tries to bring in the customers but failed. He looks at her face and she’s smitten all over again. She tries to resist her attraction and concentrates. However, he comes closer and says that he wants a talisman. He takes out a coin which gets her attention. He says that he wants a talisman to get rid of a girl. Bang Wool is up for anything and asks how far things got with the girl. He asks why he would give anything to that girl and gets offended. He gets so angry that Bang Wool hits his head with a pot lid.

Eun Oh arrives at the gravesite and looks around in confusion because he can’t sense any ghosts. Then he spots talismans placed at intervals and sense some energy. He decides to look for more talismans. He heads up the hill to scan the entire slope at a distance and wonders where all the souls go. He continues to look for more talismans. He founds another one tied to a tree trunk. He takes it off and then Eun Oh’s mother sense the disturbance. Eun Oh feels something is going on and starts to search for every single talisman. Meanwhile, in heaven, two gods and Mu Young look at Eun Oh’s action through a glass ball while hoping to see what’s going to happen next.

Point of View

Oh, the plot is getting thicker and thicker. It’s nice to see how the big mystery is slowing appearing. All we need to do is just sit back and see how this story unfolds. It’s nice to see how Arang, Eun Oh and Joo Wal stories are told roughly in this episode. You could see that these stories are linked to one another until we are going to see the big picture. So, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes along the line.

I am glad to know Joo Wal’s back story and true colours. He’s seriously desperate not to go back the way he used to be. He fears Eun Oh’s mother for controlling him to fulfil her wishes. So, he does anything to repay for saving him last time. Without her, he doesn’t even what he’s going to do next. At the same time, he feels sorry for the girls whom he brought to the evil witch for the past three years. So far, he’s struggling on how he chooses to live and been ordered around. However, don’t you think that he’s going to go against the witch at his own will later on? Now that we know that Lord Choi and him are not blood-related family, this shows that both of them are controlled by the evil witch. Ah, this witch is so mean and greedy.

Eun Oh’s mother identity is revealed and Eun Oh still has his fate to look for her even though he hasn’t found out that his mother is an evil witch. I think it has something to do with her missing and turning to a meanie. Then, she become so evil that she becomes greedy and picked Joo Wal to fulfil her wishes. I’m sure there’s a story behind her. Whether she’s evil or not, we’ll soon find out. Anyway, Eun Oh still needs to find her.

Basically, Arang is the middle point of that big mystery. It’s great to see the outgoing attitude which she believes she can do anything without looking back. Thus, she’s willing to face the challenges in her mission. Why the Jade Emperor specifically picked her? He’s an almighty god to do what he wants with his powers but using Arang to help him. The Jade Emperor has so many secrets.

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