Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Oh wakes up painfully in bed and finds Dol Swe snoring by his bedside. Eun Oh asks Dol Swe what happened to Arang and he answers that after Arang fall, she’s obviously dead. He send men to find her corpse. He immediately heads out and ignores Dol Swe’s protests.

Bang Wool is at the marketplace and tries to gain money through her fortune telling. She’s in the middle of her lunch and Dol Swe shows up. Dol Swe remembers how Bang Wool hit his head with the pot lid and confronts her. Unexpectely, he wipes the kimchi sauce from her lip and they come to their senses. Dol Swe immediately bolts and wonders if he’s crazy.

Eun Oh rides along the shore where Arang washed up but she’s nowhere to be found. He shouts for her name as he wonders where she went and whether she’s awake. Meanwhile, Joo Wal arrives at home with Arang who’s still sleeping.

Eun Oh goes home and asks the Bangs Trio if anybody has come to claim the remains from the mass grave. They reply that the bodies have nothing to do with the people of this village. One of the Bangs points out that probably these bodies were buried long ago. Eun Oh scoffs that idea. The Bangs Trio is relieved that he’s going to drop that issues. Lord Choi is not letting anyone to step forward because he hates drawing attention to their village. Dol Swe overhears the conversation and they deny and walk away. Dol Swe finds Eun Oh and tries to cheer him up. He sighs over the people who fear Lord Choi. Eun Oh wonders how they can find the murderer and not clamor for the truth to be discovered. Dol Swe points out that it’s not so different from Eun Oh. At night, Eun Oh paces his yard and thought about the earlier conversation with Arang: where Eun Oh doesn’t know how Arang feels about death. Joo Wal watches Arang sleep and wonders why Eun Oh’s mother ordered him to keep her close.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh’s mother is at the secret lair and summons her black energy. She bleeds from her hands onto two pieces of black paper and places them on the swords. The talismans absorb into the weapons. She takes out the swords with an evil gleam in her eye. She summons her two demon reapers and gives them the swords.

In the woods, a mother and daughter run away from the man who is after them with a knife. The mother lunges forward at him. He hits his head on a rock and the knife stabs in her chest. The souls come out from the two bodies and they’re taken away by the reaper’s red ropes. The mother fights back to return to her crying daughter. Suddenly, the two demons show up and cut the ropes. The reaper gets slashed by the demons. The mother is slashed, too. The two reapers, including Mu Young, shows up and have a swordfight with the demons. Mu Young loses his partner but he manages to kill one of the demons. He can’t catch the second one as it runs away with the ghost.

The demon brings the ghosts to Eun Oh’s mother. Even though she’s annoyed with the interference but she’s happy to see a new soul. She places her hand on the ghost’s face who dissolves into black wisps that are drawn into the red urn.

Mu Young reports to the gods and shows them the sword which he took. Hades is furious that Eun Oh’s mother took out one of his reapers while Jade Emperor looks at the talisman emblem and deduces that their enemy has developed the skills. Furthermore, his actions suggest a hint of urgency. Hades returns to the underworld in rage. Jade Emperor says it’s been a long while he’s been so angry. Mu Young asks Jade Emperor if he knows who the enemy is and whether the enemy’s energy has been regained. Jade Emperor points out the important thing is how to catch it. Mu Young asks if it’s related to Arang but Jade Emperor sighs and leaves.

Eun Oh charges out and ignore the villagers who waited outside the gate. They tell Dol Swe that they’re here to request something from the magistrate but Dol Swe says that he won’t bother. Eun Oh goes to the lake but she’s not here. He suddenly remembers and rides of in a hurry.

Arang wakes up in an empty house and wanders around to look for Joo Wal so she can thank him before heading back to Eun Oh’s place. Arang asks the ghosts for help but there’s no one around. She finds a stone staircase which leads to a wooded area and heads off in that direction.

Lord Choi visits Eun Oh’s mother. He assures her that he’s taken care of the grave and is willing to kill the magistrate on his own without Joo Wal’s help. However, Eun Oh’s mother orders him to shut up. He leaves and mutters that he wishes he could just off her.

Arang heads into the bamboo forest until she finds two poles that have red talisman emblems. She reaches out to touch them and we see the glow from them. Lord Choi interrupts angrily and demands to know how she came here. Arang stares at him. Meanwhile, Eun Oh’s mother sense Arang’s presence. Joo Wal steps in and tells that Arang is his guest. He brings her back to the house but Lord Choi yanks her back and declares that once she entered this place, she can’t just leave it. Joo Wal goes close to him and gives a warning which Lord Choi backs down. Then, Eun Oh’s mother walks down the path while watching them walking back to the house. She places her hand up to the talisman and feels its energy.

Arang apologizes for wandering around and Joo Wal asks if she’s okay. She assures that she’s fine. .Joo Wal offers to take her home or a change of clothes but Arang declines because she doesn’t want to trouble him. Arang cheerfully thanks him and starts to leave but she turns and sees the pavilion where Joo Wal sat painting that makes her heart beat. She asks for his name. Once she hears his name, she clutches her heart. He asks for her and she answers her name. She asks if he’s seen her before and he says that they met before at the funeral. He recalls about the woman’s name was Lee Seo Rim. Arang dashes off upset.
Eun Oh arrives at the abandoned mountain where he thinks she’s there but she’s not. He senses something is not right. Eun Oh arrives at the mass grave and finds that it’s covered with fresh soil. He realizes that Lord Choi is behind all this.

Arang goes to the lake and believes that her heart beats like the last time. She wonders why Joo Wal can’t recognize her and why he speaks so indifferently of Seo Rim. Joo Wal cuts and asks why she came here instead of going back to Eun Oh’s place. He admits for following her. She rejects which make hi upset behind her back. Joo Wal follows her back to the village and keeping a step behind. She meets Eun Oh and she’s surprised that Joo Wal knows him. He says that he met him when they discovered Seo Rim’s body.

Eun Oh angrily scolds Joo Wal who said that he wanted to send her home first thing in the morning but it took longer than expected. Angry Arang walks past the gate without a word. Eun Oh follows her inside and starts to ask why he never told her about Joo Wal. She shuts herself in her room and slams the door in his face with a glare. She comes out again and they start to angrily asks each other questions. He wants to know how she ended up with Joo-wal, and she wants to know why he pretended not to know Joo-wal. He’s upset that she didn’t come home immediately and let him worry so long, softening his tone to say he was afraid she hadn’t woken up. She shouts back that he’s using her to find his mother. They continue to argue until Eun Oh walks away.

Eun Oh confronts to the Bangs Trio about the gravesite. Lee Bang says that Lord Choi ordered them to do it. Eun Oh grabs Lee Bang and scolds him that he listens to the boss instead of the citizen’s cries. However, he is reminded that Lord Choi’s words are the law. They plead him to let it go and remain quiet for everybody’s sake. Eun Oh orders them to summon Lord Choi to come immediately and to prepare his official uniform. Eun Oh fumes that he can’t ignore other people’s situations so he has to show them what is right for the village.
Dol Swe scratches his head as he wonders how Arang come back alive. Then, he thinks about Bang Wool which makes him blush.

In heaven, Mu Young thinks about what Jade Emperor said that the bad guy’s identity isn’t important. He tells himself that it’s not his sister. Jade Emperor offers him tea and asks what it tastes like. Mu Young doesn’t know. Jade Emperor explains that he’s developed a tea whose taste expresses one’s emotions. So, if he doesn’t know what it tastes like, he doesn’t know how he feels. However, Jade Emperor figures that doesn’t make sense for Mu Young and declare his tea a failure. While Mu Young drinks tea, Jade mumbles what else he should mix with it. Poop?

Joo Wal visits Eun Oh’s mother who asks why he’snot bringing Arang. Jo Wal apologizes and bows. She tells him not to worry and adds that Arang doesn’t die. So, once she has that body, she’ll live forever so she must have that girl. Arang wakes up from her sleep and steps out into the courtyard. She finds Eun Oh pacing there. She passes him without acknowledging him. Eun Oh’s mother says that Joo Wal doesn’t need to kill anybody again. Joo Wal asks what will happen to him and she replies that she would not abandon her precious son. She holds out a hand to his face and asks if he can call her mother after she gets that girl. Joo Wal asks what he should do. She tells him to get Arang to come on her own will. He needs to find out what she wants the most. So, he has to win her heart so she can share her thoughts with him. But on one condition: he has to leave his heart.

Lord Choi responds to Eun Oh’s request. The Bangs Trio prepare a red carpet for Lord Choi while Dol Swe happily leaves dirt with his steps. Eun Oh comes out in his official uniform.

Surprisingly, Joo Wal arrives and briefly bows to Eun Oh. He’s here to ask Arang out. She hesistates but Joo Wal brings her out. Eun Oh blusters in outrage. Joo Wal says he needs her help with something, and reminds her that she promised to repay him for his help. Arang tries to find an excuse but when she sees
Eun Oh she decides to follow Joo Wal. Eun Oh mutters about ghosts going out on dates.

Then, Lord Choi arrives and both of them give challenging glares. They exchange pleasantries. Lord Choi offers to fix up the shabby old government office if Eun-oh finds living uncomfortable but Eun Oh declares that he’ll take care of it himself. They get straight to the point as Lord Choi asks for the reason behind Eun Oh’s request. Eun Oh corrects him that it’s a summon.

Point of View

This is going to be an interesting love triangle. I like how Joo Wal has no choice but to win Arang’s heart just because he’s following Eun Oh’s mother’s orders. Then again, somehow he’s going to really have feelings for Arang later on. On the other hand, Eun Oh tends to be stubborn while trying to understand Arang. He’s sure going to be so jealous when Arang is with Joo Wal. At the moment, it’s just a love competition among those three.

Joo Wal is going to confuse her emotions until she totally trust him. Also, she feels that her heart beats when she recognize the pavilion on Joo Wal’s place. This probably means a spark of Arang’s memory. I think this happen because she aka Seo Rim might be killed at the crime scene. I think wherever she goes and how Joo Wal does a memory will come out slowly.

Eun Oh is struggling to convince himself that he doesn’t care but in the end he has to care for somebody. You can obviously see that Eun Oh really cares for Arang. He starts to care for other people’s problem especially what they have been going through in the village. Looks like he’s going to turn over the new leaf. When he wears the magistrate robe, this means he’s going to take on full responsibility for good. He has a change of heart which is a totally good thing as he learns the meaning of love and happiness.

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