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3hdl (real name Jaemin Yang) is a young Korean artist who is part of the 5unday collective which also features artist Jooho Yi. His work is comical and with a certain cartoonish style. I wanted to find out more about the artist and his work.

Mimi: Could you tell us about your background and how you became an artist?

3hdl: I majored in Visual Communication Design and I was interested in editorial design. Although I constantly liked drawing of course, I thought of it as a hobby. But, I consider drawing as my current job. I am now including what I learned from my major into my work.

Mimi: What does art mean to you?

3hdl: It is an area I am always interested in. Art is around us all the time despite the fact that we are not aware of it and it has many effects on us. For me, art is an existence which has many effects on my life.

Mimi: You have a very unique style, how would you describe it?

3hdl: Currently, there are very many styles in the art area. They are various and great. Among many of this work, I looked for a way to try to be distinctive and I used a particularly thick line. I also think obscure colours are my identity rather than a thick line. I work always noting that it should be ‘a little different from others’.

Mimi: Some of your work makes social commentary (like your work stop animal testing), is that the main goal of your work?

3hdl: Although the main theme of my work is amusement and curiosity, I always think of a message to give a positive effect. But, I just contain the story I want to say and don’t consider containing a social message as a final goal. Amusement is the first place.

Mimi: Do you face any challenges as an artist?

3hdl: As mentioned before, there are many great works out there. Among them, I worry a lot about whether my work appeals to other people. It is also a worry about my ability.

Mimi: Do you have a message you want to give people through your work?

3hdl: I enjoy hearing audience feedback, serious or otherwise. Nothing makes me happier than when my audience smiles and laughs upon seeing my work. I strive to convey my love of drawing to audience so that they too can feel joy and happiness.

Mimi: What is your next project?

3hdl: I am preparing to make my work into products and I also plan to conduct animation work afterwards. I am looking for a way of approaching more people easily.

Mimi: Where can people find out about your work?

3hdl: I made this homepage with care so I wish many of you visit:




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