Art Corner – Hajin Bae’s Spectacular Illustrations

This edition of the Art Corner features an illustrator with a magical style

I discovered Hajin Bae’s work on a tumblr page on the internet and I was instantly struck by the beauty and vividness of it. This artist and art director is based in Seoul. Her illustrations range from fashion style illustrations to pieces that transport you to another world. Her work is beautifully simple and wonderful to look at. I wanted to get to know more about the artist and the inspiration for her work and was glad to grab an interview with her.

M: What is your background?

HB: I went to an ordinary high school and went to Kaywon School of Art &design which is an art University. I studied film & video there. Studying about film & video is quite relevant but yet irrelevant to what I do now. I learnt how to do illustrations by myself except preparation of entering university for a while. I’ve been drawing the paintings since I was kid so I have no fear to draw.

M: What made you want to become an illustrator?

HB: Well, I became illustrator naturally therefore I’ve never thought about why.

M: How would you describe your style?

HB: I have two kinds of style. Firstly, it’s ‘Night Painting’ which shows the sentiment of Night. Someone said it reminds them of the idioms of Van Gough. Secondly, it’s ‘Women’s illustration’ which appears intense and focuses on fashionable women’s figure. Somebody said when they see my women’s drawing that they are reminded of Andy Warhol. I think one’s artwork reflects its emotions. I am sensitive also very passionate.

M: What are your main influences?

HB: I get inspiration from the daily life that I experience. If I must say, the most influential things are music and fashion. I like sensuous creatures like music and fashion Sometimes when I am listening to lyrical and sentimental music, suddenly images of night paintings come up.

M: Do you have a process for your work?

HB: I envy those that can answer this question brilliantly. My working process is like ‘Marbling’ I’ve never drawn the paintings intentionally. I do sometimes impulsively and to relieve the boredom. So while I am immersed in my work, I hardly remember that how I draw.

M: Have you been featured in any shows in Korea and internationally?

HB: I have featured in the following shows:

– Soul of Seoul (at Sponge House gallery. Solo Show, Seoul, Korea) 2009
– Human Rights Arts & Film Festival-‘Story of Secret State(at. Guildford Lane Gallery, Group show, Melbourne, Australia) 2010
– Soul of Seoul (at retail gallery, Solo Show, Tokyo, Japan) 2009

My next show is in December.. It will be a group show with the title ‘GIRLS: Fact or Fiction’ at Light Grey Art Lab gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

M: Have you been featured in any publications?

HB: have been featured in the following publications:

2012- The Huffington Post (USA) / Juxtapoz Magazine (website, USA) / NASTY GAL (USA) / niusnews (China)

2011- The MichaelaRadio Show (USA) / VAU (USA)

2009- kichijoji Economic News (Japan) / Yahoo JAPAN

2007- Rayli Magazine (China)

M: Have there been any challenges that you have faced doing your work?

HB: In the November issue of NYLON JAPAN , I did the cover artwork and it was quite a challenge for me. I had to work with a foreign company but I did it smoothly and the client was satisfied with my work.

M: Are you influenced by your culture at all?

HB: Yes.

M: What is the illustration scene like in Korea?

HB: Actually, for me, Art director is of greater importance than illustrators so I am ignorant of this matter. But during based on my experiences in my early 20’s experience, the illustration scene was like a potential pool. If you have good skills and chance, then they were able to grab opportunity. Even so they are not able to be well-off as they would be in a full-time job. It’s not only Korea’s illustration scene that has these problems.

M: Are there any goals or dreams you want to accomplish?

HB: I would like to have much more global career.

M: What is your opinion of the sudden interest in Korean culture by foreigners?

HB: It’s natural result for a long time. In this world we react to new and interesting things furthermore it’s been swept over Asia with Korean wave therefore it’s the time to spread the across the world. But I wish this reaction won’t cease to have only interest.

M: Any future shows, magazine features etc coming up?

HB: My next show is in December. It will be a group show with the title ‘GIRLS: Fact or Fiction’ at Light Grey Art Lab gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
I am also working with a fashion website for an illustration on their homepage and I am currently negotiating with the Creative director in India. I am going to continue working on a fashion collaboration with fashion photographer Bryant Eslava titled ‘BryJin’

Hajin Bae’s work is simply stunning and charming. Her work has a certain ‘French’ style. Looking at her work I get a sense of peace and her images are beautiful. She appreciates the female form and her work is definitely worth checking out.

You can see more of her work at her website:
You can also check out more of her collaboration work with Bryant Eslava here

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