Art Corner: Koo Jeong A ‘Navigation Without Numbers’

The Pilar Corrias gallery in London is currently hosting artist Koo Jeong A’s first solo show in London, Navigation without Numbers.

Jeong A, born in Seoul presents two site specific installations that juxtapose the simple initial awareness of the space with that of a rich immersive one, slowly reversing itself as the viewer spends time in the space.
The artist focuses on simple work that is unostentatious, conceptual and sensitively philosophical. She intends to present the personal and the self as something enigmatic, uncanny, mysterious and simultaneously universal without disclosing it.

The show is simplistic but yet effective with interesting effects. Upon entering the gallery you hear a thunderous sound and are immediately alarmed, but once told about the ‘vibrating wall’ you suddenly become accustomed to the sound.

The interesting thing about this wall is that it is constantly on, but rather comes on when you have become comfortable in your surroundings. This wall also creates a sense of mystery and terror, as you are shaken up when it sounds. The sounds reverberate across the gallery floor instantly grabbing your attention.

The show also features the clever use of colour and light with the subtle designs on the walls created by the different shades of white.

My favourite part of the show is the room filled with a vivid pink light (generated by the pink colour on the floor and the right lighting). There are so many contrasts: between the white walls of the gallery, the white picture frames and the blue drawings.

Although the doodles in the frames looked child like, there was a certain level of creativity. They added to the almost eerily vibrant vibe given off by the room.

This is a great exhibition as it asks you to interact with the work, rather than just being a bystander. You must walk around the work in order to catch the light for the work to be revealed.

It’s a clever and must see show.

It ends on the 10th November at the Pilar Corrias Gallery in Eastcastle Street London.

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