Art Corner: Lee Jaehyo’s Transformations

Sculptor Lee Jaehyo presents his 29th solo show Transformations at the Albemarle Gallery in London.

If you visited the Korean Eye exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery earlier this year you would have seen some of his work.

The sculptor, born in Hapchen in Korea takes simple natural objects and transforms them into new pieces of art. This manipulation creates striking architectural pieces with beautiful shapes and forms.

He has shown his work around the world and has won many awards including the Prize of Excellence of 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Contest in 2008 and the Prize of Excellence of Hyogo International Competition of Painting in 2005. He currently has permanent collections at institutions in Korea, Japan, China, Switzerland and Australia.

In this show Jaehyo highlights less obvious aspects of his art; surface detail and numerical order. The most significant concern of Lee, which this exhibition reveals, is his interest in geometry, which extends beyond a mere regard for pattern to an awareness of sequence and symmetry.

This manipulation of shape and structure through natural and man made elements is interesting to see and questions their relationship.

This can be seen as a comment on how the two have become intertwined and inhabiting the same space in the modern world.

Upon walking into the wonderful Albemarle Gallery there is a great ambience and a quiet sense of serenity.

The pieces themselves are intricate and strong; you can clearly see the hard work and skill that has gone into each one. It is also clear to see that Jaehyo has a great sense of design.

The cyclical patterns are reminiscent of fingerprints and could be seen as a fingerprint of nature.

I do have one small critique however.

Of course this is sculpture and it is beautiful to look at, but I did get a sense that I was walking through an eastern inspired Ikea. The pieces reminded me of something I would see in either a cool office building or swanky apartment complex.

However, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of Lee Jaehyo’s work; it is intricate but wonderfully simple.

This is one exhibition not to miss; it ends on the 3rd of November

Photography by George Constantinou

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