Art Corner: Review – Emanate by Bongsu Park at Mokspace

I’d like to think that I am an uneducated person when it comes to the art world. I couldn’t tell you the latest trends in the art world and who we should all be looking out for. For me attending art shows is all about gaining an understanding of what the artist is trying to say to the world.

Great art in my opinion makes you feel something as you walk about experiencing the artist’s vision. Once again I was moved into a state of inner peace and tranquillity with Bongsu Park’s Emanate exhibition at Mokspace gallery in London.

The exhibition seeks to address the fundamental questions of existence. Rather than applying a scientific or logical approach where analysis seeks resolution, she seeks organic forms to explore the act of creation, birth and decay. In essence each piece was interconnected showcasing the constant cycle of life.

One of my favourite pieces was Cell which showed multiple people trying to escape, although there is no sense of what they are escaping from it doesn’t seem to be a dark element.

For me it also shows a sense of struggle and could be a comment on the eternal struggle that we all face to reach the top.
I also loved the Cube video installation which saw two dancers performing in a white room to a soothing soundtrack composed by a Hindu monk who was on a spiritual journey. The dance itself conjured up images of unity and vulnerability.

I also loved the germ pieces which showcased the growth and death of life, with the clever use of the natural sacks which made a visual impact. There was piece near the stairs which showcased the contents of the seed on the ground.

It was clear that the exhibition was influenced by spiritually; I was informed by the curator May Kim that it was centred on Korean Buddhism. With the belief that death is the beginning of the spiritual life and everything comes from a cell. It was interesting to hear that the artist was influenced by her mother who is a Buddhist nun.

It brings a peaceful oasis in the hectic pace of life here in London.

The exhibition is in until the 21st of January at Mokspace Gallery in Museum Street London (right next to the British Museum in Bloomsbury).
To find out more about Bongsu’s work check out her website:

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