Art Corner: Soon Yul Kang’s Spiritual Journey

The 23rd of January saw a hive of activity at Mokspace Gallery in London for the opening of artist Soon Yul Kang’s exhibition Spiritual Journey. As the name of the exhibition suggests the focus is on spirituality but also brings about conations of nature and landscapes.

The tapestries themselves are highly detailed and breath-taking, initial glances suggest you are looking at a painting. It is only when you get closer can you really see the threads mixed together.

The artist wants viewers to have peace from the work, gaining a sense of healing. This healing theme is recurrent in her work. In essence she wants viewers to fully immerse themselves in the work, sitting down to truly experiencing them rather than glancing and moving on.

The artist trained in design and her favourite aspect was tapestry and textiles but not in a craft sense. The process of creating these wonderful tapestries is strenuous and somewhat stressful. The work requires long preparation time- selecting the right colours, shades and how to mix them together. “I see the process in the same way as creating a painting, the thread is the paint and my hand is the paintbrush” she stated.


Furthermore, unlike painting where you can start again relatively easily but however in creating a tapestry if a mistake is made everything must be taken apart and the piece must be started again. However although this process can be stressful she sees it in a different light “creating art is a spiritual journey, you may start off with a lot of exiting expectation but then sometimes you get frustrated but soon find a way to complete things”. This is in a sense the same way to look at life, full of stumbling blocks which can be overcome. Furthermore the process itself provides a sense of healing.

One notable piece is a collage titled Father which is a piece dedicated to the artist’s father who passed away. In the piece the word father (written in Korean) has been written on many pieces of paper and they have been repeated on the canvas.


In this exhibition you can’t help but get a sense of peace and calm when viewing this truly beautiful work and it is definitely worth seeing at Mokspace.

The exhibition runs until the 18th of February.


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