Art Corner: The Fashionable World of Jaewon Sim


The world of fashion is fast paced, ever changing with new collections bringing new ideas and people into the limelight. Fashion illustration in the same light showcases beauty, style, elegance and edge.

One illustrator whose work is classically beautiful and striking is Jaewon Sim. This illustrator is not just known for his excellent fashion work but also his detailed and marvellous portraits. Here at the London Korean Times, we wanted to find out what makes this designer tick.

Mimi: Tell us about your background

JW: I studied fashion design at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries. At that time, I liked the Draping and Construction classes but what I did most was the fashion illustration class. The reason is that I`ve liked drawing since I was young and I am good at it.

Mimi: Why did you become an artist?

JW: It is natural I hoped to become an artist. Since I was a kid, I couldn`t think of my life without drawing so I chose the life with drawing. But I`ve never considered myself an artist but I want to be called an illustrator. Because I think I am not enough to be called an artist.

Mimi: Describe your art style.

JW: My art style is to create the harmony (or balance) between analogue feeling and artificial and digital by using pencil, pen and other graphic tools.
In the process of working, drawing is important but the thing I can`t put aside is the graphic tool. Actually it means a lot. It is because that the graphic tool can inspire my drawing with vitality.

Mimi: What was your last project?

JW: At the last project, I expressed female hair by drawing every single strand with a pen.

Mimi: Tell us about your current project?

JW: While I used long lines to show hair at the last, I`ve used short lines repeatedly to show a part of form at this project.


Mimi: Have you been published?

JW: Never, but I wish to publish a book about fashion illustration someday. In Korea there is less variety of fashion illustration books compared with other leading countries. Now I don`t dare to publish because of my unsatisfied ability. In the future, I want to do it.

Mimi: What does art mean to you?

JW: Art is a question with a number of answers. Art has diverse aspects like every human beings life and thought. But Art is a powerful way to make humans understand each other.

Mimi: What is your dream for the future?

JW: I am thinking about the direction where I could develop my work. With the right direction, I hope I can create developed pieces. It can be done tomorrow or in a few hours. I want my work to develop even in a small part. I am feeling my lack.

Mimi: Where can we find out more about you and your work?

JW: I don’t have my own website. I have uploaded my works through SNS. You can see them at I hope I gain more followers to share them with.

This illustrator is definitely one to keep an eye on and we look forward to seeing more work from him.


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