Art Corner: The Wonderful World of Jae Sun You

Jae Sun You 1

Art exists in various forms, from paintings to photography all the way to creative creations. Artist Jae Sun You’s work is cute, kitsch and as a lover of cats definitely caught my attention. This artist creates simply gorgeous illustrations and dolls with a child like innocence about them.

His journey into art came as a child “when I was child I loved drawing and collecting paper dolls or colouring book and also cats. When I was 19 years old, I wanted to teach art at a University so I did a major in visual design. After I graduated I was a freelancer to drawing paintings for a company.”

After working for the company, he had an epiphany “I thought i want do my own work so I made a decision. My model cat was one that I loved and it was 2009. That is a reason why I use cats for my art topic and when making paper dolls. Nowadays I draw a picture of cats with watercolour, manually and make many kinds of product from my paintings.”

You’s work is simply stunning, transporting you back to a childlike world where humans and cats are one. Sharing a magical space and enjoying the simple things in life.

Jae Sun You 4

In his illustrations the bond between human and animal is clear. The car provides comfort and reassurance and there is a mutual understanding. These images are calming, soothing and take me back to a world of simplicity.

Jae Sun You 5

Jae Sun You 7

So how does he describe his work?

“My work is drawing pictures. I make lots of cat characters and I place my characters on paper. They become a paper doll or printed on fabric and by sewing and putting cottons in order to make a cat doll. My products are covered with my paintings and they include postcards, book magnets, stickers, Illustration tape, notebooks, buttons, pouches, key rings and so on.”

Jae Sun You 8

Jae Sun You 9

This is one artist that has harnessed his talent for commercial gain. To see more of his stunning work, check out his website (in Korean): and you can also see his blog (in Korean)

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