Art Corner: Yujung Chang at Art First Projects

Art First Gallery in Eastcastle Street in London sees an exhibition by installation and photographic artist Yujung Chang.

Chang, born in 1979 in Seoul and now working there studied at Ewha Women’s University before completing a MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmith University. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions here in England, Germany, China and Korea.

This exhibition is her first solo exhibition in the UK since graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2007.
In this project Chang, explores the spaces between memory, perception and reality. Each of the still images that are employed as subjects in her installations has a distinct narrative – from the differing shades of the faded wooden surfaces in her home that suggest the slow and inexorable divergence of experience to the abandoned factory in Chung –Ju that speaks of a much more dramatic and literal story of change and reinvention.

The use of angles and lighting is clever and interesting, the somewhat 2D images appeared almost 3D like just by manipulating the lighting structures.

The exhibition in my eyes was simple and left me with a sense of peace. It also made me feel like a voyeur looking into a building.

However, I must say that this exhibition did not leave me with an exciting feeling. In fact I came away thinking ‘that was nice’.

I understand from the literature supplied at the gallery that there was a deeper meaning to her work but as a casual observer of art, I was left slightly disappointed. Granted her photography was excellent at creating a somewhat melancholy feeling with the bareness of the buildings she photographed. I felt like something was missing,

I would recommend this exhibition as it is something different and those interested in photography might appreciate her work.

The exhibition finishes at the Art First Gallery at Eastcastle Street Central London on the 10th of November.

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