Artist Spotlight – Casker

Sometimes the best things come in two’s and this is certainly the case with electronic/lounge Korean indie group Casker.

Formed of DJ/producer Lee Jun-Ho and vocalist Yung-Jin, together they bring a sweet and melodic sound that pleases the ears.

Lee Jun-Ho created the Casker project in the 90’s releasing a techno compilation album titled Cheolgabhokseong. The name Casker links in with the DJ’s love of manga and was taken from one of the characters of a Japanese manga that he enjoyed.

The DJ began to search for a vocalist in 2004 to collaborate with on his second Casker album and was introduced to vocalist Yung-Jin.

They steadily built up fans and acclaim through their live performances in the indie scene but their notoriety came with their work on the soundtrack for the popular drama Coffee Prince along their label mates Tearliner (both groups signed to Pastel Music).

This is one of my personal favourites from the soundtrack:

What makes Casker wonderful in my opinion is that they lean more towards an electronic lounge sound.

Although they have been likened to Clazziquai (who are more pop electronica focused) they still have a strong lounge sound that is reminiscent of groups such as St Etienne and Portishead. If you are fan of these groups then you are sure to love what Casker have to offer.

Their song The Cat and Me is not only relaxing with Yung-Jin’s sweet and airy vocals but is the perfect representation of their sound.

The group have released six albums and their last album Tender was released in 2010. They have also worked with other artists such as Epik High and featured on other drama soundtracks.

For Casker the emphasis is not on what genre of music they belong to “If we had to describe our music to people who have never listened to it before, we would like to tell them that they should try to focus on the melodious and the emotional aspect rather than the electronic one. Our main theme is not electronica. We believe that various feelings that are derived from personal grief, relationships and sympathy ought to be reflected in our music”

The duo is due to release their new album on the 25th of October. They released a new music video for the film Project X which is due to hit Korean cinemas on Thursday for their new song Thousand Suns.
Casker are a great band who create soothing and melodic music,

if you are a fan of electronic lounge music then this band is definitely worth checking out.

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