Artist Spotlight – Neon Bunny

The name Neon Bunny might conjure up initial images of brightly dressed and crazed rabbits but it belongs to a solo artist making a splash in the music industry.

Neon Bunny, real name Im Yoo-Jin previously played in the well-known Indie group The Black Skirts before deciding to go her own way in 2011.

Her début album Seoulight was released in March of 2011 and was produced in New York by Cliff Lin. Cliff Lin is a talented musician and composer who has worked throughout the entertainment industry penning music for TV shows, games and even pop artists and is well known in the American music industry.

The album veered away from the acoustic and rock sound found in the K indie industry, focusing on more synth pop rock with an undertone of electronica.

The album showcases Bunny’s excellent song writing skills and coupled with Cliff Lin’s musical prowess was an accomplished album. It earned her the Best Pop Album accolade at the Korean Music Awards earlier this year.

The album was consistent throughout providing a retro feeling with songs such as Oh My Prince which was coupled with an 80’s style video.

Another great song from the album is Come Closer in which she speaks for her need for a potential lover

She released a new four track mini album in August of this year titled Happy Ending and it saw a change of direction from her previous work.

This time the focus was on the electronic sound that she dabbled in in her first album. Produced again by Cliff Lin, the album has strong bass lines and heavy electronic sounds.

Although her songs may bring back memories of the 80’s, Cliff Lin’s production manages to keep her songs current and brilliant to listen to.

This Bunny stands out from the crowd of other K-indie acts out there and is certainly one to keep on your radar.

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