Artist Spotlight – Urban Zakapa

On this edition of the Artist Spotlight, I present to you the wonderful sounds of Urban Zakapa.

They are an indie group who are just as popular as their idol counterparts, frequently charting highly with their relaxed and beautiful music.

Urban Zakapa have been in the industry since 2009 and are under the same label as my favourite group Clazziquai. The group consists of eight members, vocalists: Jo Hyun Ah, Kwon Sun Il and Park Young Jin and instrumentalists: Yoon Ji Min on guitar, Choi Yoon Jeong on piano, Lee Ji Ho on keyboard, Baek Ha Hyeong Ki on double bass and Han Tae Young on drums.

Why should you check them out?

Well they have jazzy yet indie sound which makes for soothing and emotional music. Furthermore the voices in the group blend together creating soft melodies and strong performances allowing you to feel the pain or love that they sing about.

Their first single Café Latte is perfect coffee shop music; it also is the perfect song to relax to on a lazy summer day or a cosy winter night in.

In this song, you can really hear the strong harmonies. Even though each vocal is different they all blend together to add a breathy and airy feel to the song.

They also have a simple sound, no need for heavy production to make the song better. This is a welcome to the heavily produced sounds we frequently hear on the radio.

They released their second full album, titled 02 on the 30th of October this year. The lead single is All The Same. See the video below:

Although they have strong popularity in Korea this group has managed to stay to their acoustic and indie roots.
For me they represent simple beauty in their music. They don’t need hype or concepts to show how wonderful they are. Their voices and simple music say it loud and clear.

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