Artist Spotlight – Yellow Jam

In the music industry it seems those with a larger stake in the profit pie get power and the tools needed to expand their acts. Here at the London Korean Times we are all about promoting and introducing you to indie groups that we feel deserve some shine.

On this edition of the Artist Spotlight I present to you a band with a unique and beautiful sound, Yellow Jam. Yellow Jam are formed of vocalist Yedda and Heecheol Kim a saxophonist and main composer.

The group was formed in 2008 after Heecheol heard Yedda’s voice and he wanted to share it with others as a healing tool. They have been performing together ever since creating a new age jazz and soulful sound. They choose to focus on these genres because as Heecheol explains “we really love those songs and they bring happiness to people through a sense of inner power”.

As we all know being an indie group is a struggle as they lack the level of power that the big entertainment enjoys. Heecheol has even had to take other jobs to survive “Honestly, I have a couple of second jobs such as teacher and saxophone player so I could make a living. In Korea, an indie musician’s life isn’t easy. “But music is still an important of his life and the group continue to make music and perform where they can.

Their sound has a certain sense of peacefulness and the saxophone adds a wonderful laid back vibe to the music. Their style can be seen in their song Shadow:

The song starts with a strong saxophone introduction and the vocals are soulful adding to the emotional feel of the song.

For their next album the theme is focused around legends and dreams of island and is currently in the process of being written and produced.

For Yellow Jam music is a healing tool “Our music is healing music because our heart has been healed, playing this music. We hope to share our experience with you our world friends. That’s why our band name is Yell, Owe, Jam”.

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