Asiana Donates Books in Foreign Languages to Multicultural Families

Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-doo Yoon) donated books in foreign languages today to the library of Yang-Cheon Foreign Laborer Center. This donation was performed to have a more clear understanding of other cultures and to boost up recognition of multicultural families in Korea.

Asiana Airlines held an official donation ceremony on the 1st of September at 11:00am (local Time) at Yang-Cheon Foreign Laborer Center in Seoul, Korea. Asiana Airlines President & CEO Mr. Young-doo, Yoon, Sang-Hee, Na Yang-Cheon District Delegate and Shinmok Community Center’s Director Hak-Moon, Kim were present to donate the 1,239 books.

The donated books consists of 310 Vietnamese, 267 Chinese, 223 Cambodian, 152 Japanese, 118 Thai, 95 Philippine, and 74 Russian & Uzbekistani books totaling in 1,239 books in 7 Asian languages. The books donated are all best sellers in their respective countries and were purchased from Asiana Airlines overseas branches and shipped via air to Korea for the donation.

Asiana Airlines President & CEO Mr. Young-doo, Yoon commented “The donation of the books is more meaningful since the money provided to purchase the books were made from sales that Asiana Staffs performed during the Asiana Bazaar held on May of this year. Asiana, being a global airliner, will continue to show keen interest in supporting multicultural families in the future.”

Asiana, including this charity event, has donated 6,100 foreign language books to foreign laborers and multicultural families in Korea since 2007 and have hosted a field trip for 12 children from multicultural families on the 26th of August to visit the Head Quarters of Asiana Airlines.

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