Asiana extends mileage expiration period to 10~12 years

Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-doo Yoon) announced a statement on the 1st of October to extend it’s mileage expiration period and overall change it’s current mileage system to a new system that accommodates customer standards.
The main topics of this announcement are:
* Extending the mileage expiration period to 10~12 years
* Increase mileage seats
* Introduce a variety of mileage usage programs
* Increase the range family added up mileages
* Increase mileage seat information services.

Asiana will introduce a variety of new programs which accommodate the customer’s conveniences.

Especially extending the expiration period from 5 ~7 years depending on the customers rating, has now been altered to 10~12 years making it less burdening for customers to use their mileages. The changed mileage program starts with the deduction of mileages that were accumulated after 1st of October 2008. Mileages accumulated before can be used throughout a lifetime without having an expiration date.

Also in providing convenience towards the customer, Asiana will be deducting mileages that have an expiration date upfront than other accumulated mileages. Further more, when using mileages with expiration date, Asiana will be deducting mileages that have a shorter expiration date.
In order to provide maximum convenience for customers using mileages, Asiana will be increasing additional mileage seats than the current condition. Also during the high seasons, Asiana will maintain a certain level of mileage seats and take priority in providing these seats towards the mileage customer. Depending on the seat availability conditions during the high seasons, Asiana has plans in increasing additional mileage seats depending on the availability. Asiana will also be holding periodical half price mileage promotions for customers to use inexpensive mileage seats.
Asiana customers are able to purchase in-flight duty free goods, pay for additional luggage fees, and use the lounges with Asiana’s mileages. Other mileage programs such as use of mileages at shopping mall, theaters, hotels, restaurants and 16 other affiliated company’s services or products can be used with deducting little mileages. This program has been highly praised by the customers and Asiana plans to develop and increase additional programs like these to provide customer satisfaction.
Asiana will be increasing the boundary of family mileages. Currently Asiana’s family mileages can be added up within the family’s representative, spouse, and lineal family members (children, parents, grand parents, grand children). This system will be changed in which the family members will be increased to siblings, sisters, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and the spouse’s parents. With these changes, customers are able use more mileages from mileages gathered from families.
Asiana will be updating the mileage seat availability information on the Asiana Club Internet site on a 15 day basis. The condition of mileage seat availability will be indicated by 3 levels and in colors. Customers are now able to look at the seating availability quickly before planning their journeys ahead just by looking at Asiana Club site.
Asiana have been receiving continuous consulting in order to upgrade the mileage program. Asiana will continue to develop mileage programs that customers will benefit freely from in the future.

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