Asiana Green Campaign

Asiana Airlines (President & COO: Young-Doo Yoon) unfolded a campaign to show passengers methods of decreasing CO2 emission during daily life and while traveling at Gimpo International Airport domestic terminals on the 30th of March.
The campaign called “Green Travel, Green Life” was attended by President Yoon Yong-Doo of Asiana Airlines and representing employees of Operation, Cabin, Maintenance, and Transportation sectors of Asiana Airlines. As means of participation of the event, Asiana’s staff handed out leaflets containing ways of preventing CO2 emission, environmental friendly memo pads, and flower seeds towards the domestic passengers.

The green living leaflets contains details of preventing CO2 emission by decreasing weight in baggage for traveling, using public transportation, reducing left over foods inside cabins and much more. It also introduces how much CO2 emission takes place during ordinary daily life and what measures should take place in order to decrease the emission. It emphasis on the importance of practicing Green living.

Asiana President & CEO Mr. Yoon Yong-Doo commented “Asiana has been building up the reputation as being the leading company of Green Management. To practice the Green way of life along with our customers, it is making our earth a little more healthier.”
Asiana as of May 9, 2008 has been operating the Carbon Offset Program to all employees. As being the first in the air transport service sector, Asiana Airlines received an official carbon labeling certificate. In order to improve fuel efficiency, Asiana Airlines have been continuously washing the aircraft engines in decreasing 3 million tons of CO2 in 2008. Asiana Airlines, being recognized for its effort in green management, was awarded the grand prize of 2009 Korea Green Climate Award’ in February of 2009. Asiana has been acknowledged as being a leading company in environmental friendliness.

Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines and Air Canada’s (President & CEO: Calin Rovinescu) signed a MOU(Memorandum of Understandings) in various sectors

President Young-Doo Yoon of Asiana Airlines and President Callin Rouvinescu of Air Canada, held a signing ceremony at the head quarters of Asiana Airlines on the 31st of March 10:00am (local time) to enhance cooperation in service, sales and other various sectors.

President Young-Doo Yoon, CEO of Asiana Airlines, commented, “The two airlines have formed a strategic partnership in the basis of code sharing flights. By continuing our partnership to various sectors of the airline, passengers traveling between Korea and Canada will be able to receive the best quality of services and air travel.”

The MOU between the two carriers comes from the two countries reached and agreement during the Korea/Canada “Open Skies” treaty in June of last year. With the new open skies treaty agreed between the two nations, the two carriers will cooperate to strengthen competition, reduce costs, enhance passenger servicing, and cutting airline fare to provide the maximum convenience towards passengers.

Currently the two airlines code share flights on 7 of Air Canada’s route (Incheon~Vancouver, Incheon~Toronto etc) and 8 routes of Asiana (Incheon~Phuket, Incheon~Hanoi, Incheon~Miyazaki etc.)
The two companies with the signing of the MOU will extend the partnership to all areas such as operating schedule, airline costs, marketing, service and also apply for the ATI (Anti-Trust Immunity) in both countries.
Air Canada is the first and largest carrier in Canada and is also one of the founding carriers of the world’s largest airline alliance “Star Alliance.” Air Canada currently operates 195 carriers to 170 international cities transporting around 3,200,000 passengers a year.

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