Asiana Improves Airport Services

Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon), in accordance to the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism campaign to attract ten million foreign visitors to Korea, will be hosting a variety of airports service campaigns. 

Asiana in welcoming the 2011 New Year will host the ‘Grand Welcome Services’ not only on a business oriented level but in a level of personally receiving an important guest at home.

The Grand Welcome Service Campaign is composed of three stages in which the services will be simultaneously commenced on the 25th at airports that Asiana operates around the globe. The three stages will be divided as the 『Grand Welcome Preparation Stage』in getting prepared to welcome customers, 『Grand Welcome Greeting Stage』 responding to customers and 『Grand Welcome Plus Stage』additional services for customers.

Asiana, in order to educate the Airport Service Staff located in 75 airports domestic and abroad, will be producing a UCC video, and develop a campaign web page in which feedbacks among outstanding performances at airports and staves could be shared and feed backed on the web from other staves.

Asiana Airlines Airport Services Senior Vice President Yong-Suk, Joo commented “When a customer first starts his/her airline journey they meet the airline staff first at their departure airport. In order to continue their warm greetings with airline staff we have developed and started the Grand Welcome Campaign. With this differentiated services, we will aid in attracting ten million foreign visitors to Korea.”

In addition to the “Happy Mom Service,” Asiana will be starting the baby carriage cover service on the domestic routes starting from the 25th.

Around 150 baby carriages are transported in the domestic’s flights per day. In order to lessen the damages and preserve cleanliness of the carriages, special covers with buffer pads will be provided. The covers have been test trialed for 2 months and have received positive reviews from mothers.

The “Happy Mom Service” started in October of 2009 in which dedicated exclusive check-in counters for Infants, providing breast feeding covers free of charge (First in the Industry), and free sling services inside the cabins (First in the Industry)

Around 40 thousand passengers have used the exclusive check-in counters for infants, and 5 thousand have used the breast feeding covers.

Asiana’s Happy Mom Service has been highly praised and has received good reviews by young mothers praising Asiana’s services by writing postscripts on blogs and cafes. There are continuous inquires about the Happy Mom Service from other airlines to benchmark the services.


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