Asiana, KOICA to Form Partnership for Global Social Contribution

Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon) and KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) will be establishing a joint partnership in the areas of overseas social contribution activities, international aid relief and successful hosting of the “2010 G20 Seoul Summit” to rise the nation’s class among international social activities. The partnership signing ceremony was held on the 4th of February at Incheon International Airport.
According to the cooperation contract, Asiana will have the ‘2010 G20 SEOUL SUMMIT” wordings and a KOICA logo imprinted on all of Asiana’s international boarding passes starting from the 1st of July. Asiana will also support KOICA’s overseas aid relief and PR activities. Asiana, along with KOICA will also attend KOICA’s overseas social contribution once on a yearly basis and learn from KOICA’s 18 years of experience. Furthermore, Asiana will fully support KOICA’s future international aid activities.
During the signing event, Asiana Airlines CEO (President Young-Doo, Yoon), KOICA’s President (Dae-Won, Park), 2010 G20 Seoul Summit Leader (Shi-Hyoung, Lee), and Presidential Council on National Branding’s Leader were among the present. The participants agreed that recent disaster like the earthquake in Haiti, the quickness and enthusiastic aid activities shown by a nation, raises the image of a nation and largely influences a nation’s brand image in the international field. The participants agreed upon to provide aid activities and promote the nation’s brand on a governmental basis.
In addition, Asiana Airlines have been actively contributing to the International society through events such as UNICEF’s ‘Change for Good’ campaign since 1994 in which a total sum of 49 hundred million won of funds have been contributed to help the needy children around the world, Vietnam’s ‘Love House’ where employees of Asiana directly participate in building houses for the needy in Vietnam, and supporting the Aeta tribe in the Philippines. 

Asiana Airlines and Air Busan will be code sharing flights on the routes of Busan~Fukuoka, and Busan~Osaka.
Asiana Airlines and Air Busan, held a signing ceremony at the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building located in Busan, Korea. The two arilines agreed to jointly operate international passenger routes from Busan to Fukuoka and Busan to Osaka which Asiana Airlines originally operated in which Air Busan will now be inaugurating flights from the 29th of March and 26th of April to these routes.
With the inauguration of the flights, passengers from the Yeongnam (South Eastern region in Korea) district are now able to choose from a variety of convenient schedules, but a one day life zone from Busan to Japan will now available with flights provided once per morning and afternoon(See Attachment).
Previously, passengers travelling from Busan to Fukuoka and Osaka had to transit from Incheon International Airport in which inconvenience and unwanted accommodation had to made due to the flight schedule. But with Air Busan’s inauguration and code share with Asiana Airlines, it is anticipated that a one day life zone passengers between Korea and Japan are expected to increase.

Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines announced that the company in strengthening the convenience for passengers, will be opening a new homepage starting from the 9th of February for passengers out bounding from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. The service for the CIS area will be provided in the Russian language (
The new CIS region homepage will offer a variety of services from reserving and purchasing tickets, checking mileages, and the variety of Asiana services in the Russian language. Online ticket purchasing for the CIS routes (Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Almaty, and Tashkent) that Asiana operates is also available.
By opening the CIS region homepage, Asiana Airlines have increased its overseas homepage to seven (U.S, South East Asia, Japan, Europe, China and Oceania). Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages are now provided.
In celebration to the opening of the CIS homepage, Asiana has developed a screen saver program which can be downloaded. The screen saver shows images from CIS region (Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Almaty, and Tashkent) that Asiana operates.
Asiana currently operates Incehon~Sakhalin (3 Weekly), Incheon~Khabarovsk (3 Weekly), Incehon~Tashkent (3 Weekly), Incheon~Almaty (2Weekly) flights to the CIS region.

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