Asiana, “Magic Boarding Pass” Program, With the expansion of partner companies, enjoy more benefits

With a boarding pass, a maximum of 60% discounts at major tourist attractions, hotels, and shopping centers are possible through Asiana Airlines’ (President & COO: Young-Doo Yoon) “Magic Boarding Pass” program. Within 4 months, the number of users of the program reached 3,000 people.
It has gained popularity among customers.
Asiana’s “Magic Boarding Pass” program has been carried out since February 1st. Passengers who travel abroad with Asiana Airlines can get a 3~60% discount on products of Asiana’s partner companies by simply showing their original boarding pass and personal identification card within 7 days of their flight.
As of June 1st, the number of partner companies has increased from 33 to 44. Hence, in addition to the already existing benefits, there is a 50% discount on charged fees for exchanging currencies at all branch offices of Hana Bank and a 5~40% discount on performance tickets, such as those of 『Nanta』 and 『Jump』.
Due to its convenience and various benefits, Asiana’s “Magic Boarding Pass” program is used by numerous international and domestic passengers. Moreover, Korea Tourism Organization, Incheon Airport Duty Free Shop, and Airport Railroad Co., Ltd (AREX) have induced the most users.
Furthermore, the number of users has increased by over 10% each month. It is expected that there will be an average increase of 15% per month, due to the expansion of partner companies.
Asiana will continue to increase partner companies, which are located in Korea and overseas, to offer more benefits to its customers.

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