Asiana to provide free airline tickets to golfer Yang, Yong Eun

Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) will be sponsoring airline tickets on all of Asiana’s international routes to Yang, Yong Eun, the first Asian male golfer to win the PGA Championship in the United States, for the next three years. The ‘PGA Championship’ is considered one of the four major PGA events and the last one to be held this year. Yang upset number 1 ranking Tiger Woods by three shots in the final rounds to win the PGA Championship.

Yang and his wife will receive first class tickets, while their three children will receive business class seats to all destinations operated by Asiana.
Asiana and Yang share a special bond which is family. Yang, Yong Eun is the fourth of eight siblings and his younger sister Yang, Jin-Hyun (28 Assistant Manger at Jeju Airport Service Office) has been in the Asiana family for 7 years. Yang, Jin-Hyun commented, “I think my brother’s love and passion for sports starting from a young age and active personality gave him the strength to win such an enormous event.”
Asiana provides air tickets free of charge for a number of Korean athletes including golfer Choi, Kyung-Joo and Park, Ji-Sung of Manchester United in Britain’s Premier Soccer League.
In addition, the golf ball that Yang used during the final rounds of the ‘PGA Championship’ that led to his championship win was the Taylor Made TP Red. The core of the golf ball which is made out of synthetic rubber (Neodymium-butadiene rubber: NDBR) was produced and supplied by Kumho Petrochemical. This synthetic rubber material gives the golf ball more elasticity, less wear, and is excellent in exothermic reaction. The golf ball is well known for its elasticity, and provides more spin.

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