Asiana to Start Makgeolli(Rice Wine) Service on the Korea~Japan Route

Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) will be introducing a Makgeolli(Rice Wine) service on the Korea/Japan international routes starting from the 16th of October.

The Makgeolli (Rice Wine) service was introduced to promote the fermented traditional liquor that our ancestors produced to our international passengers. Makgeolli (Rice Wine), compared to other liquors, is healthier, tastes better and not only has it’s popularity been recognized in Korea but interest in this traditional Korean liquor has gone beyond Japan and become a global delight. Asiana adopted and implemented the Makgeolli service to further their mission to share Korean cuisine according to the Korean Governments tourism policy and adapt to the changes in markets.

The Makgeolli chosen to be served in the cabin is specially manufactured to be odorless by installing the liquor inside specialized steel cans. The Makgeolli has no carbonic acid, and has plentiful fiber which is healthier to the body. Acorn-starch jelly will be served as a side dish to complement the Makegolli. Asiana plans to diversify its Korean cuisine menu by introducing Tofu Kimchi, and Nokdu-Jeon (Mung-Bean Pancake) in the near future.

Asiana, in order to introduce the superiority of the Korean cuisine, has been serving Korean cuisines like the Korean Royal Table D’hote, ‘Ssam-Bab’, ‘Bibimbab’, and Acorn-starch jelly with rice. During the summer season, Asiana also introduced cuisines such as Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup,‘Samgaetang’, Steamed Korean Ginseng Chicken ‘SamgaeJim’and Cold Noodle Soup. These menus are showing continuous popularity.

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