Asiana’s New Business Class Seats “OZ Quadra Smartium”

Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-doo Yoon) will be operating the newly installed business class seats “OZ Quadra Smartium”on the B777-200ER on the routes of Incheon~SanFrancisco, Incheon~LA, and Incheon~Bejing starting from the 7th of June. 

The new name for Asiana’s business class seats “OZ Quadra Smartium” comes from the world “OZ” the alphabet code for Asiana, “Quadra” meaning 4 advantages, and ‘Smart’ meaning wisdom, smart and “ium” as in space. This means that the new business class seats have 4 special good points.

‘OZ Quadra Smartium’ biggest advantages is that it is the first ever zig zag layout (Staggered Layout) that a domestic airliner has received. All seats are now capable of accessing directly without the disturbance of the passenger next to you. Especially the 32 business seat layout of the B777 has been changed to 24 seats by increasing the seat pitch by 15 inches. The new layout allows the passenger to move more freely.
Also the new business seats provide a full flat bed type seat (180 degrees) which is normally provided to the first class seats. Movable dining tables have been implied so that the passenger can move freely at anytime. Separate from the dining table, there are separate cocktail tables located next to each seats. Notebooks, newspapers can be rested on the table.
Other amenities include a storage place for shoes, PC power outlets, USB Ports, personal storage place. Most of all the new business seats have been designed to fit the business traveler and made the seats more like a small office area. A foldable arm rest and movable head rest has also been installed to aid the rest of the business traveler.

Asiana will invest $15millon by next May to the new seats. 4 B777 will be installed with the new ‘OZ Quadra Smartium’ seats. The seats will be provided on the U.S, Europe, and Oceania long hauled flights.
Asiana has invested a total of $70million on 16 carriers to upgrade the cabins from May of 2006 to February of 2009. Last year AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) systems were installed in all seats for the mid/long ranged flights. Asian is investing a great amount to provide the best of cabin services and its environment to our customers.

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