Baby and Me (2008)

Director: Kim Jin Young
Casts: Jang Geun Suk, Song Ha Yoon, and Mason Mun
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 96 minutes

Joon Soo (Jang Geun Suk) is a rebellious high school kid who is popular with the girls but a problem to his parents and teachers. When his parents had enough, they decide to leave their house. So, Joon Soo is left alone in the house. He decides to invite his friends over for a house party. Later in the afternoon, he went to the grocery to buy some things for the party. Suddenly, when he goes back to his shopping cart, he found a baby there. He is shocked to find a note saying that Joon Soo is the father. Joon Soo had tried to abandon the child but failed to do so due to unexpected events. When his teacher calls to warn him that he’ll be expelled if he doesn’t come, Joon Soo decides to bring the baby. This causes a scandal which leads him to suspension. In his story, he gets emotionally attached to the baby.

In this film, what do I learn from it? It’s family. Joon Soo deserves to be taught a lesson. I’m glad that the baby is the one who makes Joon Soo realise that taking care of the baby is not easy at all. Joon Soo recalls back how is parents, especially his mother, work so hard in taking care of him since he was a baby. It’s all the sweats and tears for taking care of him. I got so emotional when it comes to family being shown in films like this one.

Jang Geun Suk has done a good job in portraying a boy who is cool but, at the same time, he cares about his friends and family. He becomes so emotionally attached to the baby. When it comes to the crying scenes, I feel Joon Soo’s pain when he feels sorry that he let his parents down. On a whole, Geun Suk touched my heart with both his action and sentimental acting abilities. On the other hand, the voiceover for the baby was so funny. It’s a good thing to see how the baby thinks and feel while seeing his cute expressions. He’s so cute that I really want to pinch his cheeks.

A high school kid who has a baby affecting the society. It’s interesting to see how Joon Soo is able to go through the hard times when his parents are not around. From being suspended from school because of its image to not being to get a job because of the hassle. It all comes to whether the society could accept a kid like Joon Soo who has been through a lot.
This film depicts a high school kid who tries to understand the importance of love, acceptance, and family. It is funny and emotional at the same time that brings on the message: be grateful to have parents who care about you. I recommend you to watch this film. It’s not only because of handsome Jang Geun Suk and cute baby Mason. It’s because is all about family love and acceptance.

Rating: 9/10

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