Back in Time to the Natural and Traditional Korean Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics are popular not only in Korea but Asia, too. Even visitors from Europe (including London) and US are attracted to these products. From BB cream to face masks. You name it. A lot of my friends, who visited Korea, will buy cosmetics. It’s not because of the brand and advertising models (such as SHINee for Etude House). It’s because of the quality of the cosmetics which are good for the skin. It’s the Korean cosmetics that bring up the facial beauty of each person.
Last Tuesday, I went to the London Korean Cultural Centre to see a private view of the traditional Korean cosmetics. I want to bring myself back in time on how the traditional Korean cosmetics were made and use including the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty.

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Before the private view began, guests were given with a few glasses of wine and special finger foods to enjoy. Thanks to Bibigo for serving us with delicious food to enjoy.
Next, Dr Sang Ok You, the director of Coreana Cosmetics Museum, gave a speech about the exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition? Dr Sang said that he wants to preserve and share the Korea’s wonderful heritage of traditional Korean cosmetics to the global audiences.

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After the speech, we are welcomed to enter to the exhibition.
As I step inside the exhibition, I feel that I was back in time. There are various cosmetics, containers, and accessories that are used during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty.

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I found that these cosmetics were made with natural ingredients which are interesting.

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There is also a section where you can smell the perfume oils. You can mix it together to have the smell that suits your interest and making your perfume not too strong.

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Overall, this exhibition has fulfilled its purpose to share the essence of traditional Korean cosmetics and how these applied to the Korean traditional lifestyle to the global audiences. To me, this is new and an eye-opener. I hope that exhibition like this should be continued to be preserved and shared to the wider audiences. I am sure that a lot of people want to understand more about the Korean culture and lifestyle (in traditional aspects).

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I would recommend you to drop by at the London Korean Cultural Centre to check out this exhibition. The exhibition from 19 February to 6 April 2013.

Exhibition Dates: 19 February – 6 April 2013
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

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