BFI London Film Festival 2013: Our Sunhi


Sunhi, a film major graduate, visits her school to ask her professor Choi for a recommendation letter to study in U.S. knowing the professor favors her, she expects a good recommendation from him. Out from her shell after a long time, Sunhi also ends up meeting two men from her past: Munsu, her ex-boy friend, and Jaehak, a director who graduated from the same film school. Through the encounters between Sunhi and the three men, they give each other an 'advice on life' with good intentions. The three men who all have strong interests in her are led to guess and define her, unable to tell how she really feels inside. Strangely, the mentioned advices and traits of her are similar and seem to pass from one person to the next. The words of 'advise on life' seem doubtable and slip away as the three men's thought on Sunhi become more and more irrelevant. Eventually, sunhi gets an excellent letter of recommendation from Professor Choi. She is satisfied with the words of praise, wishing the ar true.

Date: 13 Oct(Sun) 18:00 / 15 Oct(Tue) 15:30
Venue: Curzon Mayfair / ICA
Director: HONG Sangsoo
Starring: JUNG Yumi, LEE Sunkyun
Running Time: 89 mins, Cert: 18

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