BIG, Episode 11 Review

Character ledger:
Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-Big (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

KKJ-B assures GDR that he will leave once SYJ returns, so he doesn’t burden her any further. GDR asks if he’s really going to disappear, and KKJ-B assumes she wants more confirmation so he says yes again. He asks if she’s touched by his gesture. KKJ-B turns to leave but GDR stands up and grabs his arm. KKJ-B warns that if she confusingly holds on to him, then he’ll not leave. He sits her down and then kneels to tie her shoelaces. He tells her to walk the path she intended and not waver, rather than looking at KKJ-B who has run far away. He says they should get along during the time left. If she keeps looking half dead in pain, it’ll worry a kid like him. He asks if the shoelaces are tight and she says it’s tight and won’t loosen, referring to her holding her feelings in. GDR says she’s hungry and then runs off back home, calling for KKJ-B to hurry up. Once they are home, she inhales a pot of ramyun and he tells her to eat slowly. She doesn’t seem all that pleased about him going off after SYJ returns, so KKJ-B tells GDR not to worry that he’ll be all alone. He’s planning to find his dad, and then KKJ-B holds up an art exhibition brochure about Professor Bang.

JMR is stalking Professor Bang and taking pictures of him. GCS is along for the ride and compliments her on her stalker skills, which she chalks up to being perfected when following KKJ-B around back in the US. SYJ’s father arrives to speak with Professor Bang, and JMR manages to get a picture of his face.

SYJ’s mom and dad talk at the hotel. He wants to let SYJ know about his connection with KKJ, but SYJ’s mom refuses. Dad points out that it was Mom who wanted Hee Seok to carry the baby. Mom says that she didn’t want the baby; she just wanted the baby’s umbilical cord. He was born to save her SYJ and that is the extent she cares about him. She says the kid was born not out of love but because he served a purpose. And didn’t he give the baby away to that woman to raise afterwards. She makes SYJ’s dad promise not to reveal the truth to SYJ. He agrees and then looks at a picture of KKJ-B’s mom and then puts it away.

GDR and KKJ-B walk into the lobby of the hotel dressed formally to meet the parents. They are looking at the Miracle picture in KKJ-B’s wallet. GDR thinks KKJ’s dad must’ve loved him to draw this picture. She wonders if maybe KKJ-B has a sibling, since the picture has two angels in it.

The Seo parents arrive and KKJ-B greets them awkwardly. SYJ’s mom says she left a present in the room upstairs and asks everyone to go up with her.

In the hotel room, SYJ’s dad apologizes for missing the wedding but KKJ-B says it’s not a big deal. KKJ-B acknowledges that he must seem like a stranger son to SYJ’s dad. Dad says things will get better since they are father and son. KKJ-B says that since SYJ is their only son, their relationship will grow more comfortable soon. SYJ’s dad looks curiously at him and confirms SYJ really lost his memory.

KKJ-B sees the Professor Bang art exhibit brochure on the table and goes to pick it up. He confirms that SYJ’s parents also know this professor. When SYJ’s dad puts the brochure back, the picture of KKJ’s mom falls on the ground with the picture face down. KKJ-B picks it up but doesn’t turn it over before handing it back to SYJ’s dad, who puts it away. KKJ-B says that SYJ’s dad should just think of this new SYJ as if another son took his place for this period of time. Oh the irony.

At dinner, SYJ’s mom starts suggesting GDR needs a better wardrobe and a new car as befitting her role as a doctor’s wife. She wants GDR to come with her to a gathering of doctor wives this weekend. Before that event, she wants to take GDR shopping because GDR needs to maintain SYJ’s doctor image. GDR lowers her head and says she doesn’t need it. Mom insists and GDR apologizes, but KKJ-B finally has enough. He tells GDR to raise her head and just say thank you since they are buying her things for to keep up SYJ’s image. He tells SYJ’s mom to just hand him a credit card and he’ll take GDR shopping. He’ll buy her whatever she needs to maintain the image that goes with his face. He tells SYJ’s mom to stop flaunting her status and wealth, which isn’t even all that since SYJ’s dad is a doctor but not a director of a hospital. Dang, he totally puts SYJ’s mom in her place.

KKJ-B drags GDR to a car dealership and buys her a car, despite her objections. We then get the obligatory make over scene where KKJ-B takes GDR to a department store and makes her try on outfit after outfit. He casually says that each outfit doesn’t look that bad so she should buy it.

On the drive home, GDR muses that SYJ’s parents are shocked at how brazen their son has become. She reminds him that SYJ was a good and polite son, but KKJ-B says that will make GDR’s life more difficult. KKJ-B is non-plussed, saying there are parents out there who are saddled with bad son.

Later that night, GDR sits at the counter drinking a beer and feeling guilty towards SYJ because she’s always spending time with KKJ-B. KKJ-B does this exaggerated show of SYJ’s soul coming back, complete with grabbing his head in pain and saying “he’s coming, he’s coming”, before morphing into SYJ. It’s amazing how his voice change totally makes clear when he’s pretending to be SYJ or just KKJ. Pretend SYJ says GDR has is just as prettier despite adding a few more wrinkles, but GDR tells him to cut it out. He then puts his warm hands on her to show that he’s still the same. She keeps telling him to stop pretending to be SYJ. He then does “buing buing” to tease her, asking if GDR likes this kind of immature gesture. She smiles and he decides to continue acting childish. He offers to sing her a song that he’s been listening in the hospital pediatric ward with Teddy Bear and Rabbit until he’s memorized it. KKJ-B sits on the table and grabs a frying pan. He pretends to strum it like a guitar and then launches into singing the Pororo theme song. He makes GDR smile in happiness. He hands her the frying pan so she can sing as well, which snaps GDR out of the moment. She covers her face with the frying pan and runs back to her room.

Inside her room, GDR raps herself on the head with the frying pan and lays down on the bed, berating herself for enjoying herself with KKJ-B. She’s upset she can’t go back to the way things were before, but she vows to keep herself in check. She grabs needle and thread and starts to embroider, with the scene cutting to GDR in Joseon garb concentrating on sewing to keep her mind steady. As she’s sewing, she hears a male figure outside her window playing the Pororo song on a flute which distracts her and she pricks her finger.

At school, Ae Kyung wonders if GDR is alright, since GDR looks so exhausted and her fingers are covered in Band-Aids. Ae Kyung chalks it up to being a newlywed. Ae Kyung announces she has a blind date tonight within Teacher Na’s hearing. GDR suggests Ae Kyung take up sewing as well to pass the time.

JMR visits KKJ-B to show her the pictures she took of Professor Bang. KKJ-B is surprised to see SYJ’s dad in one of the pictures, and wonders what Professor Bang’s relationship is to SYJ’s dad. JMR tells him to go ask but KKJ-B doesn’t want to see SYJ’s parents because it makes him uncomfortable. JMR points out that KKJ-B’s birthday is coming up. KKJ-B reveals that he came back to Korea because his birthday is coming up, and if everything goes according to plan, then JMR can throw a birthday party for him this year. JMR asks what is it, KKJ-B says he made plans so he can live independently in the future.

KKJ-B’s aunt and uncle discuss the vast inheritance left for KKJ-B in a trust fund at the bank, saying that they will continue to be the trustee until KKJ wakes up. KKJ-B meets with the bank officials, who confirmed that with a valid power of attorney, KKJ-B has appointed SYJ as the trustee for his trust fund. Until KKJ can come himself to access the trust, SYJ can administer the $4.5 million trust fund as the trustee using the code set by KKJ-B. KKJ-B assures the bank official that KKJ will be here soon.

KKJ-B takes GDR out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, since if they can’t go to Beijing for duck, the duck can come to them in Seoul. In truth he needs a favor from her, to go with him to meet Professor Bang, who could be his father. GDR agrees and happily eats a bite of the duck. KKJ-B teases her that she’s letting everyone know she never went to Beijing, because duck is not eaten directly but wrapped. He makes a duck roll for her and feeds it to her. GDR opens her mouth and eats it, but she’s distracted and almost chokes. KKJ-B tells her to eat slowly. GDR drinks the soup and fans herself, saying it’s hot and spicy. KKJ-B takes the brochure and fans her with it. He fans her fast on the left side, saying that is KKJ-B’s way, and then fans her slowly and gently on the right side, saying that is SYJ’s way. GDR stares at him and the scene goes to slow motion. She snaps out of it and tells him she wants to leave.

GDR goes to her room and grabs the brochure to her face, asking her what she’s going to do about her feelings. She decides to iron to calm herself down. GDR turns into a Joseon lady again who is ironing while waiting for her husband to come home. But then a male figure stands by her door while a fast gust of wind blows.

KKJ-B comes to GDR’s room and asks why she’s looking so burdened these days. She says she’s training her will power. He offers to help train her but she says he distracts her. GDR gets annoyed and tells KKJ-B to leave. He sprays water over her blanket and says this is the rain of the strong-willed woman. KKJ-B walks out of the room, which is when the iron falls on GDR’s leg and she burns herself. He hears her cry of pain and runs back in to assist her to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, KKJ-B turns on the cold water and rinses her burn. He worries that it’ll leave a scar. SYJ liked GDR because she’s pretty, so she can’t get a scar. His eyes are all red-rimmed as he asks if it hurts and she confirms it does. She asks him to stay like this, and he blows on her burn and keeps rinsing it with water.

Ae Kyung is at her blind date and is thrilled when Teacher Na arrives. She thinks he’s here to stop her but it was just a coincidence since he’s here to meet his friends. She cries and runs out, tripping and losing a shoe. Teacher Na follows and confesses he really doesn’t understand why she’s acting this way. He picks the shoe up and returns it to her. She cries and then kicks him in the shin. When he bends down to rub himself, she kisses him before running off.

GCS follows JMR clothes shopping and he’s really worried that she’s dressing like his noona and hanging around his brother-in-law. JMR tells him to stop over thinking and just focus on her. She asks if she looks good in this style and GCS is all moony over her and says yes. JMR finds out that KKJ-B is attending an art exhibit with GDR and is sad. She gets a call from her dad who says KKJ-B’s father called him asking how to find KKJ-B. She runs off to the art exhibit.

GDR and KKJ-B arrive at the art exhibition. KKJ-B cocks his arm and offers it to her. Your momma raised you well, my boy. GDR declines but KKJ-B points out the other girls are holding the arms of their guy, so GDR holds KKJ-B’s arm. She asks if he’s nervous and says it’s good she’s holding on to him. She assures him this meeting will go well. They view the exhibit while waiting for Professor Bang. GDR sees a cluster of sunflowers which she loves. She asks KKJ-B to grab them after the show since it’ll be tossed out. He asks her if she’s planning to extract sunflower oil today.

GDR gets a call from SYJ’s mom, who freaks out when she hears that GDR and KKJ-B are at the Professor Bang exhibit. She wants them to leave immediately but KKJ-B grabs the phone and says they are staying.

KKJ-B and GDR walk up to talk with Professor Bang after he’s done with an interview. The Professor congratulates them on getting married. KKJ-B asks if Professor Bang knows Kang Hee Seok. The Professor says he knows her, she was once his student. KKJ-B then asks if the Professor knows her son KKJ. The Professor changes the subject and asks about his car accident and whether he really lost his memory and doesn’t remember having met the Professor before. KKJ-B confirms he doesn’t remember meeting him before. The Professor asks why he’s asking about Hee Seok and her son. KKJ-B says he wants to confirm something. When KKJ-B is about to show the Miracle picture to the Professor, SYJ’s mom shows up and drags him aside.

KKJ-B confirms that he is here to ask about KKJ because the boy is in a coma and he wants to find KKJ’s father. SYJ’s mom’s face freezes. He thinks the Professor knows something, and asks if SYJ’s mom knows something as well. SYJ’s mom is nervous and says she knows nothing and has never heard of that woman’s name. She asks SYJ to stop looking into KKJ’s situation. JMR suddenly shows up and beckons KKJ-B over, revealing that her dad just called and Professor Bang is not KKJ’s dad, because KKJ’s dad is looking for KKJ right now.

Professor Bang tells GDR that he doesn’t know anything about KKJ. He apologizes for not attending their wedding, and reveals that he’s the cause of the wedding accident that brought GDR and SYJ together. That day, SYJ was in a rush to meet Professor Bang hence he ran into GDR.

JMR asks KKJ-B to grab a bite with her. They walk over to GDR, who is in a daze. JMR reveals that KKJ-B’s real dad is looking for him and is not Professor Bang. GDR tells KKJ-B to go home first; she needs to go confirm something. After GDR leaves, KKJ-B looks worried and doesn’t want to go with her to the hospital. JMR wonders if GDR is more important than finding his dad and KKJ-B says yes since GDR is hurting because of him.

KKJ-B goes up to the man tossing the sunflowers away and offers to buy it. He takes the bouquet of sunflowers home, putting it in the front passenger seat and smiling at it as he drives. He walks around the living room trying to find the best place to casually leave the flowers under the guise that it was tossed out and he picked it up for her. He puts it high up, or takes each flower out and leaves it on the steps. This boy is the sweetest thing ever.

GDR meets LSY and asks for the truth, SYJ wasn’t rushing to meet LSY the day of the wedding accident. LSY confirms that she lied about it; SYJ was in a rush that day for something unrelated to her. She used to think SYJ’s wavering before the wedding was because of her, but she’s now learned it was not. She’s decided not to get involved anymore. LSY also reveals that while she gave SYJ her house key, he never once used it. GDR blames LSY for ruining everything, but LSY points out nothing is ruined since GDR married SYJ any way.

GDR walks home and thinks back on all her sweet interactions with SYJ.

KKJ-B is waiting for GDR to come home but acts all nonchalant when she walks in the door. He happily shows her the flowers, lying that it was tossed out and he picked it up, and then notices that she’s upset. He asks what’s wrong. GDR reveals that she misunderstood SYJ, who never wavered about her and always wanted her.

KKJ-B’s face falls and he congratulates her on confirming SYJ’s feelings. He tells her that she can happily wait for Kang KKJ-B to disappear now. He promises again not to interfere and confuse her. He hands her the flowers and goes to his room.

KKJ-B sits down on his bed and sighs, looking up at the toy plane hanging from the ceiling. GDR grabs the bouquet of sunflowers tightly and cries. Can the two of you stop breaking my heart.

GCS finds his sister sitting at the school yard looking sad. He wonders if she fought with brother-in-law because she looks wan lately. When SYJ’s mother calls, GCS wonders why GDR is hesitant about answering it. He hears GDR being called to meet SYJ’s mom.

KKJ-B is hanging out with the kids in the pediatric ward and is being considered a bother. He tells them that their favorite warm handed doctor will be returning soon. Rabbit suddenly asks “oppa” to come back and visit, clearly she knows he’s not SYJ. KKJ-B tells Rabbit that this is a secret. As he leaves, he’s told by a hospital ahjumma that a man was just visiting KKJ-B.

SYJ’s father walks into KKJ’s hospital room and sits down by his bedside. He apologizes to his son KKJ. When KKJ-B arrives, the room is empty. He rushes out and sees the backside of SYJ’s father but he doesn’t see his face. He follows him until suddenly JMR and GCS arrive and he has to stop.

GCS is angry and asks if KKJ-B fought with his sister. Why is his sister so sad then. He asks if SYJ’s mom is making life difficult for his sister. Today his sister looked a pig being taken to slaughter when she was called in to see SYJ’s mom. Because his sister likes SYJ so much, she is enduring a lot. KKJ-B angrily walks off, wondering why she’s so depressed when she ought to be so happy now.

GDR meets with SYJ’s mom, who hands her a case full of jewelry she collected for her daughter-in-law. GDR declines, saying she has no right to accept. She calls herself a bad woman and not a person who she would approve of. She doesn’t have the faith to stay by SYJ’s side when the real him returns. SYJ’s mom tells GDR to leave SYJ now, especially since SYJ is not himself. GDR says she cannot, right now he still needs her. She promises that when SYJ does return, then she will leave him at that time.

GDR walks down to the lobby and pulls her ring half off. KKJ-B rushes to the hotel and sees GDR coming out all teary. He angrily asks if she cried. He grabs her hand and wants to drag her back to see SYJ’s mom. He says he’ll use SYJ’s face to make his mom pay for making GDR cry. Since SYJ isn’t here, he’ll do it for her.

SYJ’s mom says she’s delaying her return to the US since she’s worried about SYJ. SYJ’s dad tells SYJ’s mom that he’s gone to see KKJ. He wants SYJ and her and meets KKJ together. If she refuses, he’s still going to make sure SYJ meets him.

GDR tries to stop KKJ-B. He wonders why she keeps crying, she ought to be happily waiting for SYJ to return. It’s too hard for him to watch her suffer. GDR says if he can’t stand it, then don’t look at her. She tells him she’s enduring like an adult. An adult knows something is wrong and won’t do it, a kid knows something is wrong and still does it. KKJ-B pulls her close and says he is a kid, so that means he can do whatever he wants. If she doesn’t stop crying, then he’s not going to care anymore about whether she’s waiting for another person. He’ll just grab her and run away with her.

I knew it! GDR is INLOVE with KKJ-B already, but she is still refusing her own feelings (and I’m so happy and sad for them).

I was happy, because the true feelings of GDR towards KKJ-B, BUUT how about SYJ? Did she still have feelings for him or it totally washed away.

On this episode there are many misunderstandings among the characters. WHY?

First, when KKJ-B thought that GDR is still crazy for SYJ’s feelings for her, and he thought that he’s a BIG burden of GDR. But it’s not, because GDR has complicated feelings for KKJ-B, and she’s avoiding him because of that.

Second, when GDR though that SYJ really leave at the wedding for LSY, but it’s not because the professor told her that SYJ is meeting him that day.

Third, when GDR told SYJ’s mom that she’s a BAD WOMAN. NOO! You’re not SYJ’S mom is the bad woman in this drama.

Fourth, the teachers, OMG! Hahaha! Ae Kyung and Teacher Na is so funny, I don’t know if Teacher Na has a feeling for whom, (so complicated).

This episode is funny and it has a shocking part (I was shocked). Let’s wait until the next episode comes out..

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