BIG, Episode 12 Review

Character ledger:
Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-Big (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

KKJ-B and GDR kept on arguing. GDR refused to go with him. And KKJ-B didn’t pulled her anymore, instead just said, “If you miss KKJ-B, just throw away the ring.” GDR kind of making everything seems to be complicated for KKJ-B. As a man he might not understand GDR’s dilemma, and throwing the wedding ring was not as easy as it’s told.

SYJ’s mother told SYJ’s father that SYJ and KKJ-B were involved in the same incident. She also told him that Yoon Jae was helping KKJ-B to find his father. Mr.Seo was so surprised about it. SYJ’s mother was the opposite. She said she would prevent Yoon Jae to know the truth.
GDR still looked down and it was KKJ-B who reminded her to be strong. He kept trying to prevent GDR from putting off her wedding ring. He actually didn’t understand what GDR had in her mind that it felt troubled her so much. “Tell me why you are being like this. Which one is harder for you actually, waiting for Seo Yoon Jae or facing his mother and his father?” asked KKJ-B. GDR’s quick answer startled him. ”You are the one that makes me tired, KKJ-B.”
Then GDR started cleaning up all stuffs she shared memories with KKJ-B: the sunflowers, the Chinese traveling book, panda bears and even the 20 years old ginseng juice.

Watching what GDR was doing, KKJ-B wanted to do the same, but he had no stuffs that he shared memories with GDR. It upset him and he was more upset when seeing GDR threw away the stuffs to the trash bin. Too bad KKJ-B left in a rush because not long after that GDR was back outside to check on the trash she just dumped and ended up bringing them back in again. GDR looked sad seeing the empty trash bag. She just whispered something into it and then wrapped it tightly and threw it away.

Mr.Seo went into the restaurant which KKJ-B uncle and aunty was running. He saw Ms.Kang’s article on the entrance and made a smile.
Meanwhile SYJ’s mother was meeting LSY. She asked LSY if there’s someone else between GDR and Yoon Jae. She thought so because she wondered why GDR said what she said the last time they met and also cried. LSY also told her that GDR was looking for her, too. SYJ’s mother said even though she’s already married to SYJ, she just still dislike her.
GDR was packing and ready to go camping with her family. GDR prevented him from coming along and the upset KKJ-B just did what she told. He thought GDR was really dumping him out of her life, so he refused when Gil family asked him to come along. GDR told her parents that they’re fighting and prevented them from calling him. But both parents and GCS were sending KKJ-B text to ask him to come camping with them.

At home, KKJ-B was cleaning up GDR’s things since he didn’t have the memorable stuff. He’s cleaning her mug, her spoon and chopstick, tooth brush…until he went into GDR’s room and found that the trash wasn’t thrown away. So he put everything back to its place and took the insisting texts from Gil family as an excuse for not refusing them anymore. KKJ-B decided to go camping too.

Apparently, the family left and let the two enjoy the camping together. KKJ-B presence was a big surprise for GDR, but she had no choice and KKJ-B was no way leaving. He saw the rock GDR said as the representative of him. He just indifferently threw it away.
Having nothing to eat, KKJ-B brought GDR to the park. GDR was planning to take the picture alone, but KKJ-B always annoyed her, blocked her picture, but the point was he’s there in the frame. In the water fountain, KKJ-B played the water with GDR. He even lifted her and carried her around. GDR begged him to put her down, but the way she called him “oorabonim” (the joseon language of modern word “oppa”) made KKJ-B played with her more.

In the convenient store, GDR told the lady that KKJ-B was her brother. Then she met some seniors and that made KKJ-B jealous. However, on their way back to their camping area, a girl asked KKJ-B to give her and her friends a help with the tent. KKJ-B gladly helped them. It’s GDR’s turn to get jealous.
Back in the city, in Ms.Kang’s restaurant, Mr.Seo finally introduced himself to KKJ-B uncle.

Then back to SYJ’s mother’s place, Mr.Seo reminded her that KKJ-B birthday was coming up. She kept on her opinion that she didn’t care about KKJ-B birthday.

KKJ-B upset GDR by saying that he’s meeting the girls (whom he helped earlier) that night, while GDR also upset KKJ-B by saying that she’s meeting her seniors. GDR left. KKJ-B was so upset, but seeing “Kang Kyung Joon-Big” rock was back on the table (meant GDR picked it up again) his upset faded away. Worrying GDR, he was looking for her bringing a lamp. Meanwhile GDR was already on her way when suddenly she thought of KKJ-B who’s left alone. She worried about KKJ-Band went hurriedly back. They met on the way.
“Aren’t you going to meet the girls?” asked GDR. She said she’s going to make a quick go and then come back. ”If you’re going to go back quickly, so I’m going to wait for you,” said KKJ-B.
KKJ-B was joyfully waiting for GDR on the bridge. Meanwhile his parents were on their way to his room in the hospital. KKJ-B suddenly got the “attack” again. In the hospital, his body was moving. He could even see his parents coming. When GDR came back, KKJ-B condition was weak even though he managed to sit. He told her that the quick exchange happened again and strangely he saw SYJ’s parents came to visit him. He didn’t know if it was just a dream or for real. Then he rests his tired body on GDR’s shoulder.

KKJ-B woke up already in the tent. GDR slept not far from him. He put on a blanket on her and lied right behind GDR’s back. He started to express what in his mind to the sleeping GDR. He said that it actually felt good to be in this situation. He could have parents and also GDR. He thanked SYJ to keep him alive. He didn’t know whether or not he would remember everything after he came back to his body. ”Would you remember me like this? Even though you’re happy when SYJ is back, would you please live remembering me?” KKJ-B dropped a tear. And apparently GDR already woke up and she was crying in silence too.

JMR got news that KKJ-B father came to give a visit to the restaurant. She rushed to tell KKJ She’s going to see his father in the hospital with the help of his uncle description. KKJ-Bwas on his way to the lobby where JMR was, but suddenly was stopped by LSY. She asked if GDR told him about their last meeting. KKJ-B just responded her coldly like always. He was almost in the lobby. Mr.Seo finally showed up there and JMR was so close from greeting him. Suddenly KKJ-B attacked by a bad headache that he even dropped to the floor.

Mr.Seo rushed to help his son and JMR did too. Mr.Seo asked his friend to take care of Yoon Jae. And then he told Yoon Jae not to worry about what happened to him. When Mr.Seo was holding his hand, KKJ-B felt something strange, a father’s touch that was foreign for him.

In KKJ-B’s house, JMR asked if he’s fine. KKJ-B he’s not, but nothing he could do. Then JMR got a rest on the second floor room she had for herself. She got a bad dream that KKJ-B already woke up and then suddenly disappear. She was calling for KKJ-B and he rushed to her. “I’m okay with your condition now. I’m okay you’re not coming back. But please don’t go away.” KKJ-B pat her head gently.

GDR remembered KKJ-B birthday and prepared some groceries. Unfortunately, KKJ-B found out that GDR was planning to stay at different place, away from him. So it upset him bad. GDR said they should eat dinner together tomorrow on his birthday. She also asked if he wanted anything for his birthday present. The upset KKJ-B just replied her indifferently. He left, but then quickly come back, asking, “What am I doing so wrong that you keep wanting to run away from me?” GDR tried to explain to him.

On the birthday date, JMR was celebrating in the hospital. Meanwhile GDR was buying a birthday present for KKJ-B, a watch. The store could engrave his initial in the watch and GDR wrote it down for them: KKJ. LSY was shopping with her friend when she saw her there. She peeked on the initial and found it was not SYJ. In a cafe, LSY saw GDR again. GDR was putting off her wedding ring, putting it into a glass and shook it.
LSY told KKJ-B everything she saw. “I’m telling you this because I still like you. I saw GDR was buying a present for someone else other than you,” said LSY. KKJ-B face was change. It’s a good news for him. “GDR even took off her wedding ring when I saw her later in the cafe. I don’t know the man GDR was going to meet, but the initial was KKJ.” A smile clearly showed up on KKJ-B face. “Are you sure about it?” asked him. “Yes, I’m very sure about it.” KKJ-B was so happy.

GDR was waiting for him in the park. When he approached her, KKJ-Basked, “I heard you are seeing another man? And his initial is KKJ.” GDR got nervous again and tried to put on her wedding ring again quickly. But KKJ-B locked her fingers with his. GDR struggled at first, but KKJ-B was slowly leaning towards her.

GDR stopped struggling to release her hand. She let KKJ-B kissed her and the ring even dropped to the ground. She didn’t care. They just kissed.


This Episode is quite complicated because of the last “kiss”. I don’t know who loves who. GDR is wavering, because BIG liked her. I don’t know what will happened if SYJ comes back and i think that he’ll be shocked when he found out that his woman already fallen in-loved with a different guy already.
*such a harsh ending, if that’s going to happened*

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