Big, Episode 7 Review

Character Ledger:

Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-BIG (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo Yoon Jae (SYJ)
Seo Yoon Jae-Small (SYJ-S)
Lee Se Young (LSY)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)
Gil Choong Shik (GCS)


JMR hugs KKJ-B after confirming that he’s KKJ, and then promptly faints from the shock. KKJ-B carries her into the bedroom and deposits her on his bed. He tells GDR to patch up her wound, revealing that he can’t stand the sight of blood. He heads out to buy some medicine.

GCS calls JMR but she doesn’t pick up. He’s worried so he heads over to KKJ-B’s house, correctly believing that JMR might be there after she asked so many questions about him. He finds JMR passed out on the bed while GDR tries to conjure up a believable explanation.

As GDR tries to get GCS to leave, suddenly JMR wakes up. She sits up and immediately calls out for KKJ-B. She runs around the house looking for KKJ-B, which alarms GCS since KKJ’s body is lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly Kyung Jae returns home and GCS’s hackles are raised as he questions whether his sister has gotten back together with SYJ. GCS is about to punch KKJ-B out, and this time KKJ-B braces himself for the contact, when suddenly GCS topples forward in pain. Turns out JMR arrived and kicked him in the groin from behind. JMR runs over and is about to call out KKJ’s name when GDR claps a hand over her mouth and drags her away. KKJ-B kneels down to check on GCS to make sure he’s alright. The boy is in severe pain but hasn’t lost his family jewels. GDR walks GCS out and he expresses his disbelief that she’s still seeing her ex-fiancée.

Inside the house, JMR demands to know why KKJ-B never told her the truth, but he keeps her at arms-length because her wound still bothers him. She realizes it and goes to hide behind a sofa to continue her interrogation. She finds out that GDR knew the truth from the very beginning. JMR asks if KKJ met GD for the first time when he came to Korea and he confirms it. KKJ explains that he can only be himself with GDR. JMR promises to keep his secret and protect him. GCS goes home and finds his parents still happily chatting away with Teacher Na. He sighs and shakes his head, noting that his parents’ happiness over this prospective son-in-law isn’t going to reach a happy conclusion.

GDR goes back to KKJ-B’s house and tells him that she’s changed her mind. She is willing to help him. He thanks her, asking what she’ll do if it gets hard. GDR says she’ll endure since she’s an adult. He promises to make it easier for her. He’ll be like a rude dog, with doggy manners, around her. That way she won’t find herself falling for SYJ’s face again. KKJ-B looks around and tells GDR not to move the furniture out for now. They can use it. He tells her to clean up the area; making the excuse that he can’t help otherwise she’ll start to like SYJ again. KKJ goes to his room and looks at GDR through the window and smiles. When she meets his eyes, he frosts the glass.

LSY meets with KKJ’s aunt and uncle and reveals to them that SYJ was also in the same accident as KKJ. His aunt and uncle now wonder if SYJ is hanging around KKJ to get a piece of the inheritance. They wonder how SYJ knew so much about KKJ’s background.

JMR returns to KKJ-B’s house armed with a suitcase, declaring that she is moving in. She thinks that even if he’s turned into a frog prince, she’ll still like him. She makes him cover his face with a fan that has KKJ’s face printed on it. She sneaks a quick kiss and is surprised that her kiss didn’t transform him back, muttering that those fairytales stories are lies. KKJ-B tells her she can’t move in with him. Even though JMR sees KKJ-B, the rest of the world sees SYJ. And to the rest of the world, this body belongs to GDR. He explains that GDR has agreed to be by his side again. JMR wants to know if it was a lie that KKJ-B liked GDR, but KKJ-B confirms he was telling the truth. He does like GDR, and even confessed to her, but she rejected him. This makes JMR pleased and she says GDR is a good person.

At breakfast the next morning, GDR’s parents are disappointed she never showed up to meet Teacher Na. GCS casually asks what they think if SJY reappeared again? Mom expresses her disapproval if GDR ever got back together with him. At school, Teacher Na tells Teacher Ae Kyung that he’s finally got his courage up to confess to GDR. He throws a fastball that demonstrates his conviction.

GDR and KKJ-B are sitting at a restaurant waiting for SYJ’s mom to arrive. GDR is nervous as heck, and explains this is even worse than her first meeting with SYJ’s mom. Back then SYJ’s mom already didn’t seem all that pleased with GDR, and wanted GDR to spend time with her in the US preparing for the wedding. She reveals that SYJ saw her hand trembling and he held it under the table to reassure her. KKJ-B tells her that if her hands tremble today, he won’t hold it since he’s still going to act ill mannered around her so she doesn’t fall for him again.

SYJ’s mom arrives and they greet her. She sits down and immediately asks GDR why she hasn’t resolved everything yet? KKJ-B speaks up, saying that GDR has agreed to stay with him and he needs her. He explains that he was the one pursuing reconciliation with her. SYJ’s mom orders a rare steak and explains that she eats it with SYJ here in the past and used to be his favorite. The bloody steak makes KKJ uncomfortable and he averts his eyes, telling SYJ’s mom he doesn’t like it anymore. Yoon Jae’s mom insists he eat it and try to remember. Then SYJ’s mom offers to move into his house if he needs someone by his side. The server is preparing to deposit a bloody hunk of meat on KKJ-B’s plate and GDR sees this. She stops the server from putting it on KKJ-B’s plate, and she slams the lid over the entire steak placed right before SYJ’s mom. SYJ’s mom is stunned by GDR’s rudeness but KKJ-B smiles a little to know what GDR did for him. KKJ-B says GDR’s action was expressing her opposition to SYJ’s mom coming by the house. SYJ’s mom calls GDR ill-mannered. GDR tries to explain that isn’t what she meant. KKJ-B says he was the old who told GDR to be direct and forward if she hears something she doesn’t like. KKJ-B grabs GDR’s hand and holds it up for SYJ’s mom to see. He informs her that in the past, he held GDR’s hand like this as a reassurance for her to endure whatever his mom said. But not anymore. Now he’s holding her hand and they are leaving. KKJ-B walks out holding GDR’s shoulders while she tries to apologize to SYJ’s mom.

In the restaurant entrance, GDR shakes his arm off and asks how he could do this. Now SYJ’s mom has the worst impression of her. KKJ-B shrugs and says GDR pretty much made no impression on her in the pasT. He was just continuing with his being a dog in having bad manners. GDR says she’ll show him bad manners and tries to hit him with her purse. He grabs her hand and they stare at each other. KKJ-B then twirls her around and presses her up against the wall, leaning in as if he was going to kiss her. GDR pauses, but the kiss doesn’t happen since KKJ-B saw SYJ’s mom watching so he wanted to put on this show to keep her from dropping by the house in the future. He releases her and then walks away with a smirk.

GCS and JMR go see a shaman, and this scene is straight out of The Moon Embraces the Sun. The shaman is dressed like the head shaman in MoonSun and the background music is the same. JMR writes down the names of KKJ and SYJ and says their souls need to be switched back. When asked what their relationship is – dating, brothers, friends – JMR refutes all that and says the two guys like the same girl.

At KKJ-B’s home, GDR and KKJ-B continue to bicker over his bad manners. She finds beer in the fridge and learns that SYJ’s mom would bring it over on occasion. KKJ-B would dump it so it looked like he was drinking it. GDR says it’s a waste so he tells her to drink it. They sit outside eating snacks, with GDR drinking the beer. GDR asks KKJ-B why he’s afraid of blood. He explains that his mother died after being shot when she was leaving the restaurant, and she lost all her blood. Since then he’s been afraid of seeing blood. He is studying medicine not because he wants to be a doctor, but because he needs to take care of this body for who knows how long. GDR gives him a sad look and then offers him the piece of dried squid snack she was munching on. He declines since it’s spicy so she licks off the spice for him. He says its gross, and then points out that snack have been in this house for two years. GDR spits it out and looks all worried. He tells her to stick her tongue out. She sticks her tongue out adorably and he makes her stick it out even longer, and then touch her nose with it.

KKJ-B goes to the hospital and tries to conquer his fear of blood but can’t. He sees a bunch of little kid patients who cling to him as Dr. Seo Yoon Jae. He’s awkward around them until he realizes he can treat their little boo boos and it doesn’t bother him.

LSY sees him at the hospital and wonders why he’s back. He tells her that he’s back together with GDR. LSY mentions KKJ’s name and reveals she knows about the accident. She wonders if KKJ and SYJ are tied together in a special fate. KKJ-B tells LSY that all he knows is that he’s not fated to be with her.

GDR is at school when she gets a rude text from KKJ-B to bring him some bread. It makes her smile, and Teacher Ae Kyung sees it and asks if GDR is back together with SYJ. GDR gets a second text from KKJ-B, telling her to come over with the bread. This makes her smile again.

JMR finds GDR in the school courtyard and hands her a talisman that she got from the shaman. JMR says this will help GDR gets SYJ back, while she wants KKJ-B back because KKJ is hers. She thanks GDR for taking good care of KKJ this whole time. After JMR flounces off, GDR sits there and looks rather deep in thought.

GCS is talking with his friends, who tease him about his crush on JMR. He sees JMR coming so he strikes a cool pose, but JMR just rushes past him, completely oblivious. Poor GCS’s face falls.

KKJ’s aunt and uncle are dining at the Mandoo Restaurant and discussing what to do with the inheritance money when they get it. They consider opening a restaurant. When GDR’s mom comes by to serve them, KKJ’s uncle stares at her and flashes back to the past. Turns out they were high school classmates and it’s clear KKJ’s uncle had a crush on GDR’s mom back then.

KKJ-B and JMR are eating an icy snack in his living room. JMR finds out that SYJ saved KKJ in the accident, so she suggests he recreate it and then their souls will switch back. JMR wants KKJ-B to pretend to be her uncle so she can live with him but he says hell no. She runs around while he chases after her to get her to leave. GDR arrives carrying groceries and she hears them bickering, which makes her smile. She sees KKJ-B’s wallet on the table and looks at the Miracle picture in it. GCS begs his mom to allow him to study abroad, but she just tells him to stop dreaming and go grocery shopping with her. After getting rid of JMR, KKJ-B drags GDR out shopping as well, complaining that she only brought over fresh produce.

At the grocery store, gdr encourages Kkj-b to learn to cook a few easy dishes. She asks if he knows how to cook since his mom used to own a restaurant. He starts grabbing ingredients to make a dish for her today. As they are shopping, they totally look like a newlywed couple. KKJ-B eats horn chips from his fingertips like a kid, and he offers GDR one. She pauses and then eats one off his finger. As GDR and KKJ-B continue shopping, she spies her mom and GCS. KKJ-B is non-plussed and is willing to get walloped by her mom if she sees him but GDR shuffles him away. She goes to distract her mom and brother. Afterwards, GDR runs back into the grocery store looking for KKJ. She seems disappointed when she can’t find him. As GDR leaves, she sees KKJ-B sucking on a lollipop outside. She is happy to see him, but he makes it appear like the groceries were too heavy for him to carry home. He grabs a bag of open chips and walks away, but when she complains, he ends up carrying two bags while GDR carries the watermelon.

KKJ-B prepares an oven-roasted chicken dish and pops it in the oven. He tells GDR to be prepared to blown away in an hour and a half. GDR gets a call from Teacher Ae Kyung, who is with Teacher Na preparing his confession to GDR. She agrees to meet them and promises KKJ-B that she will be back in an hour and a half in time to eat the chicken. KKJ-B looks slightly disappointed.

While KKJ-B is waiting for GDR, JMR arrives and she smells the food cooking. She peeks into the oven and asks if this was the dish KKJ’s mom made before. KKJ-B is impatient and tells her to grab whatever she left behind and leave.

GDR arrives at the restaurant and Teacher Na is so nervous around her. Teacher Ae Kyung makes the excuse to leave first, but she accidentally grabs GDR’s phone on her way out. Outside the restaurant, GDR’s phone rings and Teacher Ae Kyung answers. It’s KKJ-B asking why she’s not back yet. Teacher Ae Kyung recognizes SYJ’s voice and reveals that GDR is currently meeting with Teacher Na, who is about to confess to her.

After KKJ-B hangs up, JMR comes downstairs holding a ring box. She shows KKJ-B a ring that must’ve been purchased by SYJ for GDR. JMR thinks it’s so romantic. JMR asks if she can stay and eat the chicken but KKJ-B says no. He tells her that if he goes back into his own body, then he’ll make her a chicken for her to eat.

GDR excuses herself from Teacher Na and gets up to leave, which is when he gets up the courage to tell her that he likes her and has for a long time. GDR stammers that she has agreed to stay by someone’s side. Suddenly Teacher Ae Kyung returns and asks if GDR heard that Teacher Na confessed to liking Teacher Ae Kyung. She effectively helps the poor guy save face, leaving GDR to think she misunderstood who Teacher Na’s confession was directed at. She grabs her phone back from Teacher Ae Kyung and leaves.

GDR starts running back to Kyung Jae’s house, and mid-way she answers a cal froml him. She’s out of breath and tells him she’s on her way. He tells her not to come anymore, and if she wants to eat chicken she should buy some herself. He wants to keep his promise not to let her waver, so she shouldn’t come back. He hangs up on her. GDR looks sad and considers whether her feelings are beings swayed. His question of her heart being moved was so loaded. He meant whether her heart was swayed for SYJ, but she’s clearly feeling it swayed because she was running towards KKJ-B.

KKJ-B goes to the hospital and meets with LSY. He shows her the ring and asks if it was for her. LSYtries it out but it’s too small for her ring finger. KKJ-B confirms SYJ bought it for GDR. He wants to know what SYJ’s relationship was like with LSY, making the excuse about his lost memories. LSY says SYJ appeared to be wavering in his decision to get married. LSY isn’t sure what was going through SYJ’s mind back then, and she tells KKJ-B to regain his own memories and let everyone know.

SYJ’smom goes to the Mandoo Restaurant to meet with GDR’s parents. Afterwards, GDR’s parents ask GDR if she’s meeting with SYJ again. GDR confesses that she’s starting over with SYJ, just meeting him again. Her dad is quite disappointed with her, but says that if she wants to be with SYJ, then they need to get married this time. If she doesn’t, then he doesn’t want to see SYJ or her ever again.

KKJ-B meets with SYJ’s mom and asks if she went to see GDR’s parents. She says yes, and reveals that they were shocked to hear that he was back together with GDR. She tells KKJ-B to stop using GDR as a shield to keep her from trying to push him back together with LSY.

KKJ-B meets with GDR and finds out what her dad said. He tells her that she should have replied that they will get married. She calls him crazy. He asks her to decide again – to keep seeing him or stop? He counts to three, and at the third count, he slips the ring on her finger. It fits perfectly. You can just see KKJ-B’s heart fall, as he’s probably hoping it wouldn’t fit. KKJ-B reveals that SYJ appears to have bought this ring for GDR before the accident. He tells GDR that she’s allowed to let her heart waver towards SYJ again. And he, Kang Kyung Joon, will never like Gil Da Ran. GDR and KKJ-B stare at each other.


That’s the last sound I hear when this Episode ends. Although this episode is getting better, but some characters are getting worst. Like, Se Young’s character, I don’t really know what is the purpose of her character, is she the antagonist of Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s love affair or is she’s the puppet of her own love story, this is worst. And even Da Ran’s brother Choong Shik, he has his own love story, and he even know that Mari really like Kyung Joon so much, but he’s insisting and pushing himself at Mari (ooh well, I think that’s love).

This Episode is really complicated and my head hurts when I understand one’s relationship conflicts. Like Teacher Na likes Gil Da Ran, Teacher Ae Kyung likes Teacher Na, but Gil Da Ran likes Kang Kyung Joon or Seo Yoon Jae? It’s really complicated (complicated feelings).

I hope that as the drama continues, I really hope that the story will get better and better, not worst of worst. Actually, some of the parts are getting boring..

Until my next Review.. 😀

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