Big, Episode 8 Review

Character ledger:

Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-BIG (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo Yoon Jae (SYJ)
Seo Yoon Jae-Small (SYJ-S)
Lee Se Young (LSY)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)
Gil Choong Shik (GCS)


KKJ-B slips the ring on GDR’s finger and tells her that this ring was purchased for her by SYJ. GDR stares at the ring and asks if it was really bought by SYJ. KKJ-B tells her that she can waver towards this body now. It’s clear now that KKJ-B really didn’t want her to like SYJ when he thought SYJ was a cheating bastard, worried that she would be hurt. But with evidence to the contrary, KKJ-B is mature and selfless enough to encourage GDR to have the confidence to like SYJ again. KKJ-B vows that while she wears the ring, Kang Kyung Joon will never like Gil Da Ran.

JMR finds out from GCS that the Gil parents are pushing the formerly estranged exes to get married ASAP. She charges out to find KKJ-B and put a stop to it. GDR asks KKJ-B again if this was bought by SYJ and KKJ-B is tired of explaining so he tells her to chuck the ring if she doesn’t believe him. He tells GDR to marry this body and wait for SYJ to wake up and confirm he still wanted to marry her. She asks if he (Kyung Joon) is okay marrying her, and he says it’s a good way to get adults off his back, plus he’s not really marrying her. This time the bait is SYJ, and if she doesn’t want to lose him, she better bite now.

KKJ-B walks into the living room and JMR comes barreling in. She demands to know if he’s planning to marry GDR. KKJ tells her it’s none of her business. JMR doesn’t think so and she runs off to tell the Gil parents the truth about the body swap business. KKJ runs after her, with GDR running after both of them, and all three of them push GCS aside in their rush to get to the Gil house.

GDR’s mom thinks GDR must really like SYJ to see him behind their backs. Dad wants them to get married and be open about it, none of this sneaking around. JMR comes storming in and is about to blurt out the truth when KKJ-B arrives and stops her just in time. GDR is three steps behind and the three of them stand face to face with the parents. The parents notice that GDR is wearing an engagement ring and think that she’s decided to get married. GDR hems and haws, so KKJ-B speaks up and explains that GDR is still considering his proposal of marriage. That placates the parents for now, and KKJ-B drags JMR away. GCS arrives too late for the party, and finds out that GDR is close to getting married to SYJ.

JMR tells KKJ again that he can’t marry GDR even in this body. Their (Kyung Joon and Mari) parents didn’t end up getting married, so she won’t let this marriage happen either. KKJ-B warns her that if she dares to reveal the body switch to the Gil parents, he will never ever speak to her again. The Gil parents start to plan the wedding.

GDR sits in the kitchen later than night and looks at her ring. She takes it off and then has fantasies about what SYJ will think once he wakes up and finds himself married. A happy fantasy involves SYJ being happily surprised with the house being so clean and increased in property value, complete with confetti and a bouquet of roses delivered on bended knee. An unhappy fantasy involves SYJ telling GDR that he wants to be with LSY and then handing her divorce papers to sign. GDR’s mom comes out and sees her daughter. GDR explains that she’s confused; she isn’t sure what SYJ wants. Mom asks if she loves SYJ, and then tells her to follow her own heart this time. GDR stars at the ring some more and asks herself what she feels for SYJ. But instead what pops into her mind is KKJ-B saying that he won’t love her if she wears the ring.

GCS sits with JMR at school and she is wondering how much GDR likes the doctor ahjusshi. GCS says a lot since his sister was always waiting for SYJ, even to the point of being rather spineless and pathetic. That pleases JMR. When GCS asks how much JMR likes him, knowing that she likes KKJ a lot but she must have some feelings for him, JMR says zero as she points a finger gun at his heart and pulls the trigger. This breaks GCS’s heart. Later that day, when his mom asks him for his latest test score, GCS just barks out zero.

KKJ-B is at the hospital eating with SYJ’s colleagues. Everyone busily heads off to work, and KKJ-B watches as some high school kids come to visit their friend. He’s too young to hang out with SYJ’s friends, and in his current body too old to hang out with the high school boys. KKJ-B heads to the pediatrics ward and sits in the play room with some kids. He takes a bit of a kid’s cookie and is admonished for stealing food from a baby. KKJ-B says he’s not an adult so he can do this.

GDR meets with LSY and asks directly what the nature of LS Y’s relationship was with SYJ. LSY says they slept together at each others house that is how far it progressed. GDR doesn’t believe her. LSY asks if GDR has confidence this time around now that SYJ is back and wants her again. GDR says she does. LSY calmly says that she’s not going to help GDR get back together with SYJ by revealing more of her own past with SYJ. GDR is emotional where as LSY is composed, candidly saying that she isn’t going to pretend she wants to see GDR happily together with SYJ.

GDR goes to KKJ-B’s house and sees him water the plants in the yard. He’s happily playing with water from the hose and GDR sits down and stares at him. She touches her heart and blushes. KKJ-B wonders if she’s feeling flush from the heat. He waters the area above where she is sitting and the water rains down over the patio umbrella. GDR smiles and says it’s just like raining. KKJ-B comes running over and sits down, telling GDR that it’s her turn to make it rain while he enjoys the cool. GDR sends the water raining down, and then she directs the hose at KKJ-B. He’s soaked, but then he points out that she’s made her purse all wet as well. When she runs over to check on her purse, he grabs the hose and sprays her. They happily water fight in the yard.

Afterwards KKJ-B and GDR sit in the living room and dry off her purse. Suddenly GDR realizes that the engagement ring is missing. Both of them look all around the yard for it but can’t find it. GDR appears okay with it going missing, saying that she’s not made up her mind, so if it’s gone then that’s fine. KKJ-B calls her a quitter. She asks if he is serious about her marrying him, but KKJ-B says she’s giving up because she lacks confidence to make a decision. It’s his turn to call her immature, saying that an adult would make these hard decisions. Even a kid like him knows that an adult would confirm what SYJ wanted before giving up. They fight and GDR tells KKJ-B not to wait around for her. KKJ-B says he’ll stop rejecting SYJ’s mom’s meddling with meet with those women so he won’t be around when she makes up her mind. GDR storms off while KKJ-B looks contrite.

GCS and JMR are at his house discussing whether GDR has decided to get married or not. When Mari hears GDR hasn’t decided, she says she will go reconcile with KKJ-B. Mom enters the room and shows GCS some racy magazines she found under his bed and tells him to get rid of it. He’s embarrassed and furious this is being witnessed by JMR and yells that the magazines are not his. He yells at his mom, saying he hates her. Later that night, GCS runs away from home.

KKJ-B is studying home but can’t concentrate after his fight with GDR. He notices that she left without taking some documents which was set out to dry. He decides to bring it over to her. KKJ-B arrives at the Gil house to find everyone outside and frantic. He sees Teacher Na running into the house. GCS’s running away has been discovered and even Teacher Na is there to help look. They discuss where to start looking, like his friends houses. KKJ-B turns to leave, thinking Teacher Na is here and is plenty of help. He’s seen and roped into looking for GCS. GDR’s parents start calling him Seo son-in-law again.

GDR finds KKJ-B leisurely drinking a beverage outside a convenience store. She wonders why he’s not frantic and KKJ-B reveals that rebelling is normal for teenagers. He ran away once. JMR calls and tells KKJ-B to head to the sauna while sending GDR to check in the Seoul subway tunnels. KKJ-B finds GCS eating a hard boiled egg at the sauna. KKJ-B sits down and tells GCS to rebel but not drag it out; it’ll make it harder to go back. GCS doesn’t think SYJ understands what he’s going through. KKJ-B brings up KKJ and shares with GCS that KKJ rebelled once too. KKJ believed he didn’t want to see his mom again, but when his mom died, he realized that wasn’t true. GCS worriedly asks if anything happened to his mom, and is told to go home and check for himself. Don’t drag out this rebelling to the point that he’ll come to regret it. He counsels GCS to go home and talk to his mom calmly about what he wants. GCS wants to go study in the US, and KKJ-B says he’ll support sending GCS there to study during a break. JMR arrives and almost calls KKJ-B his real name before calling him Dr. Seo. She’s playful and wants to spend the night at the sauna. They guys ask about GDR and JMR says she sent GDR to search the subway tunnels.

GDR is running around the dark and dirty subway tunnels calling for GCS. A few homeless men approach her to ask for some money and she starts to realize she might be in trouble. Suddenly a hand grabs her from behind and thank god it’s KKJ-B. He yells at her for placing herself in danger. But he’s even angrier at JMR for sending GDR here and he stalks off. GDR sees GCS and starts to wallop him for causing everyone so much grief.

GCS goes home and apologizes profusely to everyone. The parents learn that Seo son-in-law found GCS and convince him to go home. They ask GDR to call SYJ over for breakfast tomorrow.

GDR finds JMR sitting in the restaurant crying. She comforts JMR, saying GCS has been found. JMR is crying because KKJ-B is furious with her. She reveals that he’s mad because she lied again. JMR says that when her dad and his mom were planning to get married, she told a lie. Then KKJ’s mom died. JMR places all the blame on herself for what happened. Turns out that JMR’s dad was planning to propose to KKJ’s mom and the two kids found out. JMR says that since neither of them want their parents to get married (because JMR likes KKJ and doesn’t want to be his step-sister, and because he doesn’t want to lose his mom to JMR’s dad), then she will lie that she is sick keep her dad from meeting up with his mom that night. KKJ needs to keep his mom away from the meeting as well.

GDR goes to KKJ-B’s house and finds him sitting in the yard. KKJ-B reveals the rest of what happened to GDR. Turns out he also prevented his mom from meeting with JMR’s dad that night. He told his mom that he didn’t want her to go and wanted her to stay with him. She agreed and they left the restaurant together that night. Outside the restaurant, two thugs approached from behind, and appear to randomly call out “hey you!” before shooting KKJ’s mom. This was weird and felt more like a targeted kill than a robbery gone awry, but I’m not sure if the execution of the scene was off or there really is more than meets the eye with the death. GDR walks up to KKJ-B and wraps her arms around his neck, leaning in to comfort him. He says that if it wasn’t for his immaturity that night, his mom would have gone to meet JMR’s dad and not have gotten shot. Because of him, he lost his mom. GDR keeps telling KKJ-B that what happened to his mom wasn’t his fault.

GDR’s parents are treating Teacher Na to thank him for helping to look for GCS. Teacher Ae Kyung and the Vice Principal are also there. Turns out GDR’s dad were teacher colleagues with the VP, and GDR’s mom was a student of theirs. It’s clear the VP liked GDR’s dad, and she makes a sneaky remark that GDR’s mom appears to have aged quite a bit. KKJ’s uncle arrives and GDR’s mom goes to greet and seat him. He wonders why she doesn’t recognize him, because of his mustache. Both KKJ’s uncle and the VP stare at GDR’s parents being affectionate with each other off to the side, and their eyes meet and flash back to high school. Back then, GDR’s mom was a student and she went to have lunch with her teacher GDR’s dad. The VP and KKJ’s uncle were hiding and staring jealously at the scene. They saw each other then, and they recognize each other now.

GCS friends counsel him to give up on JMR, but he refuses. If she’s determined to return to the US with KKJ, then he’s going there as well.

KKJ-B walks out of his house and finds JMR crouched outside. She apologizes and came with an ice cream for him, but sadly it’s melted. He smiles and tells her that he’s doesn’t blame her, not for placing GDR in danger or for what happened to his mom. He pats Mari on the bed and comforts her. Mari promises to behave from now on and stop doing whatever she wants.

GDR’s goes to visit KKJ’s body in the hospital. She wonders what to do. She remembers KKJ-B saying that he’s going to return things to the pre-switch state,

GDR meets with LSY and says she’s getting back together with SYJ. LSY says she’ll watch and see how far GDR goes this time. GDR is confident and won’t waver again. LSY says that since GDR has such conviction, then she’ll test it and see if it holds. GDR tells LSY to bring it, GDR won’t budge under any pressure.

KKJ-B comes home and finds GDR rooting around the yard for the missing ring. She tells him to go inside since it’s so hot out. He comes out with fan GDR and then hands her the ring. He tells her to take it. GDR confesses that her heart still flutters for SYJ, and she thinks she still likes him. So she won’t waver anymore. She takes the ring and tells KKJ-B that she will marry him. She will take care of him and raise him well. He announces that he won’t be an immature child anymore and keep her from liking the person she wants to like. They go inside to the living room and KKJ-B wonders what will happen if they get married and years later he still doesn’t switch back. When GDR is about the put the ring on herself, he stops her and does it for her. Since SYJ isn’t around to do it and it’s pathetic for her to do it herself, he can do it for her. KKJ-B vows again that he won’t be good to GDR. He doesn’t want her to see him as SYJ and want him. They agree that when he becomes a legal adult and the souls haven’t switched back, they’ll go their separate ways.

JMR goes back to see the shaman and this time wants another talisman. She wants a charm that will prevent two people who are together from falling in love with each other. The shaman asks if JMR is looking for a charm to break up two people who are in love. JMR says the charm has to keep two people about to get married from loving each other.

LSY goes to meet SYJ’s mom and wants to continue seeing the Seo family even after SYJ is married. She wants to meet SYJ’s dad when he returns to Korea, especially since he’s a famed doctor she admires. LSY spots the Miracle book and asks about it. SYJ’s mom explains that the book picture was drawn by SYJ’s dad when SYJ was just a kid, and then bound into this private book. She explains the story being the two angels reaching for each other. If one angel saves the other, then the other angel can save yet another.

The wedding preparations are underway, and GCS finds out JMR’s plan to attend the wedding dressed in a short white dress that makes her look like the bride. He chides her for stealing the bride’s thunder, but JMR is undeterred and says she plans to wear it and stand right next to the groom. GCS says that will make the groom be confused as to who is his bride, which is exactly what JMR intends.

GDR and KKJ-B sit at their dining table and discuss how tomorrow their wedding. He’s drinking Vitamin water while she has a beer. She tells him that she’ll open a can of beer for him when he’s 21, but until then they have to stick with the boundaries. KKJ-B agrees. If the day comes that he’s fully matured but hasn’t switched back, then they ought to drink beer to each other and then go their separate ways.

The camera pans down the line of the Gil rock family, and at the very end, someone places a wedding picture of GDR and KKJ-B.

KKJ-B is driving GDR to the airport. Turns out the world thinks they are on their honeymoon, but GDR is going to China alone while KKJ-B stays behind. She encourages him to find JMR and head to the place where the school took a trip last year since he missed it, but reminds him not to get spotted. He reminds her to lay low in China as well. KKJ-B drops her off and she promises to take pictures of the Great Wall for him. After she walks in, he mutters that she didn’t ask him to join her even until the last minute. He then realizes she left her passport and boarding pass in the car and he stops himself from calling for her. He chuckles that she can’t leave now or get to use the Chinese she was practicing. GDR finally notices her missing travel documents and calls KKJ-B, who is waiting for her call outside in the car. He lies that he’s driving and far away so she tells him to hurry back and drop it off for her at the airport. After he hangs up, he continues chilling in the car. GDR sits in the terminal and watches her plane take off. KKJ-B arrives and asks innocently if she missed her flight. They grab a bite at the airport, eating Chinese food, in consolation of her not being able to use the Chinese phrases she learned. When he asks if she’s that disappointed to miss this trip, he suggests they go on their honeymoon trip.

SYJ’s mom is on the phone with her ex-husband SYJ’s dad. She’s upset he missed SYJ’s wedding. She asks what could be more important than his own son. Dad says something important and urgent arose, and “that child’s” mom died. SYJ’s mom gasps. SYJ’s dad says “Choong Gi” had an accident. SYJ’s mom asks about “that child” and SYJ’s dad says he’s looking for him, and SYJ will understand why he missed this wedding for this situation if it’s because of “that child”. The camera shows us a picture on SYJ’s dad’s desk showing SYJ’s dad, SYJ’s mom, and a young boy I’m assuming is SYJ.

KKJ-B and GDR stand in the airport terminal and confer as to where to go for 5 days. GDR still wants to go to China and see the Great Wall so KKJ-B agrees. She wonders how he happened to have a packed suitcase and travel documents with him, and he teases that he’s a seasoned traveler and is always prepared. GDR confesses that she felt bad leaving him behind and all alone, but she worried how it would seem if she asked him to go with her to China. KKJ-B says that she should have asked him earlier, he would have gone with her. She thinks it’s awkward to ask him on a honeymoon, so he teases that he won’t ask her to do what other couples on their honeymoon would do. She gets flustered and runs off to grab money from the ATM machine. She acknowledges that her heart was beating fast when KKJ-B wanted them to travel together. KKJ-B looks at the departure board and then takes out his wallet to check his cash. We see the Miracle picture clearly inside. Suddenly he appears to wobble and his world starts tilting. At the same time, Kyung Joon’s body in the hospital room suddenly jerks upward and then falls back down on the bed.

GDR finds KKJ-B standing dazed and shaken. She asks him if he’s alright. He looks shocked and tells her that he thinks his soul returned to his own body momentarily. He congratulates GDR, as it appears SYJ may be returning soon.


I just stated that the last episode is kinda boring and some character is getting worst. Actually, the story might get better this time onwards. But Lee Se Young’s character, I can’t believe it. WORST. Clinging to Yoon Jae’s mom and dad, when she knew that Yoon Jae is married to Da Ran; invasion of privacy people. I think it will last till the end. I don’t know but I have a bad feeling for this.

The story is getting better especially of course because of the soul switching thing, I’m looking forward to it. I think the writer come to his/her senses (I was just kidding. But I think so). Funny episode too, CSI:LV theme song when teacher Na is looking for Da Ran’s brother, OMG, it was killing me, (literally)

What was just happened on last scene? *goosebumps* It’s a sign that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae’s soul will switch at the next episode? What about Da Ran and Kyung Jae’s marriage? It is that illegal, because Yoon Jae is not her Legal husband but Kyung Jae? OMG! So confusing. I just can’t wait till the next episode air.

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