BIG, Episode 9 Review

Character ledger:
Kang Kyung Joon-BIG (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)


KKJ-B and GDR drive to the hospital, having chucked the honeymoon plans. KKJ-B explains to GDR that he clearly felt his soul return to his own body for a short few seconds of time. In the hospital, the nurses come in and find KKJ body on the ground. He’s rushed to get a CAT scan with LSY as the attending physician. KKJ-B and GDR run into KKJ’s hospital room and find the bed empty. They are running around the hospital when they see KKJ being wheeled out, still unconscious. KKJ-B’s hopes fall since nothing has changed. LSY walks out and wonders why they are here. GDR makes the excuse that they came for another medical situation. KKJ-B asks about KKJ and is told that his body was found on the ground, but a CAT scan reveals nothing has changed and his body hasn’t regained consciousness either. LSY notes that GDR and KKJ-B obviously aren’t going on their honeymoon. She offers to call SYJ directly if anything changes with KKJ, since he’s so curious about this particular patient. KKJ-B tells her that it’s no necessary, he’ll find out himself.

KKJ uncle and aunt arrive and ask LSY what the deal is with Dr. Seo’s interest in KKJ. Once they are alone, the aunt still thinks Dr. Seo is keeping tabs on KKJ to get payment for saving KKJ life.

Outside the hospital, GDR is relieved that they didn’t go on the vacation because what if the switch happened then. She would have been so happy on vacation. He asks if she was happy to go with him, whom she demurs and says he’s currently in SYJ’s body. So KKJ-B gets annoyed, saying it would have been best if the souls switched during the vacation. Then GDR would happily hold SYJ’s hand to walk the Great Wall. GDR says if that happened, she would be worried about KKJ, how could she be having fun. He asks if she’s disappointed the souls didn’t switch back. They huff at each other and each decides to go on their own vacation. KKJ-B pulls off all the wedding frippery on the car and then drives off, while GDR has grabbed her suitcase and walks off. They tell each other not to call! In the car, KKJ-B looks at GDR’s guidebook for China and then chucks it into the back seat.

JMR is outside of KKJ-B’s house with all her belongings, looking at her cell phone background which is a photo shopped wedding picture of herself and KKJ. She asks KKJ-B not to marry Gil Teacher. In JMR’s heart, she always believed KKJ would marry her. She sighs, saying that even if KKJ married GDR, it’s in the form of SYJ’s body. In JMR’s mind, KKJ’s heart will be married to her.

Teacher Ae Kyung and Teacher Na go out to dinner, with him treating her for all the help she’s given him in pursuing GDR. He treats her to as much beer as she wants to drink.

KKJ-B goes home and walks into his darkened living room. Suddenly a door opens on the second floor and a long-haired woman in white walks out. It’s all eerie horror movie music and creepy voices, and KKJ-B finds a talisman. He looks up and sees this phantom figure staring down at him, and then cue the blood curdling screams.

Of course it was just trespasser extraordinaire JMR, who has taken breaking and entering to new heights. She’s happy that he’s back home and didn’t go on his honeymoon, which she chalks up to the talisman working. JMR tells KKJ-B that she did something else, and KKJ-B runs upstairs to see that JMR has decorated a room into a shrine to JMR and KKJ. JMR tells KKJ-B that this is to remind him of the way things ought to be, in case he gets confused. I think you need to get out, JMR. And obviously KKJ-B feels the same way, as he ushers her out.

GDR is hiding out at the sauna, the place to be when one has no place to go. I wonder why she went to the one her family goes to, because lo and behold, they are there as well. GCS is the first to spot GDR but he’s confused since she is supposed to be in China. He calls her and she lies that she’s in China eating Peking duck and drinking Gao Liang wine, so he reveals that he thinks she’s in a sauna eating an egg. GDR covers her head and rushes off, with GCS in pursuit, and she shakes him by running into the ladies changing room.

KKJ-B sits at home and looks at GDR’s China guidebook. He flips to a page with the picture of the Great Wall. He draws a stick figure of GDR on the Great Wall, fulfilling her dream to walk on it. He then draws a stick figure of himself next to her, holding her hand. He thinks it would have been so nice to walk on the Great Wall with her and holding hands. But KKJ-B sighs, saying that the person with GDR on the Great Wall would be SYJ, not the real him, and GDR’s smile wouldn’t be for him. KKJ-B wonders why GDR isn’t home yet, did she really go to China. He walks outside to look for her in case she’s coming home.

The Gil family is driving home and GCS thinks he sees SYJ on the street. His parents think GCS has taken to seeing things, but the family confirms GCS is right and their Seo son-in-law is in fact still in Seoul and not in China.

KKJ-B goes back to the Gil house and explains that he was called to the hospital for an urgent medical matter so GDR went to China by herself. The family accepts this excuse. KKJ-B says GDR didn’t ditch him, he told her to go. GCS reveals that he thought he saw GDR at the sauna. KKJ-B calls GDR. She wonders how he knew where she is. He tells her that he’s at her family’s house. She worries that he got caught. He says the family thinks she’s in China and he’s covering for her. She worries that he’s gotten yelled at.

KKJ-B sits down to dinner with the Gil family and Mom ladles him a bowl of soup. She says it’s refreshing but KKJ-B says its super spicy. Wouldn’t it masochistic to describe spicy food as refreshing? The food is hot and spicy and not what a teenager like KKJ-B enjoys. When Mom offers to make them something else, turns out GCS and KKJ-B both want a simple fried egg. The parents compliment SYJ and put down GDR, which annoys KKJ-B. He naturally insults himself and tells the parents to stop putting SYJ on a pedestal. He’s not all that amazing; he just plays with kids at the hospital and now doesn’t have much money after buying the house.

LSY sits with SYJ’s mom, who reveals that she has to head back to the US because an urgent matter come up. LSY reveals that SYJ was in the hospital today, and asking about a patient name KKJ. SYJ’s mom looks confused and then a light bulb goes off. SYJ’s mom finds out that the patient is a high school boy who has no parents.

SYJ’s mom calls SYJ’s dad and asks what “that child’s” name is? SYJ’s dad is looking at a picture of KKJ’s mom, and replies that Hee Seok’s son’s name is Kyung Joon, Kang Kyung Joon. Dad says she might not want to think about KKJ, but he can’t do that. SYJ’s mom says that she doesn’t care about he does, she will never go bring that boy back, and then hangs up the phone. She turns and stares at the Miracle book, wondering if SYJ already found that boy.

KKJ’s aunt and uncle are in KKJ’s hospital room, wondering why he doesn’t wake up. Uncle is worried that the restaurant is failing and wants KKJ to wake up and take care of his own inheritance. He doesn’t want to lose all of KKJ’s mom’s hard earned money. Aunt mentions how KKJ’s mom saved up all that money to raise KKJ.

KKJ-B is in GDR’s room and he calls her, saying SYJ’s mom found out they didn’t go on the honeymoon and wants to see him tomorrow. He tells her that he’s sleeping in her room tonight, and the room has the same personality as her. He tells her that her mom prepared a snack for him, and gave him a bottle of ginseng wine aged twenty years. He asks what she’s doing and she says that she’s getting ready to eat a bowl of instant noodles. KKJ-B tells her not to eat that because it’s his and to wait for him, he’ll be right there. He packs up the food that GDR’s mom made for him to snack on. KKJ-B holds the bag of food under his arms and starts running back to his house. He runs with this smile on his face that just makes my heart thrum with happiness. I can watch him run towards GDR forever and ever. GDR walks outside to wait for him by the front gate. She steps up and down on the door ledge, a sign of anticipation as she looks around. When GDR sees KKJ-B run up, all out of breath, she smiles. He smiles at her and she smiles right back. He hands her the bag of food and lies that he was going to throw it away, but she can eat it if she wants to. He hands her the food and moves to go back to her house, but she stops him.

GDR and KKJ-B sit in the kitchen, with her eating and him keeping her company. GDR eats and then takes a sip of the wine. KKJ-B wants to take it back with him, since it’s older than he is and he’s worried that if GDR drinks it, she’ll get drunk and take advantage of him. She wants to keep it with her and drink it every day. KKJ-B calls the bottle of wine “hyung-nim”, which is adorable, and warns it about the “noona” that wants to take advantage of it. If GDR has too much “energy”, then he doesn’t have the confidence to keep her at bay. KKJ-B leaves since he still needs to sneak back into GDR’s room. GDR walks him out and he is happy to think she might go back with him. GDR tells him she just wanted to walk him out. He walks away and then turns back, asking her to come by the house tomorrow and collect him. She smiles and says she’ll think about it. He walks away and tells her that she has to come.

Ae Kyung has gotten drunk and Teacher Na piggybacks her home. When she gets off his back, she tosses the bouquet at him and says strike. He doesn’t get that she likes him and thinks she’s upset at him.

KKJ-B goes back to GDR’s mom. She sends him a text telling him to read a book or listen to music if he’s bored. If he’s okay, then she’ll come pick him up tomorrow. KKJ-B finds a box containing GDR’s mementos of SYJ. He sifts through the box, seeing pictures and the pink couple sock. He sighs, telling the ahjusshi to come back soon, otherwise he won’t want to leave.

SYJ’s mom goes to KKJ’s hospital room late at night. She tentatively walks up to him. She didn’t get to see him when he was born, and she can’t believe she’s seeing him for the first time now. She looks sad and reaches out to stroke his cheek but stops before she touches him. She turns and leaves.

GCS and JMR are hanging out and she finds out from him that GDR and KKJ-B didn’t go on their honeymoon. This makes JMR happy and she offers to deduct more pans, but GCS keeps trying to prolong their pan debt and tells her to use deduct one.

KKJ-B goes to the hospital and finds out from nurse that an older woman who appears quite wealthy came by last night to visit his body. JMR runs in all excited, having heard that KKJ’s body appeared to have moved yesterday. She asks if he’s about to come back.

KKJ-B wants to get his things back from his uncle so he and JMR go to his uncle’s restaurant. Turns out the restaurant looks identical to KKJ’s mom’s restaurant in LA (which is named Miracle), but this restaurant barely has any customers. KKJ’s uncle and aunt see Dr. Seo with JMR and try to hide from him. KKJ-B offers to tell KKJ’s uncle the name of the Russian chef who cooked for KKJ’s mom, in exchange for KKJ’s belongings. JMR asks later if KKJ told his uncle on purpose, and KKJ confirms that he can’t let his uncle run the restaurant to the ground. Smart puppy! JMR wants to go back to KKJ’s house with him afterwards but he forestalls her, saying he needs to go meet with SYJ’s mom. KKJ-B smiles like a doofus, telling JMR that he’s waiting at the Gil house for GDR to come back from China and pick him up.

KKJ-B goes to meet with SYJ’s mom, who reveals she’s going back to the US. SYJ’s mom asks why KKJ is keeping tabs on a patient named Kang Kyung Joon, and if KKJ-B knows that boy from before. KKJ-B says he only met him after the accident, which appears to be a relief to SYJ’s mom. She reveals that SYJ was looking for someone before the accident and memory loss, but KKJ-B brushes it aside and says he’s not interested in anything before the accident. Mom hopes that SYJ will never meet that person, even if by accident.

KKJ’s uncle and the Vice Principal both go to the mandoo store and run into each other. They both think GDR’s parents must regret marrying each other, to try to convince themselves that they didn’t lose out. But GDR’s parents are very loving towards each other still.

JMR goes with GCS to GDR’s room. She sees the box of SYJ things, which makes her happy as it confirms how much GDR likes SYJ. There is a box of girly magazines in there which GCS immediately says belongs to GDR since this is her room. GDR comes home and pretends she came back from China early. Her mom chastises her for leaving SYJ behind to go on a trip. GDR says she’s going back to his house. GDR gives GCS some tea as a present. JMR tells GDR that KKJ-B met with SYJ’s mom. GDR calls KKJ-B and says she’s on her way home. JMR hands GDR the box of SYJ items and tells her to take it with her as a reminder for GDR not to forget SYJ. GDR calls KKJ-B, telling him to go straight home and she’ll meet him there. GDR opens the box, saying that she forget she kept it all there.

GDR comes home and wonders what all the things in the hous. KKJ-B explains that he got his old things back from his uncle. KKJ-B sees the box of SYJ things that GDR brought with her and asks if she went home to that pick that up? He wants to move all of SYJ’s things out of his room because there is no space for his own things. When GDR protests, he gets upset and just grabs SYJ’s things and tosses it in GDR’s room. GDR and KKJ-B fight over SYJ’s things, especially when GDR notices the walkman is broken after KKJ-B dumps the contents of the box out. KKJ-B claims that it was already broken, and admits that he already looked at the box when he slept in her room last night. He says they ought to live their own lives then and not interact. KKJ-B tells GDR that he’s not really a member of her family. The person who is now a member of her family is Seo SYJ. KKJ-B goes to his room and stands against the wall and sighs. GDR looks really solemn.

The next morning, GDR brings KKJ-B a fresh squeezed juice but he doesn’t want it. She cleans but KKJ-B doesn’t help. She makes him a fried egg with ketchup and then notices that he’s left the house.

KKJ-B goes to the hospital and SYJ’s co-worker comes by with two tickets to a show to thank KKJ-B for writing a medical report for him. He tells KKJ-B to hurry up and come back to work. He tells KKJ-B to take GDR. Back at the high school, the Vice Principal tells Ae Kyung to set her up on a matseon date.

GCS finds JMR with two movie tickets and asks her to go with him. JMR likes the tickets and takes them both, obviously to go with someone else.

KKJ-B sits in the pediatric ward playroom with the two patients Rabbit and Teddy Bear. He watches them play house, Teddy Bear rejects all of Rabbit play food offerings. KKJ-B tells Teddy Bear to play with her but he says it’s too childish. When GDR calls and tells him to come home because she’s making a bread pizza for him, he’s still annoyed with her and says he won’t eat it. Teddy Bear says adults shouldn’t talk like that. KKJ-B admits that he’s as immature as Teddy Bear.

KKJ-B goes to buy bread to take home, and when he goes home, he sees that GDR has set up all of KKJ-B’s things around the house and washed all his laundry. She really is setting up house with KKJ-B. This makes him so happy.

He leaves one show ticket under a bag of bread. He calls GDR and says he left something he didn’t want under the bag of bread. After ending the call, he rationalizes to himself that if GDR found it and went to the show with him, then so be it. He smiles happily. KKJ-B notices the broken SYJ walkman on the table and he takes it to get repaired. GDR finds the ticket and is happy to go since otherwise it’ll be thrown away. She puts on a pretty dress and gets ready to go out.

JMR arrives at KKJ-B’s house and takes notice of KKJ’s clothes drying out in the yard. As GDR is heading out to the show, she runs in JMR with two movie tickets. JMR asks to switch with GDR, saying that she wants to go with KKJ-B. JMR reminds GDR that she likes SYJ, and shouldn’t want to go with KKJ-B. GDR has no choice but to switch tickets with her, rationalizing to herself that KKJ-B would have more fun with JMR.

KKJ-B waits for GDR at the lobby of the theater. He listens to the fixed walkman and hears that its just recordings of boring lessons for GDR to study and pass her teacher’s exam.

SYJ’s mom calls SYJ’s dad to tell him that she’s going back to the US. She doesn’t care about “that child”. She doesn’t know anything about Kang KKJ. KKJ is not her son, all she knows is that SYJ is her son. That child was born to save her SYJ, and that is the extent of it. LSY overhears this conversation.

KKJ-B’s face falls when JMR arrives. She reveals that she gave GDR movie tickets in exchange for this show ticket and she’s here to watch the show with him. KKJ-B decides to leave; he didn’t want to watch the show to begin. He wanted to use this as an excuse to apologize to GDR and give her something that he fixed.

KKJ-B walks away, leaving JMR standing there alone. JMR looks at his back and asking sadly if he really likes Gil Teacher.

GDR is outside the movie theater with the two tickets from JMR. She wonders why she’s feeling so sad even though she didn’t really want to see the show. Is it because she’s not going with KKJ-B. Suddenly KKJ-B walks up beside her and asks if she’s happy that he’s here. These were not the tickets he threw away, so why is she here? GDR lights up with a beaming smile as she stares at him. She doesn’t answer so he says he’ll leave if she’s not happy but she grabs his arm. He looks at the movie ticket and says that this movie isn’t his type.

KKJ-B shows GDR the fixed walkman and they listen to the tape with an ear bud in each of their ears. She keeps smiling and staring at him, so he asks why she’s responding like this. She says it’s because she’s happy, she’s really happy. He means the walkman is fixed, but she’s thinking something else. She says she’s really happy. He puts both ear buds in his ear to listen. GDR stares at him and says she’s so odd, why is she’s this happy that he showed up.


Is he really waking up this time?? *schocked*

How many genres did you see at this epic episode?

& do you think that Big really heard what Da Ran said at the last scene of this episode?

Big is so worried, because he already have feelings for Gil Teacher, but he want to go back to his body immediately, because as longer he’s with Yoon Jae’s body, his feelings for Gil Teacher will develop this instant.. oh no,..

This episode is so funny and the feeling is so mutual (you know what I mean, Da Ran and BIG). I think they have the same feeling but they’re not showing it.
This episode have 4 genre Horror (Mari in BIG‘s house), Romance (Vice Principal and Kyung Joon’s uncle towards Gil’s Parents), Comedy, and Drama.

At the last scene while Da Ran and Big, while Big is Listening to Yoon Jae’s walkman, I think he heard everything that Da Ran said, yiie soo cheesy. I mean, even Big hear it, he’ll be pretending that, he didn’t hear a single thing for the sake of Da Ran’s feelings

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