Bonsai Extension

ICN introduces Hiroko Masuko, an artist with fighting spirit who lives and produces in Tohoku. She has lived in various places in Tohoku, such as Miyagi, Fukushima, Tochigi, Yamagata, and Iwate. She now lives in Miyako-city, Iwate prefecture, which was damaged massively by the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster that occurred on 11 March, 2011. She, however, stayed in the city and gets her everyday drawing inspiration from the scenery, the people in town, the custom, and so on as her productive source. Masuko has been chasing her depiction of drawing a unique interpretation of the world in the motif of “bonsai” minutely with pens. Bonsais that appear in her works grew as time went by and turned traditional sometimes or at other times showed “evolution” like animals. This is her first solo exhibition in UK, which will include her new works expanding from her past ones.

Date: 6 – 29 June 2013
Venue: ICN gallery, 96-98 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH
Tel: 020 7729 7977
Organiser: ICN gallery

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