Breathless (2009)

Director: Yang Ik June
Casts: Yang Ik June, Kim Kkobbi, Jeong Man Sik, Lee Hwan, Yun Seung Hun, Kim Hee Su, Park Jeong Sun, Oh Jung Se Kil Hae Yeon, Jeong In Gi, and Jang Sun Jin
Genre: Drama and Gangster
Running Time: 130 minutes
Certi: 18 (South Korea)

Sang Hoon (Yang Ik June) works as a gangster who collects loan for his old friend. He is a rage person due to his harsh childhood memories and abusive father. At present, he goes around swearing at people including strangers. He thinks violence is the only way to solve problems. One day, Sang Hoon meets Yeon Hee (Kim Kkobbi), a high school student, who has an arrogant attitude. She tells him off because he spit at her. However, he punches to her face. After she regains her consciousness, he offers her a beer. This starts the beginning of their friendship.

Other than just swearing here and there, this film lets the audiences explore the main two characters, Sang Hoon and Yeon Hee. Sang Hoon, the rage gangster, he has the reason why he has to use violence as a way to let go of his anger. Also, the fact that he has been going through hard times when he was a child. It breaks my heart seeing when his own father is the cause of his mother’s and sister’s death. Thus, he decides to be abusive towards his father. Yet, as you watch this film, you start to realise that Sang Hoon is starting to open his heart and feelings. For example, he is being thoughtful about his stepsister and nephew. Sometimes, it is difficult for him to share feelings with someone that he could trust. It is an interesting character as a rage person who is a bit shy in opening up his heart due to his harsh pasts.

Yeon Hee is the one to help Sang Hoon in trying to have a caring heart. At times, she is also struggling with her family, too. She tries her upmost best to take care of the family but all she gets is anger and rage from her father and brother. I feel sorry for her. I’m so angry towards her brother who always thinks as if money can come anytime from Yeon Hee.

There are messages which are depicting in this film. It is a moral of the story to audiences. Also, it reflects about the society who has been struggling in terms of family and money. There are two things which you’ll learn: (1) Violence is not the answer and (2) be grateful that you have family with you even though there are rough times. These are shown through actions which are stronger than words. It’ll spark you’re mind when reach towards the climax.

I would say that even though there is a lot of swearing from characters like Sang Hoon. It is a way to show their emotions that were affected. Some people might find it hard to be sentimental. However, like Sang Hoon, it takes time for him to open his heart to others. Thanks to Yeon Hee. She is a great friend whom Sang Hoon can rely on. It is a film with messages that are shown through impressive actions which are stronger than words. Again, like I said before, violence is not the answer. Have a heart-to-heart talk. Be thankful to family even though at times we argued with them. ‘Breathless’ is one of the great films with impressive characters and touching story to tell.

Rating: 7/10

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