Camp 14 (2012)

Camp 14 - Total Control Zone
Director: Marc Wiese
Genre: Human Rights
Running Time: 104 minutes
Rating: 15 (South Korea)

Shin Dong Hyuk was born as a political prisoner in a North Korean camp in November 18, 1983. He was a child of two prisoners who have been married. He spent his childhood and youth at Camp 14, the torture camp. When he was six years old, he was forced to labour and suffered through hunger, beatings, and torture. He knew nothing about the world outside the barbed-wire fences. He managed to escape at the age of 23. He has been traveling through North Korea and China till he reach South Korea, a place which is a completely different world to him. This is a true story about how he has suffered through in the Camp 14.

While I was watching this film, I was in anger. Anger towards what had really happened in Camp 14. It’s like feeling a stab in the head when Dong Hyuk shared his story about his suffered life at Camp 14. Not only him, but the other people who were there at the camp were suffering. Imagine me having the pain in my heart when I hear women and children being tortured. I was angry towards the camp wardens who shared their experiences as if nothing happened. It’s not about making the viewers cry but it’s about hearing the true story of what really happened in North Korea. It’s hard to imagine that they don’t have their own choice of freedom in life. The choice to realize what happens at the other side of the fence.

It was really hard for Dong Hyuk to share the truth about the story. It was hard for the team to interview him as they have to do many film takings on long time period. Yet, this film brings out the message to the viewers. Since there is a book about his story, I might try to get a hold of that book and read it. I would recommend you to watch this film because you get the overall idea of what happened at Camp 14. All you need is patience and understanding.

Rating: 7/10

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