Candy Art & Picture-Story Show

Date & Venue
9 Dec – Daiwa Japan House, Daiwa Foundation Japan House, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP
12 Dec – Kitchen studio in West London
13 Dec – The Japanese School in Acton

Dokudami Komachi is a two-women performance unit, performing traditional Japanese arts. Amezaiku is a traditional Japanese folk art of sculpting candy into a variety of shapes as animals and other characters.

It is said that even in Japan, there may be only handful people still practicing this centuries-old art form. In less than 3 minutes, using a pair of tiny scissors, one can make objects like birds and dolphins. The sugar syrup must be boiled to intense temperatures of 80°, before being stretched and pulled by hand. There’s pressure to work quickly, before the sugar cools and hardens.Kamishibai means literally “paper drama”, and is a form of story-telling that originated in Japan.

The stories are performed along with a musical accompaniment on the sanshin, a traditional Japanese musical instrument and dancing, by Fujita Naoko.

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