Castaway on the Moon (2009)

Director: Lee Hae Jun
Casts: Jung Jae Young and Jung Ryeo Won
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 119 minutes

Kim Seung Keun (Jung Jae Young) tries to commit suicide by jumping off from the overhead bridge of Han River. He decides to kill himself because he has to pay his debts. However, he ends up at a nearby deserted island. He tries to get out of this island but failed to do so. In the end, since he is comfortable with the surroundings, he decides to stay at the island.

On the other hand, a young lady, Kim Jung Yeon (Jung Ryeo Won), sits in her own room at addicted to the online ‘Cyworld’. She has been staying in the room for three years and she doesn’t intend to leave her area. During the evenings, she does her hobby: taking pictures of the moon. One day, she notices a sign for ‘HELP’ which is written on the sand at the nearby island. Then, she notices that there is a man, Kim Seung Keun, walking around that island. She starts to believe that that man is an alien she loves to communicate with.

Director Lee has perfectly directed and written an interesting and smooth flow storyline of this film. There is a focus balance on two characters’ side stories. Then, a blend of two characters that are curious about each other.

The most interesting scenario is when Seung Keun is in the process of making “jajangmyeon” (black bean noodle) with available sources and methods on a deserted island. It was funny to see him being cranky when he craves for jajangmyeon. Then, I was then impressed with how is he able to create his food. He deserves to cry with tears of joy because he worked so hard on creating things that give him hope. Seung Keun is surviving in that environment and he is used to it. It was heartbreaking for me to see leaving his ‘home’ after the typhoon.

As for Jung Yeon, she lost her sense of identity and reality. She is living in her own world. She has found a new alien friend, Seung Keun, and believes that he is the only person whom she can talk too. As time goes by, she starts to open herself up to her own identity and the society. It is all thanks to the curiosity and her alien friend. However, how did she get the scar on the left side of her forehead? How did she get so addicted to the “Cyworld”? Jung Yeon’s side story is not shown as much as Seung Keun’s which has his childhood story and hallucinations.

You can see the bonding friendship between the two of them. Thus, the characters, storyline, and cinematography are perfect. I wonder how exactly the ending would be. It is either they become friends for good or later on they will get married. Who knows? Their next chapter in life is like the duck boat that sails away in the ocean.

Rating: 9/10

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