Chaser Episode 1 Review

Drama Plot

Detective Baek Hong Suk (Son Hyeon Ju) lost his 15-year-old daughter in a car accident and his wife died from shock shortly afterwards. Then, he investigates to know the truth about his daughter’s death. He finds out that her death is linked into a conspiracy.

Reporter Seo Ji Won (Koh Joon Hee), the owner’s daughter of the large corporation, helps Detective Baek Hong Suk to uncover the truth on his daughter’s death. While helping him out, she finds out that her brother-in-law (Kim Sang Jung), a top presidential candidate, is involved in corruption. Seo Ji So (Kim Sung Ryeong) encounters the conflicts between her family and the truth.

Episode Recap

It starts off with Detective Hong Suk who enters the courtroom while walking like a zombie. He sets the metal detector off. Even though the guard tries to stop him, he kicks the guard until he his unconscious.
Inside the courtroom, the judge announces a handful of verdicts that the handsome verdict is not guilty. Fangirls in the room scream for joy that their idol is not going to jail. Suddenly, a gunshot pops out. Hong Suk shoots in the air and then at the clock. This causes the whole people in the courtroom in fear. Everyone stands down while Hong Suk declares that the trail is not over yet. He points the gun in the face of the defendant, stating that this gun will be the judge. The defendant is in fear as he begs Hong Suk to have mercy on him.

Hong Suk demands the truth about how his daughter died. Without noticing, the security guard attempts to sneak up behind Hong Suk. A young reporter makes the decision to help Hong Suk by knocking over the chair, causing Hong Suk to turn around and aim the gun at the security guard. The defendant tries to escape while Hong Suk is distracted. Hong Suk easily dispatches the guy and then chases after the defendant. They struggle among each other with the gun and fall on the floor. Suddenly, the defendant is shot. Surprisingly, Hong Suk panics as he looks on at the defendant trying to stay alive. He keeps asking the defendant not to die because he still needs to find out the truth behind his daughter’s death.

We move back to where there are happy moments between father and daughter. A group of kids and Hong Suk celebrates Su Jeong’s (his daughter) birthday. At times, he makes a cute fool of himself when he asks the kids to sing the birthday song again. Hong Suk helps set up Su Jeong a date with the boy she likes by giving them tickets to a sold out concert. After the mission is successful, father and daughter exchange their secret handshake under the table.

Assemblyman Gang Dong Yun is getting ready to go into a room to hold a press conference. However, when he and his team enter the room, they find the seats are empty. The police come and arrest one of his staff members due to the previous bribery case. After the guy is brought to jail, he receives a phone call from his father-in-law, Chairman Seo. Chairman Seo joyfully asks him to find the time to come over for dinner and asks whether time is by his side.

Hong Suk is hanging out with his partner, Detective Jo, while eating BBQ meat and drinking soju. Drunken Detective Jo discusses about her upcoming wedding. Su Jeong calls to tell Hong Suk how her date went. At first Hong Suk wants to leave to walk his daughter home, but the squad leader shows up which he decides to discuss some business with him. They chat and eat happily.

Meanwhile, Su Jeong’s body rolling away from a car. The driver is a rich older woman. She wants to get out and check on the victim to see whether she is still alive. But, she is stopped by the passenger who turns out to be the defendant from courtroom. He urges her to just drive off but she insists to see whether the victim is alright. With only a few pokes to the shoulder, she presumes that Su Jeong is dead. Then, the defendant continuously asks her to get in the car, drive away, and pretend that this didn’t happen. Suddenly, Su Jeong reaches out and grabs the defendant’s foot. Su Jeong begs for help. He notices some sold out PK Jun concert tickets laying on the ground next to the girl. He panics and forces the older woman to get into the car and drive away.

The older woman wants to call the police or take Su Jeong to the hospital. PK Jun, who is now the driver, reminds her how he got this far to be an idol. He does not want to go back being a bar singer. He starts the car and runs over Su Jeong. Again, he reverses and runs over her.

As her mobile phone rings, Su Jeong, who is struggling to stay alive, tries to pick up the call. By the way, her dad is calling to see how she is doing. Then, as she almost reaches for her phone, she is unconscious. Jun puts the car in gear and drives off, leaving Su Jeong behind at the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Dong Yun continues to enjoy his meal, even though he is forced to do it, his father-in-law tosses the envelope over to him. In the envelope are the divorce papers for him to end his marriage with his wife, Ji Su, and a plane ticket to America. Ji Su is the one who causes Su Jeong’s death. Also in the envelope is a plane ticket to America. His father-in-law wants Dong Yun to drop out from the presidential elections.

Dong Yun points that he has done everything he can to satisfy his father-in-law. He promises that when he wins the Blue House, they’ll exploit the Russian crude oil industry. Dong Yun insists that he won’t backstab his father-in-law. However, his father-in-law get this far with the trust with citizens. Seo immediately makes a phone call to someone and loudly talks about how Dong Yun is going to be arrested tomorrow morning at 9 am. This means that if he doesn’t follow Seo’s order, he’ll end up in jail and end his presidential elections.
Dong Yun picks up the envelope and starts to leave. Ji Su bursts into the dining room. The married couple just glance at each other as Dong Yun walks towards the doorway. However, before he gets the door closed behind him he hears Ji Su tell her father she’s been involved in an accident.

Dong Yun consults with his female assistant, Hye Na. He goes through the men whom she dated with and what has she been up to lately. When his assistant points about PK Jun, Dong Yun asks Hye Na to investigate her ‘boyfriend’ and find out what had happened tonight.

Hong Suk finally hears about his daughter and he rushes to the hospital. She’s still alive but in a coma. Hong Suk calls in a family friend, Dr. Chang Min, to perform the surgery. As he waits outside of the operating room, Hong Suk calls his wife to tell her the situation.

In the mean time, PK Jun is being bullied by a handsome man until he spill the beans. Jun is on the floor groaning in pain while the handsome man calls Hye Na to report on how the interrogation went with Jun. After hearing the whole story about the accident, Dong Yun puts the envelope away and has a plan to continue his presidential election.

Hong Suk’s wife shows up at the hospital. She smells the alcohol on him and scolds him for not walking their daughter home. A doctor comes out of the surgery and tells them that the surgery is not going smoothly which causes the wife to faint.

Hong Suk recalls the happy moments with little Su Jeong is supposed to perform at a school function. However, she has a stage fright and cries while other kids are laughing. Hong Suk goes on stage to join her and he starts singing My Darling Clementine. Su Jeong stops crying and sings along with her father. Back in the present, Hong Suk waits outside the operating while tearfully singing their song.

Dong Yun goes to see Seo, who is comforting Ji Su, to present his declaration of resigning from the presidential election. Seo says to just leave it but Dong Yun insists that he hear what it says and he begins to read the letter aloud. It starts of with this commitment for the people and he is very thankful with the support of the people. However, he can no longer continue the presidential campaign because of a terrible car accident which his wife was involved in and how she left the crime scene.

In the end, Seo calls his contact and stops the arrest plan. Dong Yun returns to his office, ordering Hye Na to get the campaign going again. Unfortunately, he is told by Hye Na that Su Jeong’s surgery is a success. Dong Yun feels uneasy has he had told Seo that the girl was dead. Thus, he can’t let that girl be alive. Su Jeong is slowly recovering as Chang Min told both Hong Suk and his wife that she will wake up in a few days.
Hye Na fills in her boss that they are in the midst of settling the ‘problem’. Unexpectedly, the handsome man delivers an obscene amount of money to Chang Min. When her parents aren’t around, Chang Min sneaks into Su Jeong’s room and injects ‘poison’ into her IV. He runs out of the room as her body starts to violently react which makes her suffer. Hong Suk and his wife are coming back to the room when they see other doctors rushing in. Although the doctors tried their best to save her but, in the end, she dies.

Later, after Hong Suk and his hysterical wife say their last goodbyes to their daughter, he seeks out his “friend” Chang Min and asks if he’ll be the host of Su Jeong’s funeral. Chang Min avoids being part of the funeral but Hong Suk insists that he should do it. He won’t be there because he has to catch the murder, whom he did not realize is Chang Min, who kill his daughter. As Hong Suk marches off with determination, a large TV screen shows Dong Yun making an impassioned political speech.

Point of View

Even though is the very first episode of this drama, I start to criticize about how bad Jun could run over innocent Su Jeong who is asking for help. In addition to that, Chang Min even put the ‘poison’ in her system to kill her so that he can get the money. Based on these scenes, I start to go ‘what on earth are you doing’ reactions. For me, I do enjoy criticizing the bad characters which means that it elevates my anger. It is a good thing. It elevates my emotional rollercoaster ride. I feel sorry for Hong Suk and his wife for losing Su Jeong. They want to have a happy family and it end up like this. I cried from Su Jeong’s accident till Su Jeong’s death in the hospital bed. It breaks my heart to see the family fall apart. To me, what a great episode to start this drama that let’s me go emotional and criticize the bad guys as much as I want to. I feel the same as Hong Suk as I want to find out the truth behind Su Jeong’s death. I am anticipating this drama with lots of action, drama, and mystery.

In this drama, you’ll get to criticize as much as you want on the bad guys while you are rooting for Hong Suk and his mates to find the murderer and the truth behind his daughter’s death. It is the intense of this drama that keeps me wanting me to find the real truth. Even though there six episodes have already been out, I hope the translation team can translate and provide the English subtitles for this drama. It is really good. If there is high demand of watching this drama, I am sure the translation team are willing to translate them into English. Think of this similar concept to other dramas like ‘Athena’, ‘City Hunter’, and ‘Poseidon’. I recommend to those who love a mix of mystery, drama, and action dramas. Again, I would love to see this drama in English subtitles. I am still waiting for the other episodes to be translated so hopefully when I have the chance to see them, I will definitely review them.

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